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Good Morning Snore Solution Review

Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) is a product that I ran across online, but based on appearance alone, I simply was not interested.

best tongue retaining device

After a few months, I noticed that it was becoming increasingly popular. However, at that time, I had already settled on another mouthpiece as being my number one choice. Read our updated SnoreRx Plus review.

A few more months passed, and my wife asked if I had heard about Good Morning Snore Solution. I told her I read about it a long time ago, but I just didn’t add it to my list because it didn’t look like a mouthpiece, so I didn’t see how it would work like one.

We got online together and discovered that Good Morning Snore Solution doesn’t look like a MAD because it’s not one. It is a tongue retaining device (TRD), so it does not even go in your mouth. I still was not convinced, but she wanted to try it, so the phrase “happy wife, happy life” came to mind. I ordered one for both of us that night.


  • Design is relatively comfortable to wear because it is soft and doesn’t take up space in your mouth.
  • GMSS is BPA-free. In case you don’t know, BPA is an acronym for a product known as biphenyl A. It is found in many polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, and it is associated with several serious medical conditions.  I try to stay away from mouthpieces that contain this chemical in general.
  • Backed by a money-back guarantee.
  • It is really easy to clean because the design is so simple.It lasts a really long time. The average lifespan is about a year, but I’ve read people wear their Good Morning Snore Solution considerably longer.
  • Manufactured by a company accredited by the Better Business Bureau (not always the case in this market).
  • Device was designed by a dentist.
  • The United States Food and Drug Administration, Australian Department of Health and Aging, and Canada’s Therapeutic Products Doctorate cleared it.
  • A new version is now available that is for smaller mouths or young adults. Be sure to read our full review of the Good Morning Snore Solution For Young Adults.


  • The price is higher than some expect to pay (especially after you see the simple design). However, with its long lifespan, it won’t need to be replaced every few months like some do.  So if it is a better solution, I think the price still even out over time compared to other options.
  • Will likely experience tongue soreness the first few days while you get used to it.  I’ve read that in some cases the tongue soreness does not go away, so this is probably the biggest risk of you not liking it
  • Need to be able to breathe through your nose to wear this device.
  • The device can slip off your tongue in the night.  My wife and I have had this issue only on very rare occasions, but I’ve read others complaining about this.

See how Good Morning Snore Solution compares to other snoring mouthpieces HERE.

How is Good Morning Snore Solution different?

Good Morning Snore Solution is a TRD

Unlike other mouthpieces, GMSS is not a mandibular advancement device. MADs sit in your mouth, like a mouth guard you would wear for sports.

They hold your jaw in a slightly forward position to keep your airway clear (this is an uncomfortable feeling for most of the products I tried). GMSS is completely different.

Good Morning Snore Solution is actually classified as a tongue retaining device (TRD). So, rather than hold your jaw forward, it works by holding your tongue forward. It basically delivers the same results, but takes a different approach.

how good morning snore solution works
GMSS holds the tongue forward

Hold the tongue forward?

GMSS has a suction bulb that attaches to the very tip of your tongue. The rest of the device rests between your inner lips and outer teeth. The concept will likely remind you of a pacifier, but there is only a small bulb that can be seen, when your mouth is closed.

Since the suction keeps your tongue held in a forward position, it can’t collapse back into your throat when you fall asleep. This keeps the airway clear and reduces the risk of soft tissues vibrating against one another to make my infamous snoring sound.

After dealing with a mouthful of plastic for years, this little solution seemed a little too good to be true.

My Personal Experience


I ordered two GMSS devices: one for me and one for my wife. She has tested every mouthpiece with me, and helped me write this Good Morning Snore Solution review. Between the two of us, she is the louder snorer.  I’m sure of it! My teenage son tends to disagree, but I’m sure she has bribed him multiple times through the years to say so.

Anyway, when they arrived, I cleaned both devices using Polident denture cleaners sent, so they would be ready for us later. I have to admit, I did play around with it a bit to get the hang of attaching it to my tongue, even though my wife made me swear I would wait for her to get home. Guess she’ll know now, if she reads this!

On the first night, we laughed a lot trying to attach it in place. Not that it is hard to attach by any means, but the simplistic design just had us both a little hysterical. Did we really think this thing was going to work.

All you have to do to get it to fit is squeeze the bulb and touch it to the end of your tongue.  As you release the bulb it creates suction.

The first thing we both noticed is that it is very comfortable. I immediately loved that there was nothing actually in my mouth taking up space. It felt a little weird attached to my tongue, but definitely not uncomfortable.

My first night I thought I may have made the suction a little too tight, but I left it anyway. I figured I would try a looser fit the next night.  Although I was saying this was not going to work, in the back of my mind, I was really hoping it would because I was already in love with the design.

I didn’t even have drool running down my chin like I usually do when my mouth has to get used to another device. It was effortless to wear.

Initial Reaction: Good sleep – but some growing pains

The next morning, I awoke before my alarm. I was literally wide awake, full of energy, and ready to tackle the day. I’m usually so tired and drained in the morning after a night of heavy snoring, so I knew I had slept well. However, my tongue was pretty sore.

I expected to feel a little soreness while my tongue got used to having something attached to it, but this was sorer than I expected. I should have listened to my instinct and loosened the device a little, but I didn’t.  I went online to re-read some other reviews, and saw that a number of people had mentioned a similar soreness issue, especially on the first night as they were getting used to it.  I made a mental note to make sure it would be looser on the second night.

I joined my wife in the kitchen, and she had a big smile. She had slept as well as I did. She even said she didn’t hear one peep from me when she went to let the dog out in the middle of the night (we have a senior dog that needs a mid-night bathroom break).

She also said that before our son left for his morning track practice, he told her he didn’t hear any snoring from either of us all night. Okay, so we were both ecstatic, but it was only one night. We had been disappointed by mouthpieces in the past that did not maintain their effectiveness.

During the following week I attached it much more loosely. In fact, it was so loose I thought it would probably fall off, but surprisingly, it didn’t. The next morning I awoke after sleeping the whole night through again. My tongue was still sore, but not nearly as sore it was the previous morning. Actually, by the fourth morning, I made it halfway through breakfast before I realized it wasn’t sore at all.

Usually, when we do a trial on a new device, it is for either 7 or 14 days. Our trial never ended with this one – it’s not perfect, but it’s been the best solution for both of us so far.

Good Morning Snore Solution

Comfort 4.5
Durability 3.5
Easy to Clean 5.0
Effectiveness 5.0
Overall 4.5

Video Review & Demonstration

Who Can Wear Good Morning Snore Solution?

The company’s site says that it can be worn by a wide range of people. Many mouthpieces can’t be worn if you have dental crowns, bridges, or caps (I don’t have these issues). Plus, the design of an MAD makes it impossible to wear with dentures or loose or weak teeth.

Since Good Morning Snore Solution isn’t an MAD and does not sit in your mouth, it can be worn in all above mentioned scenarios.  For the same reason, you don’t need a prescription, and you don’t need to buy it from your dentist (if they even have it available).

It is also perfect if you simply can’t get used to having a dental appliance in your mouth. Some people just don’t deal with the sensation of a full mouth – it’s a feeling I got used to with other mouthpieces, but certainly never enjoyed. If this sounds like you, then you will probably like the unique design of this tongue retaining device.

Who is Not a Good Candidate?

You have to breathe through your nose to wear Good Morning Snore Solution. So, if you have nasal polyps, a deviated septum, or some type of nose injury that doesn’t permit this then you are probably a better fit for other mouthpieces.

In this case, I would recommend ZQuiet. It was my number one pick for a long time before I started wearing the GMSS. Although a traditional mouthpiece, it is super flexible and soft. It has Living Hinge Technology, which provides maximum flexibility. So, you can literally talk and even sip water while wearing it.

I actually still wear my ZQuiet when my allergies are bothering me or if I have a cold. So even if Good Morning Snore Solution ends up being your preferred choice, it would not hurt to have ZQuiet as a backup.

Let’s Talk Price

Good Morning Snore Solution product sitting on a table
The Good Morning Snore Solution is a simple, straightforward device made of durable (but comfortable) plastic

Good Morning Snore solution costs a little more than some options, but if you buy two the price is in-line with many other products. As of April 30, 2020 Good Morning Snore Solution is $104.94 for a single and $129.94 for a bundle pack.

So, if you have another snorer in your home or a friend wants to try it too, you definitely get a better deal buying two. You can even just get both for yourself, so you have a backup. You know, in case the dog steals it off the nightstand to bury in the backyard.

Surely these events don’t only take place in my house!  Really you’ll only need one though – they are very easy to clean, and it should last a long while (standard time is ~1 year).

Note you’ll also pay extra for shipping – I think around $10 in the US.  I think they sell in other countries as well, not sure how shipping cost works there.  If you want it expedited, shipping price is around $30.

Update: From time to time Good Morning Snoring Solution provides us with exclusive coupon codes that we can offer to our audience and subscribers. When the promotions are running they will be posted here.<!–

Get the best deal on the Good Morning Snore Solution TRD

Also, Good Morning Snore Solution has a 30-day money-back guarantee. The fact that there’s no risk is one of the reasons I didn’t argue when my wife wanted to try it (and because she’s especially scary after a night of listening to me snore).

If you decide it’s not for you then you just have to request a return authorization number. Then, you still have another 15 days to have it back to the company.

Overall, the price is reasonable (if it works for you).  There are definitely cheaper anti-snoring mouthpieces available, so if the price doesn’t suit your budget, check out some other options.


If it sounds like I am overly about Good Morning Snore Solution, it is because I truly am. I wanted to hate it simply because I was so sure there was no chance it would work for me. Every day, I’m grateful that my curiosity got the best of me. I know my wife and teenage son feel the same way.

If you are looking for a snoring solution that is comfortable, effective, durable, and safe, I highly recommend Good Morning Snore Solution.

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  1. I am wondering if the review is legitimate. Because it seems that this person wrote identical review to every snoring devise on the market, almost word to word. I would like to believe that he tried ALL of them and has an equal opinion of all of them, but it definitely looks suspicious.
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Dina – I did try all of them (and some more coming)! I tried to follow a similar writing style for each mouthpiece so that they are easier to compare.

  2. Unfortunately, no website I could find in ten minutes of searching sells the Good Morning product, except the Canada Amazon page (and I don’t live in Canada and am not willing to order from the Canada Amazon page). The website supposedly owned by the company that makes it doesn’t have any links on it that WORK for how to buy the product. I gave up. But thanks for the thoughtful review.

    1. Wow strange! I am able to go through the whole process here (in the US) – did you just try

  3. I am trying the Z Quiet and it must be too large for my mouth because it makes me feel the gag reflex. I don’t how to trim it and if that would even help. I can only keep it in my mouth for a few minutes before that feeling of vomiting hits me. Now this morning I feel a little irritated in the throat. Would the tongue device help? I am going on vacation and my snoring is getting worse. My husband is begging me to do something.

    1. If gagging is an issue with the mouthpieces, it would definitely be interesting to try a tongue device like Good Morning Snore Solution. Most of the device sits outside your mouth, where mouthpieces like ZQuiet are almost entirely in your mouth.

  4. Unfortunately, no matter what I tried the GMSS would lose suction on my tongue as I slept even though the mouthpiece remained in place. Buyers: beware their hidden costs; they charge almost $20 to ship from the USA, and then force you to pay international shipping for returns back to Canada.

    1. Yes they do charge more for shipping outside of the US, thanks for mentioning! Thanks for the feedback on suction as well – I didn’t have that issue with Good Morning Snore Solution, but I have had it with other similar devices, not fun!

  5. Having tried several different anti snore devices and remedies – including laser surgery to throat and nose, many mandibular advancement contraptions and a CPAP, I have found the GMSS device effective and comfortable to wear.
    The only reservation I have concerning the GMSS is that the price is both obscene and outrageous for what one receives, regardless as to how long it may last.

    1. Hey John, thanks for your message! GMSS is definitely on the pricey side – I think they know they have a good thing going and charge accordingly (even though it really can’t cost very much to manufacture).

  6. I love this thing. I’ve been wearing it for a couple of months now. I’ve always worn nose strips with it because I always get stuffed up when I lay down for some unknown reason. I’m told it keeps me from snoring most of the time.The only problem is it will detach from my tongue and either fall out or just sit uselessly in my mouth. That doesn’t happen often enough for me to not recommend it. I just know that my husband doesn’t need to wake me up or wear earplugs as often as he used to (every night)

  7. I bought it, tried it and it didn’t work for me. It continually lost suction and difficult to sleep with. I was very disappointed when I submitted my request for them to honor their “money back guarantee”. It’s a joke. They explain all the process, costs and delays involved in shipping back to Canada from the US. They offered to refund half the costs to my credit card as a settlement. You take that or what amounts to almost nothing, so I took it. Not what I would call a “money back guarantee”. If they are a supplier of a medical device, they should advise the potential customer of their policy and potential costs.

    1. Hey Gary – good to know for international buyers, thanks for the comment. Sorry you had a bad experience!

  8. This is junk It took almost 2 weeks to get it and by the time you stsrt to get past the mouth soreness your time to return it has expired. It did not work and was a waste of time and money….I contacted the company and they refused to refund my money not good business.

    1. Hi Roberta – strange, I haven’t heard any complaints about the return policy. What was their reason?

  9. Hi, I would like to know what do you say about Gum problems this product can cause. I’ve read two comments of people who used this and found out with the time, they got a gum reduction.

  10. I order last night, i gve my address here in saudi arabia, I contact the costumer service, and no one is replying my message, they charge my acct. 99$ but, is this kind of fraud or something

  11. Hey Mark, Thanks for the great content! Very helpful! I am looking for something that can seal my mouth so that my nasal-only cpap mask will work–often the pressure of the cpap leaks out the mouth when the mouth falls open. Would this Good Morning Snore work for that purpose do you think? Thanks!

  12. It look like it is paid review, what ever he recommended doesn’t work for me. all of the devices are $1 thing and sell it in 100 times than it costs.

    1. Hi VJ – this is not a paid review I assure you – I state very clearly that you should use my experience as a starting point, but your personal experience may be different. If GMSS doesn’t work, I’d suggest trying an MAD.

  13. Used GMSS last night for first time. Been suffering daily exhaustion for last few weeks because of lack of sleep. Very scary situation. So far today, I feel very energetic and don’t have the tired eyes feeling. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  14. I purchased this mouthpiece about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have had a sleep study and I do not have apnea however my tongue would fall to the back of my throat. I am recently remarried and for years could not share a bed with my new husband who is a light sleeper. This small piece turned out to be a wonderful solution. I did have to trim a very little bit off of the bottom to fit my mouth. A very little bit. And also I used Polident denture adhesive strips and placed little 1 inch strips on the bottom. It made it more comfortable and it held it in place where firmly as I had a habit of wanting to chew on it and spit it out. Very pleased. I did purchase a little travel soap box container to put it in during the day after it was cleaned. For the money it would’ve been nice to have a case for it also.

  15. I found this device ‘The Good Morning Snore Solution to be absolutely useless. It kept falling out all night, every night for 3 weeks. I emailed and asked GMS why and I was told to put vegetable oil n the pouch part, I did this but it still fell out. I was also told to put the flange part behind my teeth, that was a useless suggestion as there would be no resistance for the tongue not to fall back which is the whole idea. I have also noticed there are no genuine reviews for the first few pages they are all by GMS but under different names. No doubt this won’t get published either!

  16. I received my device yesterday and have therefore only used it for one single night but I am more than happy! Admittedly, my tongue is a little but numb still (20 minutes since I woke up) but I slept through the night. Before last night, I have used various mouth guards, those that shoot your lower jaw forward. They work too but have driven havoc with my teeth as I grind and grind in my sleep and made my lower teeth loosen somewhat so that my dentist had to make me a kind of brace to try and support them. That brace really irritates my tongue and makes me lisp a bit. Now I can throw those mouth guards away, and maybe I can have t hat brace removed. I am very happy with my new purchase!

  17. I was just wondering if u know why it’s not recommended for people with crowns if it doesn’t even go in your mouth.

  18. Hi Mark, I haven’t tried the GMSS yet but I just ordered it based on your incredibly helpful series of reviews of all these different devices. I wanted to thank you (and your wife) for testing these out and providing such great info and opinions on all of them.

  19. I have been wearing the good morning for about a year, so have some experience with it. My 2 issues are the bulb is too small for my large tongue. Wish they could make a size large. Because the bulb is small it does not pull my tongue out enough so I still snore. Second is the left-right flanges are too wide. I ended cutting to smaller size flanges and is now more comfortable on my gums. Please Good Morning if you are reading this make a larger and longer size bulb.

  20. Hard to justify a profit margin that is so obscenely high. This thing cannot cost more than 75 cents to make and they sell it for $100 plus tax plus shipping. It’s a gigantic rip off. I get the same results using duct tape.

  21. Hi Mark, thanks for reviews. I read this, Z quite and My Snoring Solution. Do you know if any of the three really hekps (cure) the sleep apnea

  22. Hi Mark,

    My main concern in buying one of these would be me biting down on my tongue. I grind my teeth in my sleep, so would be concerned that my natural (unconscious) habits would cause me injury.

    Looking at the picture, it doesn’t appear that it has any kind of guard against biting down on your tongue, which I assume is sticking between your front teeth to get into the bulb, correct?

    Thanks for your reviews! They are very helpful!


  23. Well Mark, I did follow your suggestions.

    (1)The Good Morning Snore Solution, which I tried for 6 days – during sleep could not keep it in my mouth and tongue will not stay in place at all times – and It gave me sleepless nights and fell like I was in space during the day due to lack of sleep. It did not work for me. Item returned and funds refunded promptly.
    (2) Ordered the Zquiet October 30th in hope to have it and take it with as I was travelling out of state Nov. 18th instead of carrying my CPAP with me.
    Called Nov. 15th, because item was not received yet, to inquire about. It was shipped I was told without the zip code and it items was returned.
    Promised to have it shipped again and to receive it in about 3-5 days but not on time of my departure. Upon my return home called on Nov. 23rd to inquire…
    I was told that the person who was to ship it did not do so. It was a mistake on their part…
    I was told again it will go out right away and shall have it in 3 – 5 days.
    Today is Nov. 28th and the item has not been received yet.
    By the way in every instance there was supposed to have email me the shipping tracking #. It never happened although every time I was assured that this procedure will be followed…
    I am hopeful that this time I will receive the item I hope their product is better than their services.
    If not received I will cancelled the order. Enough is enough.

  24. On my second GMSS and it works. Yes it takes some getting use to, but I tried a couple other mouth inserts, and GMSS is by far the best option for me. Reading that the price is a ripoff, heck my first unit lasted little over 16 months and I paid about $110, which comes to roughly 20 cents/night. I purchased two at a price of $65/each which brings cost down to about 13 cents/night. The biggest payoff is not having wife pissed off in morning because she didn’t sleep due to my snoring…priceless!

  25. I recently tried this, along with the SnoreRx and the ZQuiet. This product seemed to do what it says. the problem I had with it was that it made my tongue too sore to fall asleep. I have a short tongue, that could be part of the reason. I do like the concept. Getting a RMA # for return was fast and stress free through email, and the associate was friendly.

  26. Hello, by chance do you know if they cancelled the SPRINGBOGO code? It doesn’t seem to work.

  27. I feel that I should add my two cents about the GMSS device as there is so much misinformation in these comments. My snoring was so bad I could not get a night’s sleep so after a referral I ended up with a $1700 mandibular advancer and while it worked it was such a cumbersome and uncomfortable contraption that I could no longer wear it. Like everyone on here I was scared about forking out the $150 to ship a little rubber device up to Canada but I did it anyway. Like all of these devices they have their challenges and what works for some will not work for others but this one worked for me and I’ve been using it for 3 or 4 years now. Here is my review of it:

    Indeed there is a bit of tongue soreness at the beginning and still a bit further on down the line. After a while I found that my tongue was “trained” to stay forward and I was able to reduce the suction down to barely anything so there is little soreness these days. I don’t find it slides off.
    Buy a colored one if they are selling it. When you drop the clear one on your bed sheets is hard to see, especially if you are half asleep!
    Someone here mentioned that it rubbed against the gums which did happen to me in one spot but I simply took scissors and cut away the corner that was bothering me and it solved the problem.
    Drool is always a problem with any of these devices but after a while the drool was less and less though it still occurs and always will. Yes, it’s easy to clean and comes with a plastic case so I can easily take it on vacation.
    There are many complaints about the price of this and it indeed it seems high for what you are getting but after paying $1700 for a huge device this seemed tiny. It was a gamble for me to buy it but if it worked I got my life back. It worked for me. This review is legit so please don’t call me a fake or a schill.

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