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Does Theravent Work to Prevent Snoring?

For those of you suffering from snoring, Theravent™ Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy is here to offer you relief. As far as snoring aids go, Theravent requires no mouthpieces, no machines and no medications, just a simple adhesive device. Using revolutionary treatment, your own breathing can be used to reduce snoring resulting in a better night’s […]

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Theravent Sleep Study Results

Snoring can be a problem for people of all ages. Around thirty percent of people aged thirty years and above suffer from snoring. This can cause disruptions to both you and your partner’s sleep. Sleep plays a prominent role in your physical and mental health and ongoing sleep deficiencies are correlated with higher risks of […]

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Theravent Review | An EPAP Snoring Aid

I’ve tested many types of anti-snoring devices, including pillows, nasal dilators, and mouth guards. This time around, I’m reviewing a different type of product: An Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP) device called Theravent. First, Does Theravent Work to Stop Snoring? I tried the Theravent for multiple nights and found that it did not work for […]

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Theravent: EPAP vs. CPAP

You can access a wide variety of snoring solutions on the market. There are products to suit a broad range of preferences and budgets. This includes everything from nasal strips and dilators through to nasal sprays and devices. One device that can provide effective relief from snoring is Theravent Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy. About Theravent […]

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SleepPhones Review

Sleep aids are not just for the people who snore. Sometimes the other person in bed needs something to drown out their partner’s sounds! SleepPhones are a natural way to help your bedmate fall asleep despite your snores. With SleepPhones, you can listen to ambient sounds, music, podcasts, or audiobooks, without disturbing anyone else. In […]

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iSonic Ultra-Sonic Snoring Mouthpiece Cleaner

Increase the Lifespan of Your Anti-Snoring Device With the iSonic Ultra-Sonic Snoring Mouthpiece Cleaner Having tested and loved the Therasnore MAD, I’ve been using it for around a month. The Therasnore mouthpiece (although effective) is a little pricey, so I don’t want to be buying a new one every three months. An integral part of […]

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App Review: SnoreLab

As an intermittent snorer, it can be tricky finding a remedy. Many devices, such as mouthpieces and anti-snoring pillows can be intrusive, which make it difficult to fall asleep. This is an inconvenience for those of us who only snore at certain stages of our sleep cycle. Choosing which snoring mouthpiece to wear requires trial-and-error.  […]

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ZZSnore Anti-Snoring Solution

There are many different types of anti-snoring products on the market today. If you experience problems with snoring, you can choose from products such as pillows, nasal strips, nasal dilators, and sprays. The effectiveness of an anti-snoring product can vary based on the quality and the person using it. One of the products available is […]

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Over-the-Counter Sleep Aids and How They Stop Snoring

Are you tired of being told you’re a snorer? Does your partner want to kick you out of bed at night because the can no longer handle the noise? Do your kids and family members regularly make jokes at your expense, about your snoring? If any of these questions are answered with yes, then you […]

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Review of the Nitetronic Nitelink App

Several sleep aids include apps that maximize the use of the sleep device. We have reviewed the Nitetronic goodnite™ Anti-Snore pillow, which we found to be a superior pillow that inflates when it detects snoring. The pillow has two apps you can download to provide you with detailed and accurate information about your snoring habits. This […]

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