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Myths about Snoring Mouthpieces

Snoring does not discriminate. Anyone of any age, gender, or state of health can suffer from snoring. Some cases are mild to moderate, while others can be severe and result in a variety of health concerns including sleep apnea. One solution for preventing the harm caused by snoring could be by utilizing a snoring mouthpiece […]

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My Review of the Snoreeze Oral Device

As the search for the perfect anti-snoring mouthpiece¬†continues, I was onto the next one. It was time to try the recently discovered Snoreeze. When the opportunity to test it first arose, it was easy to get it at That was a huge help because the company is actually UK-based. Regrettably, it's no longer easy […]

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Stop Snoring Today Review

Update August 2019: The Stop Snoring Today chinstrap is no longer available. No worries, though! Our review of the bestselling My Snoring Solution will explain why we thinks it's your best option in the chinstrap category. The idea that a piece of special fabric wrapped around your head could actually be your snoring solution is […]

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