Caring for Your AVEOtsd

The simplistic design of AVEOtsd snoring mouthpiece makes it a breeze to clean. The site says it only has to be washed once a week using a denture cleaning solution. However, I recommend washing it daily.

Your mouth is home to a lot of bacteria. Even though this device does not sit inside your mouth, your tongue is still in the bulb, and therefore makes it necessary to clean more often than once a week.

Never use mouthwash for cleaning or storing purposes. If the product you use has alcohol in it the silicone the device is made of can be damaged.

Remember to rinse it under hot water prior to use to soften the material and make it easier to attach to your tongue. Make sure your AVEOtsd is dry before storing it.

Is Your Device Discoloring?

The AVEOtsd will discolor if you have GERD. This is because of low pH saliva, as well as the bile that is released from the stomach during a reflux episode that occurs at night.

If you don’t know you have GERD, but your mouthpiece discolors this is something you should talk to your doctor about. Acidic saliva indicates poor health and is often associated with cancer.

Also, if your AVEOtsd has a strong odor within a few months, this could be a sign of periodontal disease. It is strongly suggested to make an appointment with your dentist and make routine cleanings a priority.

To learn more about AVEOtsd check out my full AVEOtsd review.

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