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ProSnore vs. ProSnore II

You have probably read my snoring mouthpiece reviews for ProSnore and ProSnore II already, but if you are anything like me, you like to be able to compare the facts of two products side-by-side.

So, I have touched on all of the important points in this comparison.

  • General Design – You do not need to take a closer look to find the difference between ProSnore and ProSnore II. The largest difference is the overall design, and it is quite evident. ProSnore only has one tray, and it sits on your bottom teeth with a plastic piece that extends in front of the upper front teeth to secure it in place. ProSnore II has an upper and lower tray, so it looks and feels more like a traditional mouthpiece.
  • Airflow Holes – If you need to breathe through your mouth, you can rule out wearing the original ProSnore. The design does not allow for this. ProSnore II has airflow ports in front, so you can breathe freely through your mouth. This makes ProSnore II ideal for snorers with a deviated septum, sinus issues, nasal polyps, or allergies.
  • Adjustability – The original device does not have an option to adjust lower jaw placement. ProSnore II is very adjustable. There is a hook-and-loop type of material near the back of the mouth on both sides. This material works somewhere like Velcro, so you need to line it up precisely to put the lower jaw in the position you desire.
  • Material – These devices are made of a smooth plastic material, but that is all that is known about it. There is never any mention of the plastic being medical grade or free of BPA or latex.
  • Fitting Process – Unlike many mandibular advancement devices (MADs), you do not need to use the boil-and-bite method to achieve a custom fit with both devices. An impression kit is sent to you, which you use to create a mold of your teeth and jaw line. This gets sent to the lab in the self-addressed and stamped envelope to be manufactured, and then it is returned to you weeks later.
  • Credentials – Neither of these mouthpieces have been cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Plus, the company is not listed with the Better Business Bureau.

See my experiences with both snoring mouthpieces in my ProSnore and ProSnore II review. For a list of tested and rated mouthpiece winners, see my ‘best of’ list here.

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