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Who is a Good Candidate for PureSleep?

PureSleep can be a very effective snoring solution for some people. However, like all mouthpieces, not every person is a good candidate for this particular device. So, how do you know if PureSleep is right for you?

Good Candidate Requirements

  • You are over 18 years old.
  • You have never been diagnosed with central sleep apnea.
  • You do not have gum disease, bleeding gums, mouth sores, or loose teeth.
  • You are not experiencing jaw pain that is resulted from grinding or clenching your teeth.
  • You have never been diagnosed with a condition involving the temporomandibular joint.
  • You do not wear full dentures, braces, or any other type of dental appliance that has been recently added to your mouth in the past three months.
  • You do not suffer from emphysema, chronic asthma, or any other type of respiratory disorder.

It should be noted that the PureSleep website does say you may be able to wear this snoring mouthpiece with respiratory issues, TMJ, or partial dentures, but you should consult your dentist or doctor first.  Consider this info, as well as the PureSleep complaints, when making your mouthpiece decision.

Learn more about PureSleep from their Good Morning America video

When to Consult Your Dentist

There are other symptoms that may raise a red flag, as well. Always consult dentist before wearing PureSleep or any type of mouthpiece, if you have:

  • Jaw popping, clicking, clocking or grating when you open up your mouth.
  • Loose caps or fillings in your teeth.
  • Stiff or sore jaw muscles not resulted from wearing a mandibular advancement device.
  • Frequent neck aches, face pain, or headaches that worsen when you clench your teeth.
  • Pain to yawn or eat food.

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