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SnoreRx Plus Review | They've Made it Even Better!

If you've read my glowing review of the original SnoreRx mouthpiece, you'll already know that I love it. It's my favorite device to stop snoring.

The SnoreRx Plus is known as a mandibular advancement device (MAD). MAD mouthpieces are worn at night and they slide your lower jaw forward.

The "magic" is that snoring is often caused at night when your throat's soft tissue relaxes. As you sleep (and that soft tissue relaxes), it's more difficult to get air past that tissue.

That can be the source of some significant snoring! Happily, a MAD can keep that soft tissue from blocking your airway.

Now, there are cheaper mandibular advancement devices than the SnoreRx ($99 as of today). But none of them has impressed me as fully as the features of the SnoreRx Plus.

Here's why I love it so much:

Flex-Jaw Design

snorerx plus is micro-adjustableNot everyone needs the same degree of lower jaw advancement. For example I use 3 milimeters; you might require 7 (or even 1).

Sorting out your number takes a couple of adjustments and SnoreRx Plus makes this simple. It allows fine-tuning adjustments in 1mm increments at any time.

With most other anti-snoring mouthpieces, you mold the mouthpiece when you receive it. It requires boiling the device and then biting down on it while it's still soft.

If you miss the mark, you'll have to boil the mouthpiece and try again. It gets pretty tricky and you only have a handful of chances.

You're going to really love the flex-jaw adjustments!

Posi-Lock Control

Any mouth-based device requires cleaning. This can be a real hassle if you separate the upper and lower pieces.

But SnoreRx Plus fits perfectly back together after cleaning. They call it Posi-Lock and it remembers your settings even if you don't!

Thermal-Matrix for Wear Retention

snorerx plus has a thermal-matrix design for better retentionNew to the Plus version of SnoreRx is a built-in technology that improves your custom impression. SnoreRx calls this thermal-matrix technology and it enhances the fit of the mouthpiece to reduce the chances that it slides out of place.

Over many mouthpiece reviews, I've noticed a huge range of accuracy during the initial customization phase. But SnoreRx's new discovery allows the user to dial in a fit that places the Plus in a class by itself.

V-Flow Technology

I breathe through my mouth. And that's an issue with most anti-snoring mouthpieces because there's no breathing hole.

SnoreRx Plus includes a generous opening at the front of the unit so you can breath with ease. In fact, the Plus mouthpiece has even added the ability to open your mouth while it's in!

My Overall Experience


Everyone that I've ever told about anti-snoring mouthpieces is skeptical about their comfort. I'm sure you can understand that concern.

With SnoreRx Plus, if you can give it a couple of nights to get the settings solved, you'll forget it's even there. It will feel strange to have something in your mouth at first, but you quickly adapt to it.

The SnoreRx Plus is crafted with incredibly comfortable, medical-grade plastic. It's also non-latex, BPA-free and cleared by the U.S. FDA.

In fact, the mouthpiece is 100% made in America. The average user should enjoy the SnoreRx for 12-18 months before it needs to be replaced.

The Number One Feature Isn't a Feature

As happy as I am to use the SnoreRx Plus, the biggest advantage is that my wife can now sleep in peace. As I've said many times, snoring can really damage relationships if left untreated.

She's very happy that I'm not waking her up. I'm thrilled to never have her elbow in my back when she hits such a level of frustration that she wakes me up.

Are There Any Downsides to the SnoreRx Plus?

One thing to note is that these mouthpieces can damage dental work. If you wear dentures, or have a bridge, adding a device that encloses the teeth may jar those things loose.

If you're concerned that the SnoreRx Plus would be safe, please consult your dentist. It's better to be safe than sorry.

And it's worth emphasizing that MADs are designed to solve snoring of one kind. If soft tissue obstruction is not the source of your snoring, you'll need to look at alternatives.

In my case, the alternative to this mouthpiece was a CPAP machine. I've had good friends who used CPAP units and not one of them liked the operation or maintenance involved.

You've seen these machines, right? smaller than they used to be, but still cumbersome and ugly to wear.

Maybe when I'm older, the idea of a CPAP wouldn't bother me so much, but I'm still young enough that it would be unpleasant. My wife shouldn't have to hear a CPAP operate and I'm glad the mouthpiece worked instead.


The SnoreRx Plus replaces the SnoreRx as my top-rated anti-snoring mouthpiece. It's essentially the same unit with generational improvements.

What's exciting is that the Plus unit is now available at the same $99 price point as the predecessor. You can buy two of them for $154, just in case you are a couple that both snore or maybe you want to pre-buy your next unit.

You can shop for the SnoreRx Plus HERE. There's a very consumer-friendly 30-day money-back guarantee.

SnoreRx Plus

Comfort 4.8
Durability 4.8
Easy to Clean 4.5
Effectiveness 4.7
Overall 4.7

If it Isn't the Answer

I've been reviewing snoring aids and devices for years now. No single treatment is ever going to work for everyone.

That being said, my favorite category is the mouthpieces. We track our ratings of the best ones, so you can check our list out if SnoreRx Plus doesn't solve your snoring.

We've come a long way since the main alternative to the CPAP (Darth Vader helmet, anyone?) was the Breathe Right strip! You can also consider a broad range of other snoring aids, chinstraps and pillows.

There are even mattresses that claim to help position people to minimize snoring. Bottom line: You've got plenty of options!

Mark Walton
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