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My Snoring Solution Review

In my quest to find a device that would put a stop to my snoring, I stumbled across the My Snoring Solution chinstrap. I only planned on trying mouthpieces, such as SnoreRx, but I found this product to be so unique that I couldn't resist.

Review of My Snoring solutionIt had a 90-day money back guarantee, so I figured I really had nothing to lose, and it turned out to be a decent experience.

Pros and Cons

Sometimes, it is easier to just see a list of pros and cons to decide if you want to try a stop snoring device.


  • Nothing takes up space in your mouth
  • Good material and (seemingly) well made
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Strap is machine-washable
  • Backed by a 90-day money back guarantee
  • Order includes two chin straps
  • Three sizes to choose from


  • More expensive than some other solutions
  • Can't breathe through mouth while wearing it
  • Company contact information is not available, except for a P.O. box for returns
  • Not accredited by the Better Business Bureau
  • Has not been cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration
  • Returns subject to 25 percent environmental waste disposal fee

What is My Snoring Solution?

My Snoring Solution is an anti-snoring chinstrap, also known as a jaw supporter. It is designed to hold the jaw in an upward position to eliminate the vibration of soft tissues. Now, until this point it was my understanding that the lower jaw needed to be held slightly forward to eliminate snoring.

This is one of the reasons I was so intrigued with this product. I had not heard anyone mention holding the chin upward instead of forward.

How Anti-Snoring Chinstrap Works

How an Anti-Snoring Chinstrap is designed to work

How Does it Work?

To appreciate how My Snoring Solution works, it is important to understand why you are snoring in the first place.

Without using a jaw supporter, soft tissues are able to cause a partial blockage of the airway. As you fall asleep, your muscles all relax. This includes your tongue.

So, as the tongue relaxes, the soft palate and uvula collapse towards the throat. Since muscles in the throat have also relaxed, soft tissues are naturally looser and closer to the soft palate and uvula.

In some people these tissues actually touch. As air pushes through during normal breathing these tissues vibrate, which results in the snoring sound that you are so familiar with.

When you wear an anti-snoring chinstrap the jaw is held upward. This increases airway space, which decreases air velocity and reduces or prevents soft tissue vibration. Breathing is improved with a clear airway, thereby also improving sleep quality, so you wake up feeling more rested. Improved sleep also reduces your risk for serious medical conditions.

My Experience


When I ordered My Snoring Solution, I was excited to see the company was offering a buy one get one free promotion. So, for a second, I thought I would be able to just give the free one to my wife.

However, while ordering, I found that the chinstrap comes in three sizes, and they are based on weight. Small fits up to 120 pounds, medium is from 121 to 240 pounds, and large is over 241 pounds. Since there is a significant weight difference between the two of us, I had to order two different sizes (disappointing they don't let you mix up the sizes).

When they arrived, both my wife and I tried them on right away, even though it was nowhere near bedtime.  We looked a little ridiculous wearing them, and we swore to not take a secret photo of the other while sleeping.

To our surprise, the chinstraps were comfortable. I thought they would make my head feel constricted, but it wasn't as tight as I thought it would be. The material felt soft, and it seemed to be well-crafted. I liked that I didn't have anything taking up space in my mouth.

My wife was concerned the strap would leave a permanent dent in her hair that she would have to fight with in the morning. Of course, this is not a thought that would have ever crossed my mind!

After the first night, I did feel well rested. Our teenage son said he didn't hear either of us snore, and he was up a lot later than us studying for a final. My wife said she did have to fuss with her hair to get the crease out. I was surprised that my jaw felt a little sore.

Now, I always expect jaw soreness when trying a new mouthpiece, but for some reason, I guess I just was not expecting it with a chinstrap. I will say by about the fourth day the soreness was not really noticeable anymore.

We continued our trial on this for seven days. my wife said she felt well-rested, but was not fond of how it made her feel appearance-wise. She said if she was single, she would probably love it, but it just didn't make her feel confident.  We both concluded that it was effective in stopping our snoring.

My Snoring Solution

Comfort 4.3
Durability 4.0
Easy to Clean 4.0
Effectiveness 4.2
Overall 4.1

More Expensive Than Expected

My Snoring Solution does cost a little more than I expected at $119.97. However, considering you get two for the price of one, it averages out to about $60 a piece, which is a little more reasonable.

So, it may be cost-effective to ask around and see if someone else in your weight category wants to try it, so you can split the cost - though that's not really a conversation I would look forward to.  As mentioned, My Snoring Solution is backed by a 90-day money back guarantee, though I believe you will pay shipping both ways if you return it.

Who is My Snoring Solution Recommended For?

Folks who can't get used to/dislike the sensation of a mouthpiece are generally drawn to a chinstrap. You may also consider it if you can't wear most mandibular advancement devices because of crowns, bridgework, loose teeth, or dentures. Since the strap goes all the way around your head to hold it in place, it is also suitable for an active sleeper who moves around a lot.

Who is Not a Good Candidate?

My Snoring Solution holds your mouth closed. So, if you are a mouth breather due to nasal polyps, deviated septum, sinuses, or nose injury then this chinstrap would not be a good fit for you.

If you have severe allergies that flare up at various times throughout the year, you may want to have a mouthpiece with airflow ports, such as ZQuiet, as a backup plan.

Other Recommendations

Of the dozens of stop snoring products I've tried, My Snoring Solution is one of my favorites, and definitely my favorite chinstrap, which speaks volumes for its effectiveness. If this chinstrap does not work for you, or if it is just not quite what you're looking for, I recommend Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) and ZQuiet.

My Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that I only planned on trying mouthpieces, I'm glad I reviewed My Snoring Solution because it ended up being my third favorite product overall. In my case, I found this chinstrap to be effective, comfortable, and easy to take care of, so I recommend this product as a snoring solution.

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