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How to Buy SomnoGuard

SomnoGuard is only available in the United States with a prescription written by a dentist or doctor. Many physicians in the country are already offering these devices to patients to treat snoring and

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SomnoGuard Fitting Guide

Most people who purchased a SomnoGuard are going to have their doctor or dentist handle the fitting process. This is especially true if your provider is already carrying the product and it is available

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SomnoGuard Designer and Distributor Information

The creator behind SomnoGuard is Dr. Winfried Toussaint, a medical doctor who practiced natural medicine in Bensheim, Germany, for approximately 20 years before he created this snoring mouthpiece. 

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An Overview of Different SomnoGuard Devices

If you have read my review on SomnoGuard, then you already know that the device I put to the test was the AP version. This is their most popular snoring mouthpiece. However, I thought it would be helpful

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SomnoGuard Frequently Asked Questions

Since SomnoGuard is only available by prescription there is not as much information to be found about it online as there is with snoring mouthpieces that can be ordered by anyone. So, finding answers to

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