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If you are considering Snore Eliminator, chances are good that it is the low price that has piqued your curiosity. The price is definitely budget-friendly, but for just a bit more you can get a product that is more comfortable, effective, and durable. VitalSleep is $59.95, but it is by far the better option.

Both devices are not for CPAP usage.

For more information on each mouthpiece check out my Snore Eliminator review and VitalSleep review.

Snore Eliminator actually offers a few different products, so if this is one you are considering, you may want to become familiar with all of your options. It is important to note that although all products are made from nontoxic hypoallergenic materials there is no mention of the material being BPA- or latex-free. Also, none of the products are cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration.  Read more about the most popular product in my Snore Eliminator review.

Snore Eliminator

The original Snore Eliminator gets molded to your mouth using a boil-and-bite technique. It does have a small breathing hole, but it does not allow for lower jaw adjustments. It can be cleaned using mouthwash, toothpaste, or denture cleaner. The snoring mouthpiece is also marketed to be suitable to worn by people who grind their teeth.

Snore Eliminator Pro

The newer generation of this mouthpiece is also customized using the boil-and-bite technique. However, this version allows for adjustments to lower jaw placements. There are clear measurements to aid in finding your preferred setting. It features precision lock technology to ensure the placement is not lost during the night, and it also has a breathing hole

Snore Eliminator Chin Strap

This is a one-size-fits-all chin strap that wraps around your chin and the crown of your head. It is made of cotton and neoprene, and is supposed to hold your jaw in a "normal" position while you sleep. The makers actually suggest that by wearing this you can retrain the tissues in your throat and mouth to return to their proper size. The makers also claim that this strap can treat snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, daytime fatigue, ADHD, depression, morning headaches, bloodshot eyes, memory problems, irritability, heartburn, and limb-jerking. These are certainly serious claims to make for a $20 piece of fabric.

Snore Eliminator Pro Chin Strap

The main difference between this version and the original is that this one has wider straps that are said to be more comfortable. It is also blue while the original was black. The makers state that this version treats all the same concerns and that it is scientifically proven to treat symptoms of sleep apnea and sleep deprivation. Of course, there are no links to any case studies supporting such claims.

Snore Eliminator is already very reasonably priced, however from time to time the company will provide a discount coupon to make the price even more appealing.

Snore Eliminator ReviewUsing a discount does not void any other terms such as the shipping or return policy offers.  If you come across a better coupon than the one on this page, please message us in our contact form.  We always try to provide the biggest discounts for our readers!

Check out the Snore Eliminator review or my other mouthpiece reviews in the meantime.


Snore Eliminator may have a low price that reels you in, but other than that there is not much going for this mouthpiece. You see terms like "hypoallergenic," "nontoxic," and "clinical research" on the site, but how much value do they really hold?

the snore eliminator pro deviceBelow are a few problems with this mandibular advancement device (MAD), you need to consider if you are thinking about trying any of the top-rated anti-snoring mouthpieces.

  1. Dangerous Health Claims - Numerous times on the site, you see mentioned that Snore Eliminator is an effective alternative to CPAP machines. No, it's not. If you are or should be, using a CPAP machine for sleep apnea then only your sleep specialist can tell you how safe it would be to use this product. Not to mention, if you have central sleep apnea instead of obstructive sleep apnea, using anything other than what is prescribed could be extremely dangerous.
  2. Questionable Material - Most people may be convinced this product is safe by reading that it is made of a hypoallergenic material, but this tells you nothing. If it doesn't say that it is BPA- or latex-free then chances are good that it isn't.
  3. Bulky Design - Nothing about this oral appliance is comfortable. It has an extremely bulky design. Even after you customize it using the boil-and-bite method it is still very invasive.
  4. Claims of Clinical Research - The Snore Eliminator website states that there is significant clinical research supporting mandibular repositioning. The way it is worded leads the average person to believe that this research has been done to design this particular product. This is hardly the case. Clinical research has been done on the effectiveness of repositioning the lower jaw to stop snoring. This has nothing to do with this actual anti-snoring device.

Read about my overall experience in my Snore Eliminator review.

We don't recommend that you purchase the Snore Eliminator because it is a scam.  Use our comprehensive snoring guide to find the right product for you.

If you own a Snore Eliminator, the Snore Eliminator uses the boil-and-bite method to mold the product to your mouth for a more customized fit. To do this you are going to need a pot or kettle, two bowls or mugs, a spatula, and a watch or smartphone app with a secondhand.

Note that fitting instructions for Snore Eliminator Pro are basically the same. They only difference is that the newer generation have an adjustable lower jaw, so you can change its position for a more accurate fit.  Make sure to check out my Snore Eliminator Coupon if you're looking to purchase.

Learn more about the Snore Eliminator product in this video

The importance of cleaning your Snore Eliminator after every use can't be stressed enough. There are more than 600 types of bacteria found in the human mouth, and there are approximately 2.5 billion unwanted organisms for every inch of saliva-filled space.

Read our four complaints about Snore Eliminator before you purchase.

Not all bacteria are harmful, but many forms are - especially staphylococci, which is responsible for plaque, and porphyromonas gingivitis, which is linked to periodontitis. Just imagine how many bacteria are covering every inch of your mouthpiece when you wake up in the morning. This is why it is vital to keep your snoring mouthpiece clean.

Easy Cleaning

Snore Eliminator can be cleaned using a denture cleaner, toothpaste, or mouthwash. Some find it helpful to place a spatula in the air hole to make it easier to hold onto.

Never use anything abrasive to clean your mouthpiece. Keep in mind that if you get the Snore Eliminator Pro it has moving parts, so you will need to be extra careful to get all crevices clean. Store your oral appliance in its included case to keep it clean until you use it again.

Snore Eliminator is classified as a mandibular advancement device. It is designed to hold your lower jaw forward to keep your airway clear of obstruction while you sleep.

Snore Eliminator Review

It is marketed as being the industry's most effective snoring solution. I disagree, and so does my wife. We both put Snore Eliminator to the test and we had a very long week.

Positives and Negatives

Snore Eliminator ranks very high on my list of most disliked mouthpieces.  There are so many other good anti snoring devices to choose from.  I am sure it works for some people, even though I can't imagine how. If this MAD is one you are considering it is really important that you become familiar with all the pros and cons before making your purchasing decision.



About Snore Eliminator

This review is for the original Snore Eliminator. There is now another version called Snore Eliminator Pro that allows you to make adjustments to it. The original one does not permit adjustments to be made. It can be fitted using the boil-and-bite process, which is quite simple to do.

Snore Eliminator does have an airflow hole, so you can breathe freely through your mouth all night. This is an important feature to look for, if you have sinus issues or a deviated septum, or if you simply have bad allergies like me. So, it does have once good quality.

The device is made of a hypoallergenic and sterile material. This does not tell you much though, does it? There is no mention of it being BPA-free, and as you probably know, BPA is not something you want in your mouth several hours every night long-term. There is also no mention of it being free of latex, so unless you are 100 percent certain you don't have a latex allergy, I would be very cautious about using this product. Most people don't know they have an allergy until they actually have a reaction.

Snore Eliminator has not been cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Also, this device is listed as being an effective alternative to expensive CPAP machines.

It is very concerning that a manufacturer would be so irresponsible to recommend using this mouthpiece instead of a CPAP machine without instructing to speak to a sleep specialist or dentist first. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea always talk to your medical care provider before using any mouthpiece or discontinuing use of your CPAP machine.


At $34.99, Snore Eliminator is definitely one of the cheapest MADs on the market. The Pro version is $20 more, in case you are wondering. Shipping is free to 48 of the states. This mouthpiece does have a 30-day money back guarantee and all orders are shipped USPS.

My Experience


When the devices arrived, I cleaned them with a denture cleaner, and then we did the boil-and-bite process to get a custom fit. I already knew we were going to have issues with these mouthpieces, and by "we," I mean "my wife."

These things are bulky and uncomfortable. From the second I put it in my mouth it felt all wrong. It reminded me of old mouth guards I wore back in my hockey days as a teenager. If I immediately didn't care for it, I knew my wife was going to absolutely hate it. Guess what? She tossed her mouthpiece on the nightstand within 15 minutes.

In the morning, I was surprised that my Snore Eliminator was still in my mouth. I thought for sure I would have "spit" it out in my sleep of course, when I removed it from my mouth, I really wished I had lost it at some point.

My jaw ached, and considering I was dragging to get out of bed, I assumed I hadn't slept very well. When I saw the look on my wife's face when I joined her in the kitchen, my assumptions were confirmed. She said I snored all night, even wearing the device.

Since it clearly had not worked at all and it was terribly uncomfortable, I decided to try the fitting process again. I thought maybe I needed to try extending my lower jaw more before biting down.

Well, I woke up in the middle of the night, my mouth hurt so badly I could barely close it. Clearly, extending my lower jaw was not the solution. I left it out for the rest of the night and decided to try fitting it one last time the next day.

So, by the third night I felt like Goldilocks, hoping when I fit it again it would be just right. Sadly, the next morning my wife told me to retire this one because she didn't want to listen to me snoring anymore. I didn't argue.

Snore Eliminator

Effectiveness 4.3
Comfort 4.0
Easy to Clean 4.0
Value 4.5
Overall 4.2

Is Snore Eliminator a Good Option for You?

You may be tempted to order Snore Eliminator because of the low price but why compromise your sleep and health even one more night? Maybe it's worth a one night test, but I think there are plenty of other mouthpieces that are affordable, comfortable, and effective (I'd take a hard look at Zyppah or even the VitalSleep device).  Look at my best anti-snoring devices for recommendations.

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