12 Reasons You May Love PureSleep

The only way you are going to find out if PureSleep is the right device for you is if you actually give it a try.

Reasons to like PureSleep mouthpiece

It can be tricky to clean and fit, but there are also a lot of reasons why this is a popular mandibular advancement device.

  1. You have to fill out a questionnaire to make sure you are a good candidate, which shows that the company does care about those purchasing its product.
  2. The mouthpiece offers three settings to account for a mild under bite, severe under bite, and an overbite.
  3. It is one of the few mandibular advancement devices that can be worn with partial dentures.
  4. PureSleep has air holes, so you can breathe through your mouth. This makes it an option if you have nasal polyps, sinus issues, or a deviated septum.
  5. The device is made in America and cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  6. The material used to make PureSleep is BPA and latex-free.
  7. You get two devices for the price of one, and you only have to pay shipping upfront.
  8. PureSleep was designed by Dr. Douglas Fenton, a dentist and snorer. He had help from Noel Lindsay, a snorer and businessman. The product was designed as an alternative to the expensive prescription mouthpieces they were both familiar with.
  9. The company did have complaints with the Better Business Bureau years ago, but addressed them promptly, so all have been resolved.
  10. The device is clear plastic and barely noticeable while wearing it.
  11. PureSleep lasts an average of six to nine months, which is a generous lifespan for a mouthpiece at this price point.
  12. You may be able to wear PureSleep with crowns and implants, providing the dental work is at least three months old and you consult your dentist first.

This is a very popular anti-snoring mouthpiece, so consider it after reading some PureSleep reviews.

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