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ZQuiet Review

Before I tried ZQuiet, I had already put more than a dozen other mouthpieces to the test. Although I found some good ones, none were my perfect fit.

ZQuiet Review

ZQuiet is the one of the best mouthpieces I’ve tried to date, being very effective and comfortable to wear.  It’s also very reasonably priced. If you have tried ZQuiet and can’t accept the fit or don’t feel your snoring is reduced as much as it could be, I recommend SnoreRx as it has a molding process to provide a secure fit and it can be calibrated for maximum snoring reduction.

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Pros and Cons

Although I am quite fond of ZQuiet, it is important that you are aware of all the positive and negative points of the device to make an educated decision.  It’s definitely better than most, but I have a few complaints as well.

Positive Points

  • Medical grade material is soft and non-irritating, and doesn’t contain BPA or latex.
  • Living Hinge Technology makes the mouthpiece flexible, so you can move your mouth and speak while wearing it.
  • Airflow ports keep your mouth slightly open to allow adequate airflow while you sleep.
  • ZQuiet is designated a class II medical device by the FDA
  • Two mouthpieces are received, so if one does not work, you can try the second one that extends the jaw slightly farther.
  • No fitting process, and the soft material can easily be trimmed and filed, if it’s too big.
  • Easily cleaned with a toothbrush and dish soap.
  • Only payment and shipping is collected upfront, and then the $79.95 gets charged 35 days later, if you don’t return it.

Negative Points

  • One-size-fits-all won’t fit everyone. Although it can be cut and filed if it is too big, there isn’t an option if it’s too small.
  • Not recommended to wear with dentures or loose or weak teeth.
  • May cause jaw soreness, especially if you are not used to wearing an oral device.
  • According to other reviews (I read online), a number of customers feel it doesn’t have a long enough lifespan before it needs to be replaced.
  • If you return the device, shipping charges do not get refunded.

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The Mouthpiece that Doesn’t Really Act Like a Mouthpiece

Until this point, every mouthpiece I had tried was stationary. Although some were soft and streamlined, they held my jaw strictly in a forward position. So, talking with one when in my mouth was out of the question.

Most mandibular advancement devices (MADs) are designed to just hold your jaw forward, so your tongue can’t collapse into your throat and cause an obstruction. I had been under the impression that a mouthpiece had to be hard and stationary to work. So, when I stumbled upon ZQuiet, I was definitely skeptical.

ZQuiet Living hinge Technology

ZQuiet is soft and flexible. Yes, flexible!

It has what is called “Living Hinge Technology.” When you look at the mouthpiece from the side you can see that the lower jaw extends forward. However, it is flexible, so you can open and close your mouth, talk, and even sip water with it in. For the life of me, I couldn’t even comprehend how this thing was going to keep my jaw forward all night, if it was pliable enough to let me speak.

ZQuiet is crafted from a thermoplastic elastomer. It contains no BPA or latex, and it’s cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration. ZQuiet is also made in America and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

The material has been put through rigorous safety testing, and there are no acrylics used during production. It actually looks like it would be very comfortable, unlike some mouthpieces that cause you to cringe at the thought of putting them in your mouth.

You will also notice that ZQuiet has airflow posts. This ensures that you can’t completely close your mouth and block the airflow while you are asleep. This means that it is suitable for people who breathe through their mouth.

ZQuiet Video Of Device Features

My Experience


When I went to the site to order a ZQuiet for us (me and my wife), I was pretty surprised to discover that you actually get two mouthpieces when you buy.

The two vary in lower jaw advancement, so if one doesn’t work, you are supposed to try the other one that has the lower jaw extended even more. Most mouthpieces have a fitting process, but this one doesn’t.

The site said it would be ready-to-use right out-of-the-box. Great, it’s flexible and one-size-fits-all! I had a little laugh over this combination, which you may be doing right now, too.

When the package arrived I couldn’t even wait for my wife to get home to open it with her. I was anxious to check it out. I took all four out of the box and cleaned them all using mild dish soap.

The mouthpieces felt soft and smooth, but what I found was that running them under warm water made them feel even softer. So, of course, my mind was filled with even more doubt.  I was definitely mentally preparing to smash this mouthpiece with a devastating ZQuiet review.

When my wife got home, we both put one in. We agreed that they were as soft and comfortable as they look. We could still talk, and neither of us was drooling like we usually do when we try a new device. Mine was a perfect fit. My wife’s needed to be trimmed slightly with a pair of scissors (directions provided by the company for this situation). Then we just filed it a little.

It was my night to let our senior dog out for his 2 am bathroom break. When my phone alarm went off, I was wide awake. I actually felt like I had slept through the entire night and missed taking him out. I must have been sleeping very soundly. My wife didn’t wake up, but she wasn’t completely silent either. There was a hint of snoring there, but nowhere near the sound that usually comes from her.

In the morning, I felt amazing. My jaw was a tad sore, but not as sore as it usually is with a new device. Neither of us could believe this soft, flexible thing hadn’t fallen out in the middle of the night.

I told my wife she was snoring a little when I let the dog out. She seemed disappointed, so decided to try the other sized mouthpiece. Despite the small amount of noise, she said she felt well-rested. Our teenage son said he didn’t hear me snore at all, but he did hear his mom, only because I made too much noise letting the dog out, so he woke up.

The next night, I stuck with the same mouthpiece. I trimmed the other one for my wife, and I agreed to take the “dog shift” again, just so I could see if she was snoring. To my surprise, all was silent at 2 am.

We continued on with the two-week trial, but we actually kept wearing these beyond two weeks because we loved them. We did still want to try other mouthpieces, but we always came back to this one. It was our number one stop snoring mouthpiece. Well, at least until we stumbled upon Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) a little later. That innovative creation became our preferred pick, and ZQuiet dropped to the number two position.


Comfort 4.5
Durability 4.6
Easy to Clean 4.0
Effectiveness 4.5
Overall 4.4

Who is ZQuiet Great For?

The soft, flexible design is unique about ZQuiet. If you have ever worn a mouthpiece and absolutely hated it, you’ll appreciate the way this one is designed. It doesn’t feel like an invasive piece of plastic that locks your mouth in place. The material is smooth against your gums, and relative to other mouthpieces, takes up much less space.

Also, since it has airflow holes, you can wear it if you are a mouth breather. So if you have nasal polyps, a deviated septum, or sinuses, ZQuiet will allow adequate airflow through your mouth while you sleep. I have allergies that flare up from time-to-time. So, if my nose is stuffy, I can’t wear my Good Morning Snore Solution. During these times, I wear ZQuiet, so I always have one of these mouthpieces as a backup.

Who Can’t Wear ZQuiet?

Although ZQuiet is flexible, it is still an MAD, so it’s not a solution for individuals with dentures. The site doesn’t say anything about wearing it with bridgework, crowns, or loose or weak teeth, but I just can’t imagine it would be recommended.

If any of these apply to you, I would strongly suggest trying Good Morning Snore Solution. This device is actually a tongue stabilizing device. It doesn’t sit inside your mouth, so it does not affect your teeth or any dental work inside your mouth.  Instead of holding the jaw forward like ZQuiet, it works by holding the tongue forward, so your airway stays clear all night. It is very comfortable and effective.

Is there a Cleaner for Zquiet?

Yes, it is the ZQuiet Clean-Foaming Anti-Bacterial Cleaner for Dental Appliances.   It is a 1.5 oz bottle, with a mint scent.  Cleaning and sanitizing your ZQuiet takes only 60 seconds with the pump, scrub, rinse method. The ZQuiet Clean is effective at killing 99.99% of bacteria on contact.

Is ZQuiet Expensive?

Considering you get two devices with your order, ZQuiet is moderately priced. The price is $79.95, but you don’t have to pay upfront to try it. Many stop snoring solutions have a money-back guarantee, but ZQuiet takes a different approach.

You pay $19 upfront to cover the shipping charges. Then, you have 30 days to try it. If it works for you, and you keep it, then you will be charged $79.95 on day 35.

If it doesn’t work for you, ship it back within 30 days, and your card won’t get charged. You can also insure your package for $1.99 extra.  (I probably won’t updated this section regularly, so of course check the seller for final prices).

My Final Thoughts

I have been quite pleased with the results from the ZQuiet mouthpiece. As mentioned, I do still wear this mouthpiece when I travel or when my nose is stuffy from allergies and I can’t wear my Good Morning Snore Solution. Update: Recently I have switched to SnoreRx because the calibration completely eliminates my snoring.

The material and design are comfortable. The Living Hinge Technology does what it says, and the product did stop my snoring, so I could sleep soundly. It is moderately priced, and since only shipping charges are paid up-front, you essentially try it for 30 days for $19. However, you do need to make sure you send it back within the allocated time period, if you are unhappy, or your card will be charged. Overall, I recommend ZQuiet as an effective stop snoring solution.

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  1. This device is making me have ear infections. I have looked on the Internet for anyone else who might have had this problem, but haven’t found anything.

    1. Hi Pamela – weird! Any idea why that would happen? I haven’t heard of that complaint with ZQuiet (or any other mouthpiece).

  2. I have found ZQuiet to be fantastic
    My wife love the fact that she can now sleep after many years of my load snoring .I actually went to a sleep place and had my sleeping monitored and the said I had a mild case of sleep acmia.They wanted me to go and get a plate made which was going to cost around $1500 I couldn’t afford it and then I saw ZQuiet advertised on TV
    I jumped at the chance to purchase it as it works to same as the plate they suggested at a fraction of the cost. Was a bit uncomfortable for the first few nights but now I dont even feel it .I also sleep much better as well
    I can highly recommend it

  3. The product works however I found the advertisement to be deceptive. Make sure the amount you consent to is what you actually end up paying. For this reason, despite the the quality of the product, I will be going with a different company in the future.

    1. Hi Marian – sorry to hear about your experience! What advertising deception did you experience to make sure that buyers are aware in the future?

  4. Works BUT…. I wore Z Quiet for almost 2 years and it does help with the snoring. After 2 years it pushed out my bottom front teeth to the point that I had to get braces to set them back in place. So after 1 1/2 years in braces I’m now having a custom anti-snore night guard made which will also keep my teeth straight for as long as I wear it.

  5. I purchased my ZQuiet a week or two back and have been using it in with some modifications. I find that the lower jaw restraint is too large and was very uncomfortable on my lower gum when I first used it as original. Soaking it in Hot Water as recommended also didn’t help. I then proceeded to cut parts of it off to make it more comfortable. However, it is still putting a lot of pressure on my 4 front teeth, making it difficult to sleep.

  6. 4 days into trying zquiet, and the device is too painful on my bottom front teeth. zquiet isn’t going to work. the 2nd device won’t even fit on my teeth.

    i am using snorelab to measure my snoring and zquiet isn’t helping.

    its very easy to use snorelab to prove if zquiet helps with snoring, yet i can’t find any results.

    i see many web sites doing kickback reviews with no real reviewers which is leading me to believe that this product may a scam.

  7. Unfortunately, Jason and David are correct. ZQuiet pushes on the 4 lower front teeth, and wears away the inner gum line of those same teeth. That is the negative, and a big one. The positives are that the device is durable, and it does work. The popular device that molds to the teeth, Silent Night, is definitely better, but it is NOT durable, and expensive to boot. Mine lasted 11 months before it cracked and became unusable. ZQuiet is still in good shape 1 1/2 years later. I give the teeth and gums a break every few days with the Good Morning Snore Solution. It only works if it stays in place, though. It’s hit or miss on that front. And I often wake up looking for it. Also, with success on successive nights, the tip of the tongue will feel like you burned it on something hot for most of the day.

    So, none of these are perfect. If anyone finds the perfect device, please share!

  8. I tried messaging you on FB. Do you know if it’s possible to just buy the small size without the bigger one with it? The big one won’t even stay on my teeth. I hate to pay for another big one to get another small one. Also I agree about the pressure on the bottom front teeth from another comment. Mine are crooked, and some mornings very sore. Others not so much. I’ve had to trim mine quite a bit wherever it actually was putting pressure on any gums, especially the top. The gums in front of both canine teeth were swollen. My friend is a dental hygienist back home, and I talked to her about the gum problem. She said to be sure and clean the mouthpiece thoroughly, and brush and floss around those areas before putting it in for the night. She said it was probably holding in bacteria in those areas. She also recommended a healthy gum rinse. It works so well for my snoring, I don’t want any dental problems to stop my using it.

  9. This device made my teeth really sore. I wasn’t able to continue wearing it. It felt like when I had braces and my teeth were being moved after getting them tightened. This device felt like it was moving my teeth and they were too sore to eat.

  10. What do you estimate is the millimeters advancement if we compare these two sizes to the SNoreX device? Theirs can vary from 1 to 6 milimeters. Because this one is fixed, would it be 2 or 3 mm and 5 or 6mm? or something like that? Thanks

  11. I tried this device, along with the SnoreRX (winner) and the Good Morning Snore Solution. This device was too painful to wear for me. I ordered it with fast shipping the same day I ordered the other two, and received both the GMSS and the ZQ on the following Monday, while the SnoreRX arrived the Friday before, so I had already been using that for 3 nights.

    When comparing it to the SnoreRX, the device seems overpriced, to me. There is no custom fit, and this causes the device to put more pressure on certain areas in your mouth, instead of evenly like the SnoreRX does.

    The worst part, though, was dealing with the rude customer service agent when calling for a RMA # for return. I expected them to push me to try it longer, but she did not need to be so terse about it, I was simply following the procedure for the deal they, themselves, offered. When I explained that I wanted to return it, I was grilled about how many times I had used it, and I explained that I had already found a unit that was working, but thank you. She then, in a rude tone, informed me that twice was not nearly enough time to decide if the unit would work for me. Really?? The SnoreRX worked fine on the first night. I’m not going to wear this painful thing for 3 weeks, just to make her happy. They REALLY need to work on their customer service, this was just unacceptable.

  12. The device seemed to work pretty good for the first 30-40 days but now I am back snoring while using the mouth piece. Has anyone had the same issue?

  13. Does anyone else experience sore teeth? My front teeth (top & bottom) actually hurt – if I wear Zquiet all night I can’t bite down on anything for several hours. I hoped it would get better but it hasn’t. Any idea on how to address this?

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