zQuiet Returns and Refunds

zQuiet is a “try-and-buy” product. Customers that keep the product for 30 days are billed the 2nd charge of $79.95. The return process is not easy. zQuiet requires you to call their customer service department, request an RMA number, and follow strict shipping and return instructions.

zQuiet does not refund the original $9.95 charge, and you still pay for shipping. We estimate the total cost to “try” the zQuiet device to $15.95 ($9.95 device +$6.00 shipping).

The zQuiet returns process is not as good as other 100% refund devices. Devices with improper use or care cannot be refunded.  If you did not properly test the device, they may not refund you. Business practices such as these are not consumer friendly.

Mistakes in the returns process will easily cause you to miss your refund.

Steps to returning the device:

Call Customer Service at 800-281-0543 for an RMA#.

Any returns not enclosing an RMA# are not refunded. zQuiet also provides an address to ship to over the phone.

30-Day Window for RMA

Make sure the date you call for an RMA is 30 days or less from your original order date. If it takes 10 days for your zQuiet to arrive, this means you only have 20 days to test the device. No RMAs after 30 days are accepted.

Returning Your 2nd Device

If you purchased two devices from zQuiet, the 2nd device is not refundable unless it is defective.


We suggest you call and get an RMA# immediately upon receiving your device, even if you have not tested the device. This will enable you to send the device back with an RMA anytime. If you miss getting your RMA within 30 days of purchase, you are out of luck.

Customer Service


You cannot send an email requesting a return.

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