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Purple Pillow Review

Pillows seem simple. You fill a cloth bag with soft material, put it on a bed, and get a good night’s sleep. It’s the easiest thing in the world, and it’s low-tech. Why not a high-tech pillow, especially if it works really well?  The Purple Pillow won’t connect you to the Internet, or play music. […]

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Review of MyPillow

If you looking for a cheap no frills pillow, this pillow might be the solution. First, be aware that this is a low-cost pillow without many features. My personal favorite is the Purple Pillow and is hands down better than MyPillow.   You will pay more for the Purple, however. The Parent Company of MyPillow The […]

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Review of the InteVision Foam Wedge Pillow

Studies have shown sleeping on an incline can reduce many sleeping issues such as acid reflux, snoring, and allergies. The InteVision Foam Wedge Pillow is built off this principle. In addition to its unique shape and size, what really stands out about this pillow are the Amazon reviews. There are plenty of anti-snoring pillows on […]

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MyPillow Complaints: Read Before Buying

Nothing can equal the delight of waking in the morning rested, having enjoyed a full night of sleep, with your head comfortably cradled in the nest of a pillow. We may not be able to remove the variables of stress affecting sleep, but we can control the type of pillow we use. For seven years, […]

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Buying the My Pillow at What You Need to Know

There are many different types of pillows available on the market. This includes pillows designed for enhanced support, and snoring pillows and those made to increase comfort levels. The MyPillow has captured the attention of many people who are looking for ways to get a better night’s sleep. Touted as the ‘most comfortable pillow you’ll […]

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MyPillow vs Casper Pillow

Human beings have been using pillows for the last 9,000 years. The ancient Egyptians used stones to prevent bugs from crawling into their mouths, ears, and nose at night. Japanese geisha placed their heads on stones to keep their hair in place. The Greeks and Romans caught onto the idea of comfort by using cloth […]

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Sharper Image Anti Snoring Pillow

Snoring is an inconvenience, both for yourself and every other member of your household. If, like me, you’re tired of waking up to the accusatory stares of your loved ones, you’ve probably been through your fair share of anti-snoring remedies. I’ve tried nasal strips, and many of them reduce snoring.  Anti snoring devices work for […]

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The Company Behind the Nitetronic Anti-Snore Pillow

Nitetronic is a company founded by German engineers, with a patent founded in November 2011. Hubertus von Janecek owned the patent and had the idea behind creating an interactive snoring pillow with a smart mobile app. The first goodnite™ pillow sample was completed in December 2011. By May 2012 production had started on the pillow […]

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Nitetronic Anti-Snore Pillow Discount Coupon Code

From time to time SnoringHQ can offer exclusive coupon codes for you to use for to use for the Nitetronic goodnite anti-snoring pillow. About the Nitetronic Pillow The Nitetronic is the only snoring pillow that has a sleep study to back its success to prevent snoring. The pillow also includes Bluetooth connectivity to an app […]

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The Zeeq Smart Pillow: A Comprehensive Review

If you suffer from snoring, the pillow you use can make a significant difference. With the right anti-snoring pillow, you can enjoy a better night’s sleep and reduce snoring during the night. This can prove invaluable to you and to anyone else sharing your room. I have reviewed many anti-snoring pillows recently, including the Nitetronic […]

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