AirSnore Complaints

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Device Complaints

The AirSnore device overall is a good anti-snoring solution and has one of the highest rankings in our review lists.

The most common complaints by AirSnore customers are:

  • Adjustment Period – it takes several nights of usage before sleeping soundly with the AirSnore. Expect to wake up several times or even find that the device has dropped out of your mouth.
  • Saliva Buildup – Excess saliva will be found on your pillow and this could take several weeks to go away.
  • Not Adjustable – one size device is not the right fit for everyone. If the AirSnore doesn’t fit well, there is a 60-day return policy.
  • Mouth Opening Size – this uncomfortable at first as it keeps the mouth wide open all night. However, this design on the device is necessary for mouth breathing, which prevents snoring.
  • Dry Mouth – causes an extremely dry mouth the first few nights of usage. This is due to a full night of mouth breathing only (device does not easily allow nose breathing).
  • Can’t Swallow– uncomfortable feeling of not being able to swallow takes several days to adjust to.

Sleep Drops Complaints

  • Not Strong Enough – the smell of the sleep drops is pleasant, but doesn’t last more than a few minutes. The benefit does not last all night.
  • Similar to Vapor Rub – Smell is like Vapor Rub, which is an over-the-counter medicinal product. Good for clearing the airways, however, a large bottle of Vapor Rub only costs $5 – $7, and would most likely have the same results as the AirSnore.

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