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Many people assume that in order for a mouthpiece to actually stop their snoring, they have to get the product through a dentist. After all, if a prescription is required then it must work better than one you can simply order online, right?

Well, that may be true with other products, but this is definitely not the case with anti-snoring devices. So, if you are considering Snore Guard because you think it must be superior to others, you may want to look at a few options first, especially ZQuiet - which is among my favorite mouth guards for snoring.

Comparison of Snore Guard and ZQuiet Mouthpieces

Snore Guard vs. ZQuiet

Snore GuardZQuiet
Boil and bite or adjustment by a dentistNone
Warm water and dish soapToothbrush and dish soap
One size fits allTwo sizes
Snore Guard ReviewZQuiet review


Snore Guard Company

Snore Guard mouthpiece

Snore Guard and ZQuiet are both classified as mandibular advancement devices, but they are very different in design. Snore Guard is made of hard plastic and keeps your mouth stationary all night. You put it in your mouth and it holds the lower jaw forward. To talk or take a drink of water it needs to be removed. It also has a fairly wide upper piece that sort of wraps around the teeth of your upper jaw.

ZQuiet also holds your lower jaw forward, but the device is made of a flexible, soft, rubber-like material. Its Living Hinge Technology allows you to open and close your mouth to speak. You can even sip water while wearing it.

Airflow Ports

Obviously, since ZQuiet allows you to move your jaws, you can also breathe through your mouth freely. Snore Guard keeps your mouth stationary, but it does have a large airflow port at the front of the device. So, regardless which mouthpiece you choose, you will be able to breathe through your mouth. This is good news for anyone with sinuses, allergies, nasal polyps, or a deviated septum or nose injury.


SnoreRx Mouthpiece

SnoreRx Mouthpiece

Both of these anti-snoring mouthpieces have been cleared for use by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The one advantage that ZQuiet has in this area is that it is a well-known fact that the material used does not contain any BPA or latex. All we know about Snore Guard is that is made of a medical grade plastic.

One would want to assume that it does not include the two mentioned elements, but you would think that this would be information included on the site. You do not want BPA in your mouth all night, and you really do not want to learn that you have a latex allergy a little too late.

Maintenance and Lifespan

Snore Guard and ZQuiet are both simple to clean. With ZQuiet, you will want to use a toothbrush and mild dish detergent. The makers of Snore Guard recommend a toothbrush and toothpaste.

ZQuiet has a general lifespan, lasting 12 to 24 months. The variation is primarily dictated by whether you grind your teeth or not. Snore Guard is suggested to last anywhere from 3 to 24 months. A difference this significant really is disappointing.


If you live in Canada, you can order Snore Guard online, which makes it a convenient option. Residents of the United States are required to have a prescription. So, you have to make an appointment with your dentist to get one. This makes it more expensive. Plus, it will take longer to receive (time frame dependent on your dentist's schedule).

ZQuiet is an affordable snoring solution. It is priced at $79.95, but you do not even have to pay this full amount upfront. You can pay $9.95 for shipping, and the device gets shipped directly to you. Then, you have 30 days to decide if you like it. If you do, simply keep using it and your credit card gets charged after the trial period. If you decide it is not for you then ship it back and you will not be charged. You have a total of 35 days to get it back to ZQuiet, so you do not have to cut the trial period short.

Fitting Process

Snore Guard uses a boil-and-bite process to achieve a custom fit. You can do this at home and it only takes a few minutes. However, your dentist may insist on taking care of the fitting for you.

ZQuiet arrives ready-to-use. Some people find it to be just a tiny bit too large. This is easily fixed by trimming the edges with scissors. You can then file any rough edges you create. This is really easy to do. I took care of my wife's device in a matter of minutes.


I have tried both devices and ZQuiet dominates in the comfort department. Since you are able to move your mouth, you so not suffer from that stiff feeling in the morning that some mouthpieces leave you with. Plus, it is really streamlined, so it does not take up much space in your mouth. Snore Guard was so uncomfortable; I could not even get through a week-long trial with it.

Learn more about the mouthpieces in my Zquiet review and Snore Guard review. Also, be sure to check the comparison between the highly rated SnoreRx and Zyppah.

The ZQuiet, similarly to the Snore Guard, keeps your jaw slightly forward to maintain an open airway. Both devices are part of a standard line of anti-snoring products known as MADs (mandibular advancement device).

My wife and I tried both of them. Each device worked relatively well but my wife, due to her smaller sized mouth, found a better match with the ZQuiet.

Snoring Mouthpieces Compared

The first night, my wife had a minor fitting issue with the ZQuiet but I was able to fix it the next morning by following directions provided by the company and trimming it with scissors.

My wife and I had some fitting issues with the Snore Guard due to the large size and bulky design.


The ZQuiet is quite comfortable in your mouth as a result of the soft, flexible construction. This MAD allows your mouth to remain slightly open so it is ideal if you are a mouth breather.

The loose fit was a new feature to my wife and I. We thought that the ZQuiet was going to fall out of our mouths during the night, a problem reported by some users. However, it stayed in the whole night without a problem.

Cleaning was very easy and all that it required was a toothbrush and soap.

ZQuiet mouthpiece side view

ZQuiet Trial

My ZQuiet Experience

ZQuiet provides you with two mouthpieces, which vary to the extent they advance your jaw. All you have to do is try both of them in your mouth to see which size suits you the most. I had to adjust my wife's piece slightly with scissors so that it fit properly.

My wife snored a little the first night though she said that there was no snoring coming from me. My jaw was slightly sore but by the second night, that was not a major problem.

After the two-week trial period, my wife and I were quite comfortable with the ZQuiet. The design even makes it possible for you to open your mouth and talk normally while wearing it. Individuals with a cold or a deviated septum will prefer the ZQuiet too since it allows you breathe through your mouth and keep your airway clear.

Cleaning took minimal time and effort. The one-piece, soft construction looked quite clean after using a toothbrush and mild dish soap.

Snore Guard

Snore Guard CompanyI really liked how the Snore Guard was constructed with soft, malleable plastic. When I was sleeping, my mouth remained slightly open as a result of jaw repositioning.

After proper fitting, the device stayed comfortably in my mouth. At first, I thought it was going to fall out but the sturdy design prevented that.

My wife and I were happy that the cleaning process for this MAD was so simple and painless. All we had to do was use some dish soap and warm water to make sure it was clear of contaminants.

My Snore Guard Experience

In order to obtain a Snore Guard, I had to get a prescription. When I visited my dentist, he did a boil-and-bite method to properly fit the Snore Guard. Alternatively, you can always do the fitting process at home.

In regards to comfort, the Snore Guard made me keep my mouth open a little bit more than other similar products. At first, it made my mouth very sore. I found that the device stretched out the skin in between my nose and lips due to the bulky design.

In order to clean it, I washed it with warm water and mild dishwashing detergent. I did not use a toothbrush out of fear that it would discolor and damage my mouthpiece.

The Snore Guard prevents snoring; however, it leads to a lot of discomfort that may be avoidable with a smaller-sized product.

My Recommendation

My wife and I thought that the ZQuiet required the least amount of work and was the more comfortable of the two. While the Snore Guard may have prevented snoring, the bulky design and the resulting soreness make it the less desirable option.

Note: The ZQuiet has a $9.95 trial, including free shipping that allows you to use it for 30 days and if not satisfied you can return it and not be charged the full $79.95 price.

CPAPs (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) are machines that push air through your airway to keep it open and prevent snoring. A Snore Guard is a mandibular advancement device or a MAD that is fitted inside your mouth. It pushes your lower jaw in a slightly advanced position and keeps your air passage open.

CPAP machines have several parts including a hose, mask, and filter, and require battery or AC power to operate. Snore Guards are made of one piece of malleable plastic that consists of an upper and lower jaw.

Snoring Solutions Compared

People suffering from severe sleep apnea frequently choose CPAPs. However, a MAD, like the Snore Guard, has a good record of success in preventing people from snoring as well.


CPAP DeviceThe CPAP is easy to use and arrives disassembled. There is a filter, a mask, tubing, and the actual air pump machine. You must put the mask over your head, insert the nasal plugs into your nostrils and then turn the machine on.

To clean, you disassemble it and wash with it warm soapy water.

You might also have to purchase a CPAP humidifier, which prevents dry air from going down your airway and causing discomfort.

The CPAP Experience

Similar to the Snore Guard, you need a doctor’s prescription to purchase a CPAP. If you do not go to your own primary care physician for a sleep assessment, the CPAP companies will provide you a questionnaire to fill out and their doctors will make an evaluation.

Typically, the process to get approved takes about one week to ten days. Once you get a prescription, you can order the device and they will ship it immediately.

In order to clean it, first you have to disconnect all of the hoses, the mask, and take out the filter from the machine. Then you clean each segment with soapy warm water. Consider wiping down the machine with a mildly damp cloth. Most users clean their CPAPs every other day.

The CPAP almost always eliminates snoring. If you wear the mask properly and have it fitted according to your specific measurements, you can forget about snoring.

Snore Guard Mouthpiece

Snore Guard ReviewI liked the fact that the Snore Guard is constructed with soft, malleable plastic. During sleep, my mouth remained slightly open due to the jaw repositioning, allowing me to breathe through it.

After proper fitting, the device fit comfortably in my mouth. Initially, I expected it to fall out but the sturdy design prevented that.

My wife and I were glad that the cleaning process for this MAD was so simple. All we had to do was run some dish soap and warm water through it to keep it clear of contaminates.

My Snore Guard Experience

In order to get a Snore Guard, I had to first get a prescription. When I visited my dentist, he did a boil-and-bite method to properly fit the device. Alternatively, I had the option to do the fitting process at home. Snore Guard recommends that you wear the device for a couple hours a day, for a few days in a row, in order to get used to it.

In terms of comfort, the Snore Guard forced me to keep my mouth open a little bit more than other similar products and it initially made my mouth quite sore.

To clean it, I rinsed it down with warm water and a little dishwashing detergent.

My Recommendation

The Snore Guard costs significantly less than a CPAP and in my experience works as designed. Unless your medical insurance covers a large portion of the cost, the CPAP will be a very expensive option. The Snore Guard only requires warm water and hand soap to clean whereas the CPAP cleaning is more complicated due to the disassembly needed. With the CPAP, you run the risk of damaging one of the parts and paying to have the broken piece replaced.

CPAPs will stop your snoring though.

If you do decide on SnoreRX, make sure to check for Snore Guard Coupons.

Snore Guard emerged onto the scene in 1989, and since then has continuously fought to compete in a saturated industry. However, its length of time established has always been a strong selling point for the snoring mouth guard. There are a ton of snoring products that come and go, so for one to stand the test of time, you would assume it has a lot to offer.

Snore Guard CompanySnore Guard is manufactured by Ranir LLC, a global manufacturer of oral care products. Ranir markets its products as tools to help you live a healthy life.

Ranir was founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan, back in 1979. Its primary focus back then was dental floss and toothbrushes. Corporate headquarters was opened in 1994, and the business really took off.

In 2003, Ranir was the first store brand manufacturer to begin selling teeth whitening products. At this time the company also began manufacturing bruxism devices, cold sore treatments, interdental brushes, and flossers.

The company acquired Placontrol Inc. in 2009. Placontrol had been the first to sell retail flossers. In 2010, Rainer acquired Synpart, which was a popular oral care supplier in some European countries. The deal included a China-based factor, which helped the company begin its quest of building a global presence.

As the company grew, medical devices became a stronger focus. Rainer acquired quality certifications with Health Canada and Consortium.


Snore Guard may not be a great mouthpiece, but it is the reputation of the company that constantly manages to attract new customers. Ranir is committed to running a sustainable company that preserves and respects the environment. Its sustainability goals include energy efficiency, water reduction and management, water use and management, transportation management, air quality, and sustainable product design criteria.  Learn more about Snore Guard in my full Snore Guard mouthpiece review.

When it was first created, Snore Guard was only available in Canada, and you were required to have a prescription from a dentist to order it. It is still not available internationally yet, but it sure is a lot easier to get your hands on today.


If you live in Canada, you can conveniently order online. The entire amount of the device can be charged at one time and you get a 30-day money back guaranteed. You also have the option to take a 30-day trial. To do this, you simply pay $7.95 for shipping upfront. The device gets mailed and you have 30 days to test out this superb anti-snoring mouthpiece. If you send it back before the 31st day, you will not be charged for the price of the device. If you decide to keep it then the credit card you used to cover shipping charges will get used for the remaining balance.

If you are in a bit more of a hurry and do not want to wait to receive your order via snail mail, there are also a few stores in Canada now carrying these devices, including SuperStore, London Drugs, and Shopper's Drug Mart.

United States

Folks in the United States do not have it quite as easy as Canada, but it is still accessible. You have to go to your dentist for a prescription. Then, you need to wait for the mouthpiece to arrive, which can take as long as 14 days. It will be shipped to your dentist. So, when it arrives, you will need to make an appointment to go in and have the custom fitting process done unless you want to do it at home, but you may not have an option depending on your dentist. Some prefer to take care of the fitting process so they can check the fit in your mouth.

If you live near a border, you may be thinking that it would be a good idea to just take a road trip into Canada to get a device to take home from one of the stores mentioned above. Unfortunately, this could cause you major problems going through customs at the border. Since it is classified as a medical device, you will want to check with the border to find out if there are any laws against this and what you would have to do to make sure you are transporting it back to your country legally.

Learn more about this product in my full Snore Guard review.

August, 2018 UPDATE:  Better options are now available for snoring mouth guards such as the SnoreRx.

If you have done a little investigating, you probably know at least the basics about Snore Guard, you are aware that it is a mandibular advancement device and how it works to stop snoring, but beyond that, it likely appears to be the same as many other high-ranking anti-snoring devices you have looked at.

Snoring Mouthpiece FAQs Snore GuardWell, as you start to take a closer look at these devices, you learn that they are all very different. Below are a few frequently asked questions that arise. The answers should help you decide if this is the right snoring solution for you.

  1. Can Snore Guard Be Used to Treat Sleep Apnea?  Although Snore Guard's website claims that the device has been used to treat symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, you should never use any device to treat this condition without consulting your physician. Also, there is no evidence available for these clinical trials and the site does warn that the mouthpiece should not be used if you have severe obstructive sleep apnea symptoms or central sleep apnea.
  1. Can this Device Be Worn with Dentures?  Snore Guard is not suitable to be worn with complete or partial dentures, loose teeth, or dental implants. You need a prescription from your dentist to order one, but there is little chance they would okay this product anyway, if you have dentures.
  1. Is Snore Guard Safe?  Snore Guard has been around since 1989, and it is cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration. It is far too large to swallow accidentally. However, there are no statements suggesting that the material it is made of is BPA-free. Plus, it is unclear if the product contains latex, which could pose a rather large problem for someone with a latex allergy.
  1. How Far Forward Does the Lower Jaw Need to Be During the Fitting Process?  Chances are good that your dentist is going to want to handle the fitting process for you. However, if they don't, or if you need to redo it after you try it out, you should know that the lower jaw should extend forward between 2 and 4 millimeters.
  1. Is there a Guarantee?  Unlike many other mandibular advancement devices that give you at least 30 days to decide if you like the product, Snore Guard doesn't. This mouthpiece has no guarantee. So, if it does not work for you, you will not be able to return it.
  1. Who Should Not Use Snore Guard?  Snore Guard should not be worn, if you:
  1. Are There Any Warnings to Consider?  Snore Guard may cause excessive salivation, oral breathing obstruction, TMJ pain or soreness, dental or gingival soreness, and tooth movement.

If you are looking at Snore Guard, make sure to visit our best anti-snoring mouth guards page for more other options as well.

Snore Guard is a one-size device that requires a boil-and-bite process to achieve a custom fit. Since you need a prescription in the United States there is a good chance that your dentist will want to take care of the fitting for you.

Snore Guard Fitting ProcessIf they do not handle it, you will have no problem taking care of it yourself. It is quite easy. Plus, sometimes, a snoring mouth guard needs to be fitted more than once to get it to that "just right" position. Rather than have to make another appointment with your dentist you will be able to fit your device on your own.

All you need to complete the fitting is a small pot, bowl, slotted spoon, and a watch or app with a second hand.

Once you are done, the mouthpiece should fit your mouth like a glove. If it doesn't fit right, you can start the process again.  Learn more about Snore Guard in my full Snore Guard snoring mouthpiece review.

Use a Snore Guard Coupon Code to get the best possible deal when purchasing the Snore Guard.  This mouthpiece is not on our recommended list (see why in my Snore Guard review), but if you still would like to purchase it, you might as well use a Snore Guard promo code to get the best deal!

We will update this page to reflect the latest coupon codes for Snore Guard.  If you come across some additional codes, please message us so that we can share with our readers.

Watch a recommendation for Snore Guard below

Also make sure to check out our other snoring mouthpiece reviews.

Update: It looks like Snore Guard was unable to stay in business. We recommend that you have a look at our full list of the best anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market.

Should save you a great deal of time finding the help you need.

It only takes a really quick glance to realize that Snore Guard looks quite different than most other mandibular advancement devices (MADs) you are probably used to seeing. It appears as though there is a whole lot of extra material on it that does not really need to be there.

Snore Guard Review

However, if you are like me then you are probably wondering if this oversized design serves some sort of beneficial purpose. Maybe it is not as bulky as it looks.

Perhaps that oversized jaw design is paper thin and improves fit and comfort. After all, surely a snoring mouthpiece manufacturer would not just create such an invasive-looking product for no reason, right?



A Closer Look

Although Snore Guard is just beginning to gain more exposure in the United States it is actually one of the more established products on the market. This device was first manufactured all the way back in 1989. However, for a really long time it was only available with a prescription from dentists in Canada. Today, Canadian residents can order online without a prescription. It is also now available in the United States, but you do need to go through a dentist to get it.

Snore Guard is a mandibular advancement device (MAD), which means that it is designed to hold your lower jaw in a slightly advanced position. By doing this, your airway remains free of obstruction while you sleep. As you may know, all the muscles in your body relax when you fall asleep. So, your tongue and throat muscles relax, too, which allows small tissues to fall closer to one another. In many people these tissues actually touch and cause an obstruction. As air is pushed through during normal breathing, these tissues vibrate and result in that loud snoring sound that earns you an elbow to the ribs throughout the night from a partner who would love to sleep if it was a little quieter.

As you can see from the pictures, Snore Guard has a lot of extra material. Like other MADs it has an upper and lower jaw, and it is made of plastic. It should be noted that the plastic is very smooth and nonirritating. Instead of the upper jaw just fitting around the teeth though this device has a fairly wide piece that wraps around the upper jaw between your teeth and inner lips, yet there is not much to the lower jaw. I have to admit, when I first saw it, I thought the design was either really awful or super brilliant. Unfortunately there was nothing brilliant about how it made my mouth feel.

Snore Guard arrives as a one-size fits all device, but like other MADs, you do need to do the boil-and-bite technique to achieve a custom fit. It also has a large airflow port in the front that allows you to breathe through your mouth as easily as when you are awake. The ports force your mouth to remain slightly open for this purpose.

My Experience

I did not do trials on many mouthpieces that require a prescription unless I was really intrigued by what they had to offer. This happens to one of the few that I did do because I really wanted to see if that extender ramp would be as uncomfortable as I was imagining it would be. Let's just say that sometimes, you can judge a book by its cover!

I had my dentist order a Snore Guard for me. We decided that my wife would sit this trial out. Thank goodness we did because there is no chance she would have been able to wear this contraption.

My dentist offered to do the boil-and-bite method with me to fit the device, but I decided to take care of it at home since I have a lot of experience doing it. First, I rinsed it with warm water and a little dishwashing detergent. I was surprised that this is yet another mouthpiece that only says to rinse with warm water in the cleaning instructions. I really do not understand why better cleaning instructions are not being provided with some of these devices. Just thinking about all the bacteria multiplying on these things makes me cringe. So, if you are like me, and not crazy about introducing new germs to your mouth from the day before add a little dishwashing soap to your care routine. Avoid toothpaste unless stated otherwise. Toothpaste can be abrasive and some mouthpieces are discolored by it.

Snore Guard recommends wearing the device for a couple hours per day for a few days in a row. Since I'm used to wearing MADs, I sort of skipped this step. Well, I didn't skip it completely. After I achieved a custom fit, I did leave it in for about a half hour just trying to figure out how anyone would wear this bulky thing every day for any length of time when there are so many others available that are significantly more comfortable. My jaw was already sore because it forces your mouth to stay open a little more than most devices, and I felt like the skin between my nose and lip were being stretched out from the thickness of the device.

That night, I didn't even want my wife to see me wearing it. She warned me not to do this one, but I didn't listen. I knew I would have to deal with that smug, "I told you so!" look for the next seven days.

I waited until the very last minute to put in my Snore Guard. I tried to be very enthusiastic about it, so my wife wouldn't know I was already dreading my decision.

The morning came with mixed feelings. First, the device stayed in all night. Second, my wife said I was quiet all night. So, what's wrong with that? Well, I did not want to eat breakfast and it was not because I wasn't hungry! When I took that mouthpiece out it was as if my mouth was permanently stuck in an open position.

I told my wife I was in the mood for one of those green smoothies she always tries to get me to drink. I usually prefer to chew my breakfast. Well, at least when I don't feel like I slept with a bowling ball in my mouth all night.

The second night, I took it our around midnight when I got up for a drink of water and "forgot" to put it back in when I went back to bed.

You can usually expect a little soreness when you start wearing a mouthpiece. I'm used to that soreness. I know it will usually start to fade by day three. This device caused a little more than just soreness. To be honest, I lasted three nights and had to retire it. When your jaw aches like mine did it is a pretty good sign that the device is not a good option for you.

Final Thoughts

For a prescription-only device it does not make a whole lot of sense for this product to be so generic and outdated. Not only are there more advanced mouthpieces available by prescription; there are also some devices that are far more advanced and comfortable than Snore Guard and available without a prescription.

I really can't find much positive to say about this device. If you live in Canada this could be a convenient and budget-friendly product, considering it is available online and in many stores. Ordering one in the United States is a pain. However, if it was a little more comfortable it might be worth the effort.

I do appreciate that Snore Guard is crafted from smooth material and cleared by the Food and Drug Administration, but the bulky design cancels out any positive qualities it has. It is hard to justify paying premium prices when you can easily order more advanced devices that are effective and comfortable.  Zyppah is a great example of an MAD that is easy to get used to wearing and available without a prescription. You can also step out of your comfort zone and consider a chinstrap like My Snoring Solution. The concept is the same, but the design is very different.

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