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MADS or mandibular advancement devices hold your jaw slightly forward in order to open up your airway and keep you from making any snoring sounds. The SnoreRx and the VitalSleep devices are MADs.

Each of the anti-snoring devices fit inside your mouth. Both are very comfortable to wear.

My wife and I found that we preferred the VitalSleep. The VitalSleep provided a more customized fit, cleaned easier, and cost less than the SnoreRx.

Snoring Mouthpieces Compared

SnoreRx vs. VitalSleep

MAD (fixed jaw)MAD (with side-to-side jaw motion design)
Boil & Bite plus Flex Jaw (ten 1 mm settings to provide a more customized fit)Boil & Bite plus lower jaw adjustments up to 7 mm
Denture tablets plus requires disassembly for complete cleaningToothbrush and toothpaste
One version, over-the-counterTwo sizes: Large for men and small for women
SnoreRX ReviewVitalSleep Review

After the boil and bite fitting, we took our time and fiddled with the adjustments settings on both devices to ensure a snug, comfortable fit for each of us. They both worked well. My experience with both of them should enable you to make an informed choice as to which one would be best for you.


My wife and I found that the unique side-to-side motion allowed by the VitalSleep was one of our favorite features. The jaw adjustments, like with the SnoreRx, enabled us to get a great fit after the initial boil and bite fitting.

Another great feature for us was the cleaning. All you need is a toothbrush and dish soap. There are some cracks and crevices, so you have to take your time to ensure that you get rid of all the bacteria.

My VitalSleep Experience

The box arrived quickly after placing the order. I bought two, a small one for my wife and large for me. We used boil and bite, and then had to tweak the jaw adjustment with the hex tool provided before we were satisfied with the fit.

vitalsleeo mouthpiece side viewMy son reported that after we had fallen asleep he heard no noise coming from our room. I had to get up to let the dog out at one point, and noticed my wife silently sleeping.

The next morning, other than a slightly sore jaw which usually happens when I first test a device, I felt great. My wife reported she felt fine too.

The second night I adjusted the device slightly and my jaw felt fine the next morning.

Like the SnoreRx, we had to spend a little more time than we expected to clean it with the toothbrush. It did not take too long though.

Overall, the stop snoring mouthpiece worked as advertised. Wearing it stopped my wife and me from snoring.


Oddly shaped, the SnoreRx at first appears as if it would be hard to wear. It isn't. The Flex Jaw technology gives it a more advanced look compared to most other MADS.

Cleaning SnoreRX Snoring MouthpieceOnce you complete the fitting process, you will find that it is comfortable an easy to wear. The Flex Jaw, with its tiny increments, provides a simple way to ensure the perfect fit. Unlike exclusive boil and bite fitting MADS, if you do not get the fitting perfect the first time, you have the opportunity to correct any mistake you might have made.

You have to use a two-phase process to clean the SnoreRx. Since it has several movable parts, you will need to first scrub the hard-to-reach areas with a toothbrush and then clean it using a denture cleaning tablet.

My SnoreRx Experience

It was worth the time it took my wife and I to fit the SnoreRx to our mouths. After the first night, I found that I had some soreness in my jaw. However, I adjusted it slightly with the Jaw Flex and the next morning the soreness disappeared.

The device worked well for both of us. I awoke to use the bathroom around 2 am and my wife was sound asleep, and I could barely even hear her breathing. My wife reported the same experience when she went to put the dogs out. Apparently, I was in a deep and soundless sleep.

The first time we cleaned them, it took seemingly forever. We had to get used to scrubbing it and ensuring we got all the little crevices with the brush. The easy part was dropping it along with a denture tablet into a glass of warm water. Eventually, however, we got used to the process.

My Recommendation

The SnoreRx and VitalSleep MADS look different but the fitting, cleaning and results are the essentially the same. Each stopped my wife and me from snoring.

Overall, the price, along with the slightly easier fitting and comfort of the side-to-side jaw movement compared to a fixed jaw position that the SnoreRx device demands, makes me more inclined to recommend the VitalSleep.

If you purchase either mouthguard, make sure to use a SnoreRx coupon or VitalSleep coupon.

Zyppah and SnoreRX are both classified as MADs (mandibular advancement devices), though the Zyppah is really a hybrid device.

In my mind, both MAD devices are good options. However SnoreRX, has the edge over Zyppah due to its calibration functionality, comfort and superior customer service.

Both Mouthpieces compared

SnoreRx vs. Zyppah

MADMAD Hybrid: includes a TRD (tongue retaining device)
Boil and Bite plus Flex Jaw, (six, 1 mm settings to provide a more customized fit)Boil and Bite
Denture tablets or ultra-sonic cleaner for a complete cleaningDenture tablets
One version, over-the-counterFour versions, over-the-counter and prescription
$99.00, plus $6.95 shipping$99.95, plus $9.95 shipping
SnoreRX ReviewZyppah Review

Though I did have a better experience with one of the better anti snoring devices, I think that certain people may prefer one over the other based on their own preferences.  I suggest you read my experience and analysis below before deciding on Zyppah vs SnoreRX.

Zyppah Rx

Zyppah Rx reviewZyppah forces the lower jaw into a forward position to reduce the risk of obstructing the airway. It is considered a hybrid, however, as it also has a TRD, though without the suction bulb on the end that most TRDs have. This stabilizes your tongue to help keep your airway open.

The unit is made exclusively in the United States and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

My Zyppah Experience

I purchased my Zyppahs for my wife and me through the mail. It arrived quickly. There was no assembly required, though you have to pay careful attention to the fitting directions, as they require following each step precisely.

My wife and I got a good night sleep the first night wearing the Zyppah. I awoke refreshed. My wife reported that she heard no snoring coming from me and I heard none from here. We both had slightly sore mouths but after a few days of wear, the soreness disappeared.

Cleaning was easy, as it only required a cup, warm water, and a denture cleaning tablet. The sleek design did not require any additional scrubbing or removal of parts. After the two week trial, we both continued wearing our Zyppahs, as we were very satisfied with the results.


SnoreRx MouthpieceThe SnoreRX looks a lot different from other MADs. This is because SnoreRX incorporates more sophisticated technology than other MADs.

One of the key features is the ability to fit SnoreRX to your mouth. It uses boil and bite, but also has a calibrator with six different, 1 mm apart, settings. You can use the calibrator even with the boil and bit fitting feature to further customize your fit.

My SnoreRX Experience

The fitting options were a bit overwhelming. My wife and I used the boil and bite fitting method, but then spent some time trying to get the perfect fit by using the calibrator function too.

My mouth was a bit sore after the first night's wear but my wife reported she felt fine. Each of us had a good nights' rest.

The biggest issue I had with the SnoreRX was the cleaning process, which took longer than expected. All the nooks and crannies required more attention than just dropping it in a glass of warm water and adding a cleaning tablet.

The second night I adjusted my SnoreRX slightly using the calibrators. This made a big difference as the next day my mouth was not sore at all. My wife and I both agree that the SnoreRX, despite its rather bulky appearance, is very comfortable to wear.

Note: Ordering two provides a substantial discount. The $99 price drops to $77 each, plus the $10 shipping.

My Recommendation

Both devices are comfortable to wear and function as designed. However, SnoreRx comes out ahead for several reasons.

The newest version of the SnoreRx device is super comfortable for me and definitely puts a stop to my snoring because of the precise calibration ability. Zyppah and SnoreRx both require cleaning and I suggest denture tablets and/or see my review on the iSonic Cleaner.

If you are only buying one for yourself, the Zyppah's price (use a coupon), and free shipping, makes it a better bargain. Update: Zyppah has increased their price to 99.95. Purchasing 2 from SnoreRx is the better deal.

Interested in a different selection? Here's a list of our top-rated mouthpieces, along with ratings and an understanding of how we created our scoring system.

My experience with the SnoreRX and the SnoreMender is similar to that of a majority of consumers: both MAD devices do a good job in stopping a person from snoring.

There are few differences between the two models that are important to note when considering which one to purchase.

Snoring Mouthpieces Compared

Understanding several important details about both devices will help you make an informed decision to determine the device that best suits your needs.


SnoreMender PS ReviewUsing MAD technology, the SnoreMender moves your lower jaw forward and allows for a comfortable fit as a result of the soft, flexible construction.

The hinged design allows you to easily open and close your mouth. In addition, the air holes in the mouthpiece means you can breathe through your mouth all night long.

My SnoreMender Experience

After ordering the SnoreMender, it quickly arrived in four days.

When I first put the SnoreMender into my mouth, I was surprised how little soreness I felt. I realized that this model features Pressure Shift (PS) technology, which redistributes the entire burden to the strong middle teeth.

My wife reported that she could not hear any snoring sounds coming from me. My jaw was a little sore but after the third night, the feeling was gone.

After the two-week trial, we both were very happy with the SnoreMender. The construction even makes it possible for you to talk normally while wearing it. People with a deviated septum or who have illnesses will prefer the SnoreMender as it allows you breathe through your mouth and keep your air passage clear.

Cleaning was a very quick process. The soft, one-piece construction took almost no effort at all to scrub with a toothbrush and a little dish soap.  See how Snoremender compares to other mouthpieces.

SnoreRx Mouthpiece

The SnoreRX looks, due to its advanced technology and manufacturing, visually has a different look that other MADs.

The ability of the user to obtain a custom fit makes the SnoreRX very attractive to many. You use the boil and bite to obtain a reasonably good fit, and then the special calibrator set at very precise intervals allows you to further adjust until it fits your mouth perfectly.

SnoreRx Mouthpiece

Get the Best Deal On SnoreRX

My SnoreRx Experience

If you have a family member or spouse that might need an anti-snore device, you probably want to order two. Instead of paying $99 plus shipping, the price drops over $20 to $77 when ordering more than one at a time.

You need to have some patience with the fitting process. The boil and bite process is fairly easy, but trying to find that perfect fit with the calibrating function can take time.

My wife and I slept very soundly the first night using the device. I had some soreness in my mouth in the morning, but my wife must have done a better job fitting hers correctly the first time as she said she felt fine.

However, after making another adjustment, the next night's use resulted in no pain at all when I woke up.

Cleaning took quite a while. The cracks and crevices due to the modernistic design made the scrubbing process a bit lengthy in comparison to other devices.

Overall, my wife and I found the SnoreRx experience to be a good one. Wearing it was comfortable and it did its job and kept us both from snoring.

My Recommendation

Both devices function as designed. However, the SnoreRx comes out ahead for several reasons. The SnoreRx’s hybrid and sleek design means it is less bulky and more unobtrusive to wear. In addition, you will not have to worry about soreness as much due to the ability to make fine adjustments.

If you are looking for an easier cleaning process, then you may want to choose the SnoreMender over the SnoreRx.  Check out the SnoreRx coupon and SnoreMender coupon if you plan to purchase.

Update: SnoreRx has provided a link that automatically places my coupon code in your cart. It should take off as much as 15% which you will see after completing the 1st page of the checkout. Exclusive SnoreRx Coupon, courtesy of SnoringHQ.

SnoreRx Coupon

Our promo codes are available to make sure you get a great deal on an anti-snoring mouthpiece.  Check this page when making your purchase to make sure you get the best SnoreRx discount available.

SnoreRx will change their offer frequently, but commonly offer a percentage discount (10%-30% off) or provide a buy one get one free deal. SnoreRX is already reasonably priced for such a customizable mouthpiece, but our discount makes it an even better deal for you.

Even when using the discount you are eligible for the great return policy of SnoreRx, where you will have the option to return it for a full refund for a period of time.

SnoreRx is a quality product with reasonable terms and my full review will tell you that it has become my number one choice. It may be the mouthpiece that suits your preferences, too.

The SnoreDoc and SnoreRX are both classified as MADs (mandibular advancement devices).

My experience with each of them is similar to that of a majority of consumers. Both MAD devices do an excellent job of preventing snoring.

The SnoreRX the slight edge over the SnoreDoc due to its more slender design and adjustability, which ensures a comfortable fit. The SnoreDoc has a bulky mouthpiece that in my experience caused lasting soreness.

Snoring Mouthpieces Compared


SnoreDoc Review

The over-the-counter SnoreDoc operates like all MAD devices. The SnoreDoc forces the lower jaw into an advanced position to reduce the risk of obstructing the airway.

SnoreDoc is made out of thermoplastic to achieve that boil and bite fitting method and to allow your mouth to move as freely as possible.

My SnoreDoc Experience

I purchased my SnoreDoc for me and my wife through an online site. It arrived quite fast. There was no assembly required, however, you should make sure to follow the boil and bite fitting directions, as it will be extremely difficult to readjust at a later time.

My wife and I got a good night sleep the first night while using the SnoreDoc. I awoke refreshed from the amount of sleep I got. Our son reported that he heard no snoring coming from our room.

We both had very sore mouths, though, which did not diminish very much over the course of the next few days.

Cleaning was relatively easy, as it only required a cup, warm water, and some dish soap. The sleek design required some extra scrubbing of the hidden cracks and crevices.

After the two-week trial, we both discontinued using the SnoreDoc due to the unrelenting soreness.


The SnoreRX looks a lot different from other MADs. The overall look gives you the impression, which is accurate, that the SnoreRX incorporates more advanced technology than other MADs do.

One of the crucial features is the ability to fit precisely the SnoreRX to your mouth. It uses boil and bite, but also has a calibrator with ten different, 1 mm apart, settings. You can use the calibrator even with the boil and bit to further customize the fit.

Cleaning SnoreRX Snoring Mouthpiece

Buy SnoreRX

My SnoreRX Experience

Ordering two, which I did as my wife needed one also, provides a big discount. The $99 price drops to $77 each, plus a $10 shipping fee.

The fitting options were a bit too complicated. My wife and I used the boil and bite fitting method, but then spent a fair amount of time trying to get the perfect fit by adjusting the calibrator function too.

My mouth was a bit sore after the first night's wear but my wife reported she felt fine. Both of us had a good nights' rest.

The biggest issue I had with the SnoreRX was the cleaning process. The process took much longer than expected. All the cracks and crevices needed more attention than just putting it in a glass of warm water and adding a cleaning tablet.

The second night I adjusted my SnoreRX a little bit using the calibrators. This adjustment made a big difference as the next day my mouth was not sore at all.

My wife and I both agree that the SnoreRX, despite its rather bulky appearance, is very comfortable to wear and also works.

My Recommendation

Both devices function as designed. However, the SnoreRX comes out ahead for several reasons. The SnoreRX’s hybrid and sleek design means it is less bulky and more unobtrusive to wear. In addition, you will not have to worry about having a sore mouth every morning.

If you are only buying one for yourself, the SnoreDoc price and free shipping make it a better bargain. Many users are put off by the SnoreDoc’s complex cleaning steps and end up purchasing a SnoreRX, however.

If you purchase either mouthpiece, check out my SnoreRX coupon and SnoreDoc coupon pages.

The SnoreRX and Snore MD Pro are mandibular advancement devices or MADs. These type of anti-snoring devices keep your jaw thrust forward so that your airway remains open and you don't snore.

You wear these versions of a MAD inside your mouth. Both SnoreRX and SnoreMD Pro have Flex Jaw to help customize the fit.


Snoring Mouthpieces Compared

You must use the boil and bit fitting method first. Once that is done, you can adjust the fit with the Flex Jaw.

SnoreMD Pro

The manufacturers of the SnoreMD Pro made the device out of copolymers and components that make it very comfortable to wear. The various ways you can adjust it, using the Flex Jaw and Micro-fit, makes it fit any size mouth.

The cleaning takes time, as there are more than the usual numbers of tiny cracks and holes that must be cleaned properly to avoid bacterial infections.

SnoreMD Pro Review

My SnoreMD Pro Experience

The price caused me a bit of angst. I had to buy two, one for my wife, but fortunately, the sale price, still in effect, kept the cost under $200 total.

After the boil and bite fitting, my wife and I adjusted the fit to our mouths with the Flex Jaw. It was relatively easy as all you had to do is squeeze the bottom. However, you have to be careful, as it is easy for it to move more than one increment. It was not as easy as we expected.

The device supposedly allows you to drink and talk while wearing it. We both found that we had difficulty doing so. I spilled water all over myself the first time I tried to drink while wearing it.

I awoke the first night when my wife elbowed me in the side. I was snoring loudly. It took me three nights, but I was finally able to find the right fit to stop me from snoring.

Until I got the fit right, I had a sore mouth when I awoke. However, when I finally got the device to fit properly, the soreness disappeared.

My wife, though, did not make a sound. She did not need to readjust her SnoreMD and experienced no mouth soreness either.

Cleaning with the brush took more time than I liked but we eventually got used to that too.  Overall the mouthpiece was fine, but it's not one of my top stop snoring devices.


The SnoreRX looks a bit strange but it feels very comfortable in your mouth. The Flex Jaw settings give you the opportunity to adjust it in 1 mm increments until you find the perfect fit.

Cleaning requires disassembly and scrubbing well with a toothbrush. There are lots of crevices and crannies, so you must ensure that you reach all of them to prevent the bacterium from accumulating.

After you scrub it, you drop it into a glass of water, add a denture cleaning tablet and it will be fresh and hygienic for that evening.


Get the Best Deal On SnoreRX

My SnoreRX Experience

My wife and I were meticulous about the fitting process, so it took more time that we expected. We carefully adjusted the Flex Jaw. However, despite our efforts, I awoke after the first morning with a slightly sore jaw. My wife, however, felt fine. Once I made a slight adjustment, the following night the soreness disappeared.

The results pleased both of us. My son claimed he did not hear anything coming from our bedroom. I woke up to let the dogs out and noticed that my wife was quietly asleep. She reported the same thing about me when she got up to use the bathroom.

The cleaning was the most onerous part of using the SnoreRX. We had to brush it well and it seemed to take forever. We quickly got used to it and after a couple mornings the cleaning became routine.

My Recommendation

The SnoreRX overall was easier to fit and slightly easier to clean. To be fair, once I was able to fit the SnoreMD Pro properly, it too worked as advertised and kept my wife and me from snoring.

If you purchase either mouthguard, make sure to use a SnoreRX coupon or SnoreMD Pro Coupon.

SnoreRX and PureSleep belong to the mandibular advancement device (MAD) group. The design forces your jaw forward, which opens up your airway to allow you to breathe while asleep without snoring.

You wear both the SnoreRX and PureSleep inside your mouth.


The PureSleep comes in two parts: an upper piece and a lower piece. You use boil and bite and, since there is no after-fitting adjustment mechanism, you must be careful to ensure a proper fit the first time.

Like the SnoreRX, there are lots of crevices and nooks to clean.

PureSleep Reviews

My PureSleep Experience

The ordering process took longer than expected. The company requires a 21-question form answered before they will ship the product. That was okay with me as at least it shows they have an interest in ensuring the user has no medical conditions that result in problems while wearing it.

It took two weeks though after submitting the form and my money, which was a bit annoying.

We took care during the fitting process to get it right since there are no adjustable features on this device.

My wife's mouth was a bit sore the first four nights, but after that, her mouth must have gotten used to the device and she felt fine.

My son reported no snoring sounds coming from our room when we used the device.

The cleaning process required much more effort than many other anti snoring devices. Though we eventually got used to it, we still needed to allot a bit more time than usual for cleaning each morning.


Despite the odd look due to its technology, specifically the Flex Jaw, the SnoreRX fits comfortably inside your mouth. The Flex Jaw lets you adjust it in very small 1 mm increments to obtain the best fit possible.

One result of the technology is a lot of crevices and crannies, requiring a thorough scrubbing each morning to ensure it gets clean.

Cleaning SnoreRX Snoring Mouthpiece

Get the Best Deal On SnoreRX

My SnoreRX Experience

My wife and I took our time during the fitting process as a good fit makes a real difference in our previous experiences with MADs. Though I carefully adjusted mine with the Flex Jaw, I awoke with a slightly sore jaw the next morning. A slight mm adjustment fixed the problem on succeeding mornings I felt fine.

The SnoreRX kept us from snoring. My son had no complaints of being kept awake from snoring coming from our bedroom. My wife and I both awoke refreshed each morning and neither of us was awoken in the middle of the night by the other making noise.

The cleaning took quite a bit of time and getting used to as you have to carefully brush it everywhere to ensure no bacteria grows. After the first few mornings, we became more adept at it and it only took a few minutes.

My Recommendation

My wife and I had a better overall experience with the SnoreRX. The cleaning and fitting process, including the ability to adjust it after the boil and bite, made the experience more enjoyable. Both devices, however, stopped our snoring so both work!

If you purchase either mouthguard, make sure to use a SnoreRX coupon or PureSleep Coupon.

Recently we evaluated the SnoreRx device which is an over-the-counter oral appliance for the treatment of snoring.

the snorerx mouthpiece

Snoring is the sound caused by a narrowed nasal and/or oral airway during sleep.  Potential airway narrowing may occur in the nose and includes a deviated septum, enlarged soft tissue (turbinates), polyps, and/or sinus congestion.

Narrowing in the oral airway may come from one or both places and include: 1) the back of the throat including a narrowed pharynx, an elongated soft palate, enlarged tonsils, and enlarged uvula and/or 2) the tongue falling into the airway from a small lower jaw, a bad bite, an enlarged tongue, or a crowded and smallmouth.

As the air has to pass through a smaller, more narrow space, it rushes at a faster rate and vibrates the tissues, resulting in the familiar and often annoying snoring sound.

SnoreRx works best for snoring caused by tongue blockages by moving the lower jaw slightly forward to maintain an open airway during sleep. In my opinion, the SnoreRx closely resembles a custom-made oral appliance due to several features:


The process to fit the SnoreRx was easy to follow with the clear and concise directions. To mold the appliance to the teeth, there is a handle included to avoid burns when placing the device in the boiling water.

When placing the device in the mouth, the patient should bite down as hard as possible and suction the air and water to mold the material to the teeth. If needed, this step may be repeated in case of poor retention or not seating the tray all the way.

The handle is easily removed and the device may then be calibrated to move the lower jaw forward. It is best to start with a small and comfortable increase of 1mm to avoid jaw pain. After 3-5 nights at each setting, the device can be adjusted as often as needed, up to 6mm of movement until the snoring is reduced.

The SnoreRx website has good education, explanations, and support. The patients I utilized for this device reported ease of preparing the appliance for use, comfort while wearing, and decreased snoring. Potential side effects include tooth or gum soreness, excessive salivation or dry mouth, tooth movement or changes in bite, and temporomandibular (jaw joint) issues. If you experience jaw pain, headaches, facial pain, jaw noises, or jaw locking, use of the device should be discontinued. If the symptoms do not resolve, we recommend you see a dentist trained in TMJ Dysfunction.

When comparing this device to a custom-made oral appliance, the overall size is bulkier due to the outer shell being approximately 2mm thick then containing the inner moldable copolymer. This may lead to the lips remaining open during sleep and mouth breathing or dry mouth.

The dental literature suggests that the soft mouthguard material, such as the inner lining of the SnoreRx, may induce tooth clenching. If you find that you are waking with clenched teeth, facial pain, or headaches along the temples, you should discontinue use and seek an examination by your dentist if the symptoms persist.

SnoreRx (Dr. Balatgek)

Comfort 4.8
Durability 4.0
Easy to Clean 4.5
Effectiveness 4.5
Overall 4.5

Overall, the SnoreRx is an ideal appliance to use for snoring, as a stepping stone prior to trying a more long-term custom-made oral device, or as a temporary device while awaiting a more definitive treatment method.

To raise awareness of potentially serious health implications, readers should be aware that snoring is a sign of sleep apnea, which is a complete cessation of breathing for ten seconds or more. Sleep apnea is often undiagnosed and untreated. It is a serious health condition associated with:

If you or your loved one wakes gasping or has been told of stopped breathing during sleep, or has been diagnosed with sleep apnea via an overnight sleep study, treatment should be sought by a sleep physician or a dentist trained in sleep-disordered breathing rather than using an over-the-counter snoring device.

Treatment methods include a CPAP (Continuous positive air pressure) machine, surgery, weight loss, oropharyngeal exercises, and custom-made oral appliances.

SnoreRx (Dr. Balatgek)

Comfort 4.8
Durability 4.0
Easy to Clean 4.5
Effectiveness 4.5
Overall 4.5

SnoreRx is fabulous BUT don't forget that we've also done a list of the best mouthpieces to stop snoring.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when first trying the SnoreRx. My experience with CPAP machines is they can be tedious to put on and hard to sleep in. I was pleasantly surprised upon receiving a small, easy device to handle and use. This portability of SnoreRx is convenient as compared to a nightly CPAP hookup.


The SnoreRx comes in a small box and is a mouth guard that is custom fit to an impression of your teeth. The website contains all the instructions and support. There is a lot of information on the back of SnoreRx box as well.

The first section is a descriptive summary of the product. It includes the indications for use, which is straightforward. Underneath is the contraindications and warnings and details about the manufacturer.

The box was easy to open. It’s important to read the instructions fully before proceeding because it's tempting to try and use it without doing the boil-and-bite. The instructions are a critical part of using the device.

SnoreRx MouthpieceUpon starting the SnoreRx custom impression, I found the steps clearly labeled and easy to follow and impressed by how malleable the material was in being able to adjust so easily to the water, and my tooth imprints. There is a video available that shows the step by step impression steps.

My personal experience in sleeping with SnoreRx took some getting used to. I am very petite and so adjusting it to my mouth was somewhat difficult.

In trying it on and getting used to it, I did experience some dryness at first, but that eventually subsided. Even though it can be adjusted, it would be ideal if SnoreRx could provide two different sizes depending on the size of the mouth of the person ordering it.

I wasn’t able to sleep through the night with it, although with practice I would be able to. In doing some research I found this to be a common issue – however, most users can continue wearing the device and eventually get through the night without removing the device.

Here is the key point I want to make with the SnoreRx. If you snore and do not like CPAP, this device is for you. The SnoreRx is useful for someone who is having trouble sleeping due to snoring and doesn’t want to use a CPAP machine.

The company is clear that you must seek professional medical advice first before incorporating this device into your lifestyle. They do not guarantee a cure for your snoring or sleep apnea – but do offer you a full refund if you do not succeed.

I very much enjoyed getting the chance to review the SnoreRx, as it’s size, ease of use, and easy storage can benefit many people, especially those who travel or are constantly on the go. I would recommend this product to my clients that suffer from snoring and want an alternative solution to CPAP.

SnoreRx (Dr. Serena Goldstein, ND)

Comfort 4.8
Durability 4.0
Easy to Clean 4.5
Effectiveness 4.5
Overall 4.5

Also, we've published a list of our favorite anti-snoring mouthpieces to make sure you have a number of reliable options.

I'v been a contributor to the reviews of best anti-snoring mouthpieces here at SHQ for a good while. My goal is always to have as many patients and/or friends test the devices as possible.

I was excited to try out the SnoreRx. I’ve had several patients over the years come in with it and now I was to have my own test group from start to finish.

Since I was lucky enough to get a few appliances, I asked some other women in the office if they knew someone who could benefit.

sleep apnea is caused by your tongue blocking breathing airflowThe first of my testers is my friend’s housemate. The instructions are well written and easy to follow, and I strongly recommend you read them from start to finish.

When they read the instructions, they decided not to try out the SnoreRx. One of the contraindications is loose teeth or dental implants.

When you wear any oral appliance and clench you can create a suction. If that suction is strong enough, you can pull out loose or broken teeth. That risk is one of the reasons that I would strongly recommend that people check in with their dentist before starting with any oral appliance.

Another reason is that the dentist can establish a baseline to watch for tooth movement or bite changes.

The next tester is my friend’s boyfriend. He snores enough to disturb her sleep nightly. She was very excited to get him in the Snore Rx.

They had no problems fitting the device. It was easy to fit. First you place it in hot water. It has a removable handle that makes sure that you don’t get too near the boiling water. Then you fit it to your mouth.

Clenching for the full minute to get a proper fit can get uncomfortable, and the device must be removed with care to maintain the impression. But once you get it fit you don’t have to do it again. I really like that the inner liner is a soft thermoplastic. That little bit of give to the soft liner makes the device a lot more comfortable.

My favorite tester is my husband. He has both a nasal and oral snore (and I’m a light sleeper!). He has to wear both an oral appliance and nasal strips or cones in order for me to be happy.

That said, he’s the only one that didn’t like the Snore Rx. He found that it made his front teeth uncomfortable, and he was concerned that it might be pushing and moving his teeth (which is a warning in the instructions). After a few days and he decided to stop wearing it.

The front teeth are an area that is sensitive for a lot of people who use an oral appliance. This is the reason that people transition from a semi custom MAD to a fully custom oral appliance.

My final tester is my friend’s stepdad. Apparently his snoring was bad enough to hear from across the house and through multiple closed doors. They also had no problems with the fitting and it worked great.

Unfortunately I found out after he started that he had a CPAP machine that he wasn’t using. While there are oral appliances that can take care of sleep apnea, they have to be tested with a sleep study to make sure that they’re working effectively. The SnoreRx isn’t FDA cleared to treat sleep apnea.

The SnoreRx is FDA approved for snoring and, for that, it does deliver. Every one of the people I had test this device got remarkably quiet.

I love the adjustability of the SnoreRx. I found it easy to squeeze the upper unit and advance the lower jaw in 1 mm increments. One must be careful to adjust both sides evenly, so that you feel even tension in both cheek muscles. Uneven advancement can cause your your body to try to straighten itself out by fighting the appliance. This can lead to one-sided jaw pain.

One of the keys to jaw advancement is to take it slow and the SnoreRx allows you to do just that. You might not have to go that far forward to make the snore go away.

One of the drawbacks to the design is the mouth opening is a little small for dedicated mouth breathers. On the flip side, that limited opening won’t let your mouth dry out. It helps keep your jaw forward when you are on your back.

SnoreRx (Dr. Kate Christian)

Comfort 4.8
Durability 4.0
Easy to Clean 4.5
Effectiveness 4.5
Overall 4.5

All in all, I really liked the SnoreRx. I think that it’s a great option for people to use before checking in with their physician to make sure that they don’t have sleep apnea. The SnoreRx definitely does what it sets out to do. It would make a good temporary or quick fix snore guard.

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