I bet you’d like to sleep like a baby every night. Imagine hour after hour of pure rest and waking up in the morning with great energy and in a good mood.

And, if you sleep with someone else, that chances are that your snoring problem has been hard on them, too. I know that it was torture for my wife to try and sleep next to me when my snoring was at its worst.

If you know that snoring / obstructive sleep apnea is wrecking your sleep and dragging down your energy, this will be an article that can change everything. It can put your relationship back on track too!

Why Do You Snore?ZQuiet Review

Most people snore because the throat muscles relax when you lie down to sleep. By relaxing, they push up against each other and begin blocking the airflow that your lungs need.

If you’re hearing that “sawing wood” noise, that’s the sound those throat muscles make as the air vibrates past them. And sleep apnea is even worse because it means the blockage is so tight that your breathing actually stops.

If you’ve ever jolted awake feeling short of breath or heard your partner say that you gasped for air, that’s a sign that you’ve got a dangerous issue.

Are Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces the Answer?

The short answer is YES! But let me give you a quick summary of WHY and then a short list of the ones we have tested and rated as best.

How Do Snoring Mouthpieces Work?

There are two general types of mouth guards, but all of them attempt to prevent that airflow blockage we talked about earlier. With a clear airway, you should be able to sleep restfully for many consecutive hours.

The Main Styles of Snoring Mouth Guard

Type 1 – Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs)

Don’t be intimidated by the fancy name.  A MAD fits over your upper and lower teeth, sliding your jawline (mandible) forward enough to open the airway.

This is my favorite type.  I use one called the SnoreRx every single night and it’s completely stopped my snoring.

These can be perfect for those who breath through the mouth because the second type I’ll tell you about in a bit is only for nose breathers.

I can’t think of a single negative about anti-snoring mouthpieces of the MAD type.  But they do fit completely over your teeth so don’t use one if you have loose teeth, crowns, fillings or dentures.

One note of caution if you grind your teeth. You’ll likely wear out the mouth guard sooner but I’ve not seen any other side effects reported.

And the first night wearing one is likely to feel strange. It seemed that I drooled too much and felt a twinge of jaw pain when I popped the mouthpiece out in the morning, but never experienced anything like that again.

Here are our favorite mandibular advancement devices. As I said, I use the SnoreRx device but all of our doctors and sleep specialists give it top marks too!

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Best MAD MouthpiecesPhotoRatingVerdictPriceDetails
4.5Top Choice$99.00https://snoringhq.com/to/snorerx-plus

Type 2 – Tongue-Retaining Devices (TRDs)

This style of snoring mouthpiece sits just in front of your teeth. It includes a soft plastic bubble designed to hold the tip of your tongue in a forward position.

The TRD is great at opening your airway, but you have to be aware that the device completely blocks the ability to breath through your mouth.

And if you have any sensitive dental work, this type can be far safer to use because it sits only at the front of your mouth. Most regular users report that tongue retaining causes them no discomfort.

Best Tongue-Retaining Devices

The TRD design uses light suction to hold your tongue forward slightly in order to open up the airway muscles that cause snoring.
ProductImage of TRDRatingVerdictPriceDetails
Good Morning
4.5Top Choice$89.94More Info
4.4Recommended$89.00More Info

How Do We Rate These Devices?

First, none of them make the list if they can’t prevent snoring. We review them thoroughly but also look at testimonials we find online to make sure that customers love the results.

The Four Primary Factors in Our Rating System

While you see one composite number for each product we review, that number is derived from four super important measurements we calculate internally.

Here they are:


Snoring mouthpieces are generally made with a plastic; they feel rubbery to the touch. And they are in constant contact with the soft tissue inside your mouth.

If the design is off even a little bit, you can feel them digging into your gums. Because they’re of no use if you have to take it out, the uncomfortable ones will be docked a lot.


Mouthpieces can last anywhere from several months to a year or longer.

If you have problems with teeth grinding, for example, you can expect to replace one more often. But our rating is an attempt to compare how long mouthpieces will last comparatively.


cleaning a snoring mouthpiece with efferedent

Because snoring mouthpieces remain in your mouth all night, they’re going to accumulate germs (and other crud). Regular cleaning is a must.

The problem is that certain product designs and materials determine how much time and effort that takes.

I’ve tested snoring mouth guards that require 15 minutes of scrubbing each morning and ones that come squeaky clean with just one Efferdent tablet.

Guess which one gets the highest scores? The one that saves me time!


For a snoring mouthpiece to be rated effective, it has to solve the problem. It must move me from a snoring state to restful sleep.

If I don’t wake up with the energy that proves I was sleeping soundly, I dock points from that rating.

More Detailed Reviews of the Snoring Mouthpieces

If you want to read the full reviews we did for each of the mouth guards above, here’s a list to each one. And if you have feedback about the cost, effectiveness, fitting, comfort or durability of them please share it with us.

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