the aisleep memory foam pillow places the neck in a great position
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AiSleep Direct Pillow Review

AiSleep is a small company, with offices in Florida, Australia, and Hong Kong. Each pillow is shipped directly from China—hence the direct in the name. Shipping takes 2-3 weeks from China.

About the Pillow

ai direct pillow dimensions

This memory foam pillow is designed to provide each sleeper with many health benefits. The first thing you’ll notice is the steep 40° angle. This aspect aims to support your neck and relieve tension there and in the shoulders.

The pillow also includes bio-magnets which should line up with the acupoints around the neck. The magnetic effect is supposed to aid blood circulation and deeper sleep. The pillow’s design works for both back and side sleepers and is intended to lessen snoring and help with sleep apnea.

The pillow also includes a small hollow in the center which will cradle the ear. The design should keep head, neck, and spine in good, proper alignment. The elevation should also lower arm numbness related to side-sleeping.

The materials are hypoallergenic and unappealing to dust mites. The pillow includes air holes which make the pillow breathe, thus lowering the risk from bacteria.

Ai Direct Pillow Video Review

The Magnets

The inclusion of magnets is a unique feature of the AiSleep pillow. It’s worth taking at least a quick look at the claimed benefits of magnetic treatment.

The use of magnets in medical treatment is an ancient practice. Magnets are used in acupressure treatment, for example. Practitioners in this field see the main reason for disease or dysfunction in the body is static electromagnetism, or stagnant qi, in the traditional language. Among other practices, the magnets can help reestablish the flow of the electromagnetic field.

In addition, magnets are used to treat acute pain. Use of monopole magnetics may provide numerous benefits, including reduction of inflammation, restoration of tissue polarity, and acceleration of the healing process. Magnets may also assist in the treatment of chronic pain syndrome.

The science on magnets so far tends to lean against the benefits, but the literature contains enough indications to justify more research in specific areas. One study indicates further research into acu-magnet therapy is warranted, especially for insomnia and diabetes.

Spine/Neck Alignment

It’s well known that back pain is the price we pay for being able to walk on two legs. We, therefore, need to take care of our back in many ways, and sleep is one of them. Sleep allows the ligaments and muscles of the back to relax and heal, provided we sleep correctly.

The goal for good sleep is to support the natural curves of the spine, especially the lower back. Sleeping on your back seems to be the best way to do this, especially if you use a small pillow under your knees. This pillow reduces stress on the spine and supports the lower back. Your head pillow then supports the head and neck.

If you sleep on your side, you might want to consider a firm pillow between your knees. This pillow keeps the top leg from knocking the spine out of alignment.

My Experience with AiSleep


One of the claimed features of the pillow is that it helps reduce snoring. This feature was the main reasons I ordered it. Because they are shipped directly from the manufacturer in China, it takes 2-3 weeks. When it arrived, I was surprised—I’d forgotten I’d ordered it. I suspect the reason for the ‘Direct’ in the name comes from this shipping practice.

ai pillow showing angle

I found the price competitive with other pillows designed to address snoring and with other memory-foam pillows. The design includes other features I hadn’t seen before. (I did send customer service a question, but did not hear back from them).

A few days after arrival, I finally had a chance to test it. I started with a nap and had no problems falling and staying asleep. It’s fairly thin, even with the 40° angle. It’s firm—it clearly falls in the support pillow class because of the firmness. I’d rate it as an 8/10 on a firmness scale.

The pillow is clearly designed to ensure perfect spine and neck alignment. I noticed an immediate effect on my back—a bit of pain, but that’s probably from the adjustment period. I knew I would have to sleep for several nights on it.

From the side, you can see that angle. You might think your head would tilt downward with the pillow. In use, however, it has a natural feel. Along the left, higher side, there’s a cradle for the neck, and the foam yields enough to ensure neck/spine alignment. I did not feel any neck pain.

Future Nights

I slept for two nights on this pillow and measured my snoring score each night. The snoring time ranged from 26-34%, and the volume was slightly reduced. This percentage of time is slightly below average for me, but I can’t call it a significant, noticeable change. I would still need to wear my SnoreRx mouthpiece or use a nasal dilator, such as the MUTE device to achieve a significant reduction.

ai pillow zipper

I found this pillow to be too thin for me. I repeatedly folded it over during the night, as I’m used to propping my head up on a thicker down-feather pillow. If this pillow makes the cut and I continue to use it, I’d have to get used to a thinner pillow. I’d also need to change my habit of doubling-up.

The bio-magnets did not provide any noticeable effect for me during those two nights. Again, the benefits may require longer-term use of the pillow. I felt rested on this pillow but did not feel any more rested than on a regular pillow.

The pillow does provide excellent spinal alignment. The back pain I noticed from the nap vanished, demonstrated that I easily adjusted to it. The theory behind the design seems to make sense because I didn’t experience any back or neck pain.

AiSleep Direct Pillow

Effectiveness 3.5
Comfort 3.8
Ease of Use 4.8
Value 3.7
Overall 3.7


This pillow is perfectly fine. While it did not provide significant help for snoring, it worked in other ways. It’s a reasonably-priced support pillow. The quality of the memory foam is good. If you’re looking for better airflow and spinal alignment, this pillow works very well. The bio-magnets may provide a benefit for you. If you’re a pillow folder, I’m sure you’ll be able to break the habit. For more pillow choices, view my latest pillow reviews.

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