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Snore Guard: Where to Get it?

When it was first created, Snore Guard was only available in Canada, and you were required to have a prescription from a dentist to order it. It is still not available internationally yet, but it sure is a lot easier to get your hands on today.


If you live in Canada, you can conveniently order online. The entire amount of the device can be charged at one time and you get a 30-day money back guaranteed. You also have the option to take a 30-day trial. To do this, you simply pay $7.95 for shipping upfront. The device gets mailed and you have 30 days to test out this superb anti-snoring mouthpiece. If you send it back before the 31st day, you will not be charged for the price of the device. If you decide to keep it then the credit card you used to cover shipping charges will get used for the remaining balance.

If you are in a bit more of a hurry and do not want to wait to receive your order via snail mail, there are also a few stores in Canada now carrying these devices, including SuperStore, London Drugs, and Shopper’s Drug Mart.

United States

Folks in the United States do not have it quite as easy as Canada, but it is still accessible. You have to go to your dentist for a prescription. Then, you need to wait for the mouthpiece to arrive, which can take as long as 14 days. It will be shipped to your dentist. So, when it arrives, you will need to make an appointment to go in and have the custom fitting process done unless you want to do it at home, but you may not have an option depending on your dentist. Some prefer to take care of the fitting process so they can check the fit in your mouth.

If you live near a border, you may be thinking that it would be a good idea to just take a road trip into Canada to get a device to take home from one of the stores mentioned above. Unfortunately, this could cause you major problems going through customs at the border. Since it is classified as a medical device, you will want to check with the border to find out if there are any laws against this and what you would have to do to make sure you are transporting it back to your country legally.

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August, 2018 UPDATE:  Better options are now available for snoring mouth guards such as the SnoreRx Plus.

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