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Snore Devices - 2018 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals!

The Black Friday frenzy is upon us.   This year looks to be one of the biggest ever, with retailers such as Dell, Costco, Target, CVS, and Walmart already announcing huge deals.  The "teaser" ads being released show previews of amazing discounts.

Anti-snoring device manufacturers will soon be offering Black Friday sales.   If you plan on buying one of these mandibular devices or tongue retaining devices, waiting until November 23rd can save you up to 30%!

Since the devices typically wear out in 6-10 months, customers can stock up on their favorite device to get an even better deal.

SnoreRx Black Friday Deals

The SnoreRx is available for sale at CVS but no discount from CVS has been given for Black Friday.   Purchasing the SnoreRx online with our Black Friday link with save you $20 OFF!   Hurry, since this deal is only available from Nov 21 - 26.

The SnoreRx is one of the best selling snoring devices and we've reviewed the device in our SnoreRx Review.     It continues to impress with each new model released.   I've been a customer of SnoreRx for years.

ZQuiet Black Friday Deals

What makes ZQuiet so interesting is their try-and-buy program in which you pay a small fee for shipping.   It appears that ZQuiet is only running a Cyber Monday promotion. It is a great discount as you can purchase the whole device for 50% off, and still be guaranteed of returning the device risk-free if it does not work for you.

No coupon code is required:  Get 50% OFF on Cyber Monday 2018.

Zyppah Black Friday Deals

Zyppah is one of the best selling snoring devices, but falls short in our reviews.   However, you can purchase the device and return it for a refund if you do not have success.   Some sleep dentists have seen success with their customers using Zyppah, but most reviews are not positive.   No current Black Friday deals are available for Zyppah.

Good Morning Snore Solution Black Friday Deals

The Good Morning Snore Solution coupons below are good from November 19 - December 1st.


Visit the site then enter the coupon code to get 25% OFF!


Visit the site then enter the coupon code to get 25% OFF!

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