AVEOtsd Fitting Guide
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AveoTSD Fitting Guide

Most people unfamiliar with tongue stabilizing devices (TSDs), take one look at AVEOtsd, and can’t imagine how that little snoring mouthpiece is going to attach to their tongue. More importantly, how is supposed to stop snoring?

It is not a huge CPAP mask so skepticism is warranted. So, if you are feeling a little skeptical, and maybe even a little nervous, this is a perfectly normal reaction.

Honestly, it is not as challenging as you may be thinking. A few practices, and it will become second nature.

Read our detailed AVEOtsd review to make sure the mouthpiece fits your needs.


Prior to using your device, run it under warm water. The combination of heat and water makes the material more pliable and easy to work with. To attach it, you need to make sure that the V-notch is facing down.

The “V” fits around the lingual frenulum, which is that fold of mucous membrane that runs from the floor of your mouth to the middle point of the underside of your tongue.

Some users need the “V-notch” modified to provide a little more room for the frenulum. Your dentist or doctor can take care of this modification for you.

Attaching AVEOtsd to Your Tongue

  • Push your tongue into the opening until you can feel the sides.
  • Using your thumb and forefinger, squeeze both the lower and upper ends. You should feel suction when you squeeze.
  • Continue to squeeze using a pumping action. The device will draw your tongue inside. Do this until your AVEOtsd is firmly attached.

Learn more about the AVEOtsd Sizing and Fitting in this Video

Practice Makes Perfect

You may not get the perfect fit the first night you wear it. If it is too loose it will fall off while you are sleeping. This is okay! Just try again the next day.

However, do not assume that you need to make it as tight as possible either. Being overly tight will not improve the results, but it will likely leave you with a very sore tongue.

Practice throughout the day, especially before the first time you wear it for a full night. You will get a better idea of how tight your device needs to be, if you put it through a few trial runs.  Check out my AVEOtsd review for more information.

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