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VitalSleep Snore Guard Review

With snoring that has plagued me my entire adult life, I consider myself a connoisseur of anti snoring gadgets. And, I always look forward to trying the latest anti-snoring mouthpieces that come on the market.

newest vitalsleep device

When I first heard about the VitalSleep snoring mouthpiece, I was intrigued by its innovative design, but uncertain of how comfortably it would fit. I was also slightly skeptical based on the appearance of the device.

About the VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

When first reading the product description, I found the VitalSleep mouthpiece to be promising. One of its primary features is its adjustability – notably, no other affordable device on the market today is adjustable besides SnoreRx, which comes in at a higher price point.

This version of the VitalSleep device is the 2018 model. However, searching around online I could not find out much information about what the new features were, and how it compared with previous models.

The VitalSleep device has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in preventing or reducing snoring. Getting the FDA stamp of approval is a lengthy process, with several on-site visits, extensive paperwork, and documentation.

The device is made in the USA from medical grade materials, and it is BPA and latex free.

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Comparing the VitalSleep to Its Competitors

Of course, the major brand name competitors such as Zyppah and SnoreRx both have FDA Clearance for snoring, which puts them at a considerable advantage in the eyes of many consumers. Additionally, Good Morning Snore Solution and SleepTight have received FDA Clearance for use with sleep apnea.

In most respects, this product is like the SnoreRx anti-snoring mouthpiece. However, unlike with the SnoreRx, on this device, the adjustability is not built into the device itself. Instead, it adjusts easily with a small hex tool that is included with purchase.

Price is one of its major competitive advantages VitalSleep has over the competition. Its price reflects the fact that no FDA approval has been received. It is 30-40% cheaper than the comparable brand name devices.

My Experience with the VitalSleep Mouthpiece


As soon as I received the device, I noticed it was made of thermoplastic and needed to be molded before I could wear it. I followed the instructions and completed the boil-and-bite process – this part was quite simple. You place the device in water that has boiled for about 90-seconds, pull it out and wait a few seconds, then bite down with the arrow on the device facing up.

vitalsleep device and case

At first, it didn’t feel comfortable enough to wear for any length of time, so I tired the boil-and-bite method again, with the water at a rolling boil, which customized it to my mouth better. Vitalsleep comes with a tool to adjust the lower tray. This tool is very small and easily misplaced.

Unlike my experience with some of the tongue restraining devices – which took me weeks or months to become accustomed – I became used to wearing this device very quickly. I could successfully use this mouthpiece the first night of testing, but I’m used to sleeping with a device in my mouth – because I test them all the time!  First-time users might require a few nights to become accustomed to wearing it.

The air hole on the front of the device is huge – the biggest I’ve ever seen, which makes breathing easier. Also, swallowing isn’t a problem with the VitalSleep, nor is drooling which is very common when wearing a MAD.


Effectiveness 4.5
Comfort 4.5
Easy to Clean 3.3
Value 4.5
Overall 4.3

Comparing SnoreRx, zQuiet, and Zyppah Devices with the VitalSleep

SnoreRx and the VitalSleep are similar devices, and anyone who sleeps well with one would sleep well with the other. The main differences are that VitalSleep requires a small hex tool to be adjusted and has not received FDA clearance, yet.

The VitalSleep has an advantage over the Zyppah because the latter is not adjustable, which is a huge shortcoming. The sizing of the Zyppah will only work on the mouths of a select few. Zyppah also includes a TRD which, though purported to be a helpful anti-snoring feature, makes it more uncomfortable to wear and harder to swallow.

The zQuiet is also not adjustable, and it only comes in two sizes. If these sizes don’t work for you, then, unfortunately, you’re out of luck. With the VitalSleep, it fits everyone. Moreover, while the zQuiet doesn’t have many features, this appeals to some people. As with most devices in this range, you can try it for 30 days to see if it works for you.

Overall, A Great Device

Overall, this is an excellent device to help stop snoring.; it worked for me. The company offers a device sized for women, too which is excellent news for female snorers.

The design is excellent, and the appliance is comfortable and effective. Using the boil-and-bite method, you can customize it for your mouth and adjust it even further using the tool provided. The air hole in the front is a great feature which allows you to breathe comfortably.

One issue I experienced was that the device felt loose while I was wearing it. As a result, I was worried it could fall out during sleep. And I misplaced the hex tool.

I had the VitalSleep on the lowest setting, and still, my jaw protrudes out pretty far. It would be extremely uncomfortable for me to wear this on anything but the lowest setting. So, the adjustability may not be suitable for all buyers.

At the great sale price of $69.95, free same day shipping, 60-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty this product is worth a try!

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