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Infinity Pillow Review | The First All-In-One Travel Pillow

The Infinity Travel Pillow is one of the hottest travel products on the market today. Marketed as an innovative sleep solution for seasoned travelers, its unusual shape and design set it apart from other travel pillows on the market. As a veteran traveler, I was curious: does the Infinity travel pillow live up to the […]

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Snoring Pillows | How They Work

As anyone who has slept in the same room with someone who snores knows, any device that stops snoring is invaluable. First, What Causes Snoring? Snoring occurs when airflow through the nose and mouth is obstructed. This can be due to several factors, including: Obstructed nasal airways due to allergies, sinus infection, deviated septum, or […]

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MyPillow Color Codes – Which Color is Right for You?

Finding the right pillow is a game changer when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. The National Sleep Foundation endorses MyPillow in part due to its excellent back and neck support. MyPillow is soft to the touch and the interlocking chambers adjust to your sleep position during the night. MyPillow claims the pillows […]

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Nitetronic Anti-Snore Pillow Review

It was only a matter of time for another anti-snoring smart pillow to come on the market. When I discovered the Nitetronic goodnite™ Anti-Snore Pillow, I knew I had to try it out and see if it was effective. The Company Nitetronic is a German company that started in 2011. The company has been successful in Europe, […]

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Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow Review

The Pillow The Sleep Number ComfortFitTM pillow is one of many Sleep Number products, all designed with the intention of providing customers as comfortable a night’s sleep as possible. The ComfortFit is a combination of memory foam and the feel of down—in this case, a down alternative, so it’s hypoallergenic. The combination is intended to […]

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Nectar Pillow Review

A great pillow can make or break your sleep experience. Even the best nights’ sleep can be ruined by a pillow that is not a correct fit for your body or well-suited to your sleeping preferences. A good pillow can help prevent snoring, stop or reduce neck and back pain, and increase comfort. Most sleep […]

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AiSleep Direct Pillow

AiSleep is a small company, with offices in Florida, Australia, and Hong Kong. Each pillow is shipped directly from China—hence the direct in the name. Shipping takes 2-3 weeks from China. About the Pillow This memory foam pillow is designed to provide each sleeper with many health benefits. The first thing you’ll notice is the […]

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The Layla Pillow Review

Layla Sleep is an American-made company which specializes in innovative mattresses, pillows, toppers, foundations, and bed frames. Layla Sleep is best known for the Layla Mattress, which has both a soft and a firm side, and the Layla pillow. Update:  $25 OFF Coupon Code for Layla Pillows:  SNORING The Layla boasts a range of all-natural […]

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Eight Pillow Review

When I first heard about the innovative Eight Sleep pillow, I was very interested in trying it out, and I jumped at the opportunity to test it. This pillow is marketed as offering a fully customizable sleep experience, and I was curious to see if it would match up with my expectations. Buying a pillow […]

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Level Sleep Coupons and Coupon Codes

We have exclusive LevelSleep coupon codes for LevelSleep pillows and LevelSleep mattresses available. Check back regularly. Coupon Code Our coupon codes are specific to particular Level Sleep products. Save $15 off each pillow. Our exclusive coupon code for 10% off pillows is: SNORINGHQ - Click Here Save up to $145 on mattresses and toppers. Our […]

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