comparing the airsnore and zquiet anti-snoring mouthpieces
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AirSnore vs. ZQuiet

The AirSnore and ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpieces are similar in many ways, and if you’re trying to decide between the two, this article may help you choose.

But if you’ve not read the Airsnore review or the ZQuiet review that we’ve written, you might want to begin there.

The primary difference between AirSnore and zQuiet is the custom mold of your teeth. By doing a “boil-and-bite” using hot and cold water, the AirSnore is able to be custom fit to your teeth, jaws, and gumline. The zQuiet does not allow this.

  • Material – Both devices are made of a medical-grade material that contains no latex or BPA. The ZQuiet is FDA Cleared, but the AirSnore (due to UK production) is not.
  • Flexibility – ZQuiet has Living Hinge Technology, so you can open and close your mouth to swallow. AirSnore is a fixed mandibular advancement device with no flexibility.
  • Breathing Holes – Both mouthpieces have holes to allow you to breathe through your mouth. The AirSnore forces you to breathe through your mouth while sleeping.
  • Customization – Only the AirSnore allows you to custom mold the device.
  • Adjustability – Neither the ZQuiet or AirSnore have built in calibration. However, the ZQuiet product contains two devices, one with minimal adjustment and one with moderate adjustment. The moderately adjusted one improves snoring more but is less comfortable.
  • Cleaning – Both devices can be easily cleaned with an Ultrasonic Cleaner or denture powder.
  • Guarantee – AirSnore backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. ZQuiet provides a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Price –ZQuiet is $79.95 for one, but you only pay $9.95 upfront. If you don’t return it during your 30-day trial then your card will be charged $79.95 when your trial expires. Total cost for the AirSnore (including sleep drops) is $71.95.

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