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Snoring can have an adverse impact on your sleep quality, as well as anyone sharing your room. Fortunately, you can take action by investing in the right anti-snoring solution.

calily snoring nose vents package

One type of product is a nasal dilator or vent. These simple devices are inserted into the nostrils before sleep. By opening up the airways, they enable proper breathing. This, in turn, reduces snoring and promotes higher-quality sleep. One of the options available is Calily Health Anti-Snoring Nose Vents.

About Calily Health

Calily Health is the manufacturer of a range of health, beauty, and lifestyle products. The company has grown quickly since its inception in 2013. The product line includes anti-snoring nose vents, which come in a pack of four. The company specializes in natural products designed to improve health and well-being.

A division of Calily Life, Calily Health sells many of its products online through sites such as Amazon and eBay. You can also purchase products through the company’s Calily Life website.

Using nose vents to reduce snoring

There are many different solutions available to reduce snoring. Anti-snoring nose vents and dilators are a popular choice. This is because they offer simplicity and convenience. They can be inserted with speed and ease.

These devices are designed to open the airways so you can breathe properly while asleep. As a result, snoring is reduced so you and your partner can get a better night’s sleep.

There are a number of manufacturers that offer nose vents and dilators, which means you can benefit from plenty of choice. SnoreCare and MUTE are amongst the other brands you can purchase.

Calily Health’s anti-snoring nose vents

The Calily Health Anti-Snoring Nose Vents, also sold as Gideon anti-snoring nose vents, are advertised as an effective solution to stop snoring. The pack contains four nose vents, which many consider excellent value for money. However, it is important to remember they come in two different sizes so you won’t be able to use them all.

These nose vents are made in China, and this was a cause of concern because there is no verification regarding the safety of the materials used. There is also no information regarding how long the vents should last. The nose vents cost $15.00 per pack, and a travel case is included. They are free from BPA (bisphenol) and are made from medical-grade silicon.

Calily Health Snore Device Video Review

My experience with Calily anti-snoring vents

Before testing out these nose vents, I noticed they had pretty good reviews on Amazon. The product has an overall rating of 4 stars, with many reviewers stating they were comfortable, effective, and represented great value for money.

When my nose vents arrived, I opened the packaging and was pleased to receive a handy travel case along with the vents. The vents were quite hard and I quickly realized the stiffness would cause some discomfort. They also felt cheap and as if they would break apart easily.

My first night

calily health snore vents

On the first night, I inserted the nose vents and found they were very easy to put in. However, as expected the stiffness of the product did make wearing the vents uncomfortable. I chose the largest vent on the first night and found this was a little too tight due to its size.

Unfortunately, the vent came out at some point during the night. I’m not sure whether it fell out or whether I removed it in my sleep due to discomfort. When I checked my snoring app in the morning there was no difference in my snoring rate. However, this was most likely due to the fact the vent came out while I was sleeping.

My experience with these vents on the first night made me think I was better off using the MUTE nasal dilator. This is fully adjustable to suit different needs, which I think makes it better value for money as well as ensuring a better fit.

My second night

I tried the Calily Health Anti-Snoring Nose Vents again the following night. However, this time I tried a different size and this was far more comfortable. It was very easy to insert and I enjoyed a good night’s sleep while wearing it.

I checked my snoring results on the app when I woke up in the morning. The results were far better this time around, as the smaller vent had remained in place all night. The app showed I only snored for 18 percent of the time, and my snore-score was 20. Compared to an average night without the vents, this reflects a 40 percent reduction in snoring.

Pros and cons of the product

Based on my experience over two nights, I found a number of pros and cons with these nose vents.




After trying two different vent sizes over two nights, I did manage to achieve good results from this product. You do need to make sure you choose the right size to benefit. I also think it needs to be used alongside another anti-snoring product such as a pillow or mouthpiece.

On the downside, I don’t believe the product is good value because you are limited in terms of the vents you can use. It also needs to be replaced every two weeks or so. The product did not come with any information on cleaning and maintenance.

In conclusion, I think that the MUTE nasal dilator is the better option because of its adjustability and comfort levels. With this dilator, I can get good results and I’m not paying for vents I won’t be able to use. An alternative to nasal dilators is the Theravent device which encourage mouth breathing instead of snoring through the nose. For mouth breathers that snore there are many options. Both the SnoreRx and ZQuiet mouth guards have good track records.

Invented by Swedish ENT specialist, Dr. Bjorn Pertruson in 1990, the Nozovent nasal dilator is an anti-snoring device. Simply designed and easy to use, the Nozovent does not require any special fitting, adhesives (like nasal strips), or a snoring mouth guard.

Clinical trials have demonstrated the Nozovent widens nasal passages and increases airflow up to 50 percent, reducing or eliminating snoring. It has also been shown to reduce mouth breathing.

Scandinavian Formulas

noZovent snore device box

Scandinavian Formulas, Inc. is a 25-year-old company headquartered near Philadelphia, PA. It was founded to supply high-quality products to the nutritional, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and pet care industries. The company is divided into three divisions: Chemicals & Ingredients, Consumer Products, and Bulk Softgels, Tablets, and Capsules.

The Chemicals & Ingredients Division offers amino acids, botanicals, extracts, herbal products, hydrocarbons, lubricants, marine oils, minerals, nutritional ingredients, and oils to various industries.

The Consumer Products Division was created to manufacture and sell a line of nutraceutical products which are distributed via high-end pharmacies and health food companies. Products include Shark Liver Oil, STIRX (for eye health), LaBeaute (for skin health), Good Breath, SalivaSure (for relief of dry mouth), and Nozovent (to help snoring).

The Bulk Softgels, Tablets, and Capsules division was created to offer these products to contract packagers and suppliers in the nutritional supplement industry.

About Nozovent

noZovent nasal dilators

The Nozovent nasal dilator resembles a dumbbell. It is made of a flexible plastic strip the user curves into a “U” shape and fit into each of your nostrils. The wings on either end of the strip press on the inner wall of each nostril, exerting pressure to increase the size of the nasal passages. The specially designed “nodules” at either end of the plastic strip ensure the device does not come into contact with the mucous membrane or cause a nosebleed. The device works on the same principle as isometrics.

It only takes a few seconds to properly insert the Nozovent into your nose. Once you have inserted the device, you only need to get used to wearing it. One issue that some users experience is discomfort if you are a side or stomach sleeper. They also had some issues with keeping the device in place.

After use, the Nozovent is easy to clean with soap and water. It can also be sterilized in boiling water. Available in two sizes, it is important to choose the correct size. While most users find the medium size to fit comfortably, users with particularly well-developed noses may prefer the larger option. The device is not adjustable, but the wings of the device can be trimmed with an ordinary pair of scissors for a more comfortable fit along the sides of the nostrils. It is recommended the device be replaced every three months or so.

NoZovent Snoring Aid Video

How does Nozovent prevent snoring?

Worn in the nostrils, Nozovent physically widens the airways by placing gentle pressure on the nostrils. By increasing nostril size both vertically and horizontally, airflow is increased and snoring is reduced or eliminated. As an added benefit, use of the Nozovent has been shown to eliminate mouth breathing, reducing dry mouth and dryness of the bronchial mucous. In some users, this has helped reduce coughing and asthma symptoms. It is somewhat an opposite strategy to the Theravent. Both devices show success with some users so the need for trying and testing your results is required.

What others say about Nozovent

Most users found that Nozovent is a reliable and cheap way to alleviate snoring. It can take some time to figure out how to properly insert the device (there is a YouTube video that demonstrates the correct way to insert and wear the device) and to get used to it, but once the learning curve is over, it can last for several months of effective use.

Users agree the Nozovent is a better alternative to nasal strips (which involve using an adhesive to apply the strip to the outside of the nose – and that doesn’t always hold all night). It is also a great alternative for people who do not want to wear a mouthpiece. With the price point so low (about $15 for two at Amazon) and the ease of use, it’s worth giving it a try.

My Experience

I was initially impressed with Nozovent due to the unique design of the product. It is elegant in its simplicity. It has a “natural” spin to it, being manufactured by a company called Scandinavian Formulas (with a very earthy logo), which gives it the gloss of a well-respected, environmentally friendly company.

nozovent dilators in hand

Unlike other nasal dilators, this is not a cone or a vent. Available in two sizes, it is only minimally adjustable. You cannot adjust the length of the device, or the amount of pressure exerted on your nose. You can only adjust the end “wings” to better fit the side of your inner nasal passage.

Both ends of the product are inserted into the nose with the middle length forming a loop outside the nose, kind of like the nose ring that bulls wear. The design enables the nasal dilator to extend both the horizontal and vertical openings of each nostril. Since the two sides are held together, there is a force that pushes against the side of the nostril and the wedge on each end pushes the nasal opening wider in the vertical direction. I was very happy with the way this device felt. It was easy to insert and there was no initial discomfort.

I started the Snorelab app on my smartphone and fell asleep. Upon waking up, the Nozovent was still in place. It had stayed put all night. However, I felt intense pain in my nostrils. This was from the continuous, unrelenting outward pressure all night. Since the Nozovent pushes into four specific locations (where the “nodules” are located), these areas of contact got very tender. I was eager to remove the device, due to the intense pain.

My snore score was 30, which was slightly lower than normal, but not much. When I listened to the recordings from Snorelab, it sounded like business as usual. Because of the high level of discomfort the Nozovent caused, more than other nasal dilators, I will not use it a second night, and it gets a very low score on our ranking scale.

Although my personal experience was unpleasant, many other users have found it to be effective at reducing snoring. At $15 for a package of two, it’s not an enormous gamble to try it out. As we all know, different snoring aids work differently for everyone who snores. This wasn’t the one for me, but it could be the one for you. We've reviewed the best snoring devices and the products that have worked best for us as well as what we have heard from the majority of our site visitors are snoring mouth pieces and mouth guards.

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There is nothing more frustrating than drifting off to sleep only to be woken up 45 minutes later by the rumbling growl of a snoring partner. Not only does the sound of a snoring partner interrupt your sleep, but snoring is also disruptive to the general health of your partner.

couple trying to sleep

Snoring may cause ongoing throat or sinus issues, emotional irritation, and fatigue, the latter to both partners. Thankfully, medical science is on the case and there has been a recent spate of anti-snoring technological advances to help you get a much-needed night of sleep.

Nasal Dilators have become the next thing in snoring prevention. These small disposable dilators do exactly that; stent and dilate the nostrils to allow for clearer breathing during sleep.  Sleepers who know their snoring is brought on by nighttime nasal congestion, sinus issues and medical conditions such as a deviated septum respond well to nasal dilators. Other contributors to snoring, such as soft palate vibration, may not respond as well to snoring aids such as dilators.

Not all dilators are the same however and not all are made to the same exacting standards as the top dilators currently available. The following nasal dilators represent the top three in regard to value for money, comfort, and effectiveness.

Mute Snoring

The signature ‘U’ shaped Mute Snoring dilator has undergone extensive testing and results indicate significant benefits for snorers. Over 75% of surveyed respondents reported less snoring, less severe snoring and better overall sleep quality.

The Mute Snoring dilator comes in different sizes and it is important to select the correct size to ensure a good fit and to avoid the dilator slipping out at night. The ribbed paddles of the Mute Snoring dilator set it apart from its competitors by cushioning the nostril comfortably and lessening the chance of it moving out of place during the night.

Like all nasal dilators, for optimal results, it is recommended your Mute Snoring dilator is replaced after a given period for hygiene reasons and to ensure the shape of the dilator hasn’t altered through wear. Mute Snoring dilators are higher priced than the competition, however, they have a robust clinical trial to back up their effectiveness.

SleepRight’s Intra-Nasal Breathing Aid

SleepRight’s Intra-Nasal Breathing Aid’s flesh colored dilator looks quite different to most dilators and flexes so it's one size is suitable for all nose types. The SleepRight Breathing Aid was the inevitable next step for the company who have had a long and successful history of nasal strips to aid in nasal breathing during the night.

The Intra-Nasal Breathing Aid inserts into the nose and gently opens the nasal passages to provide freedom from nasal congestion and clear airways. Like the Mute Snoring dilator, the SleepRight Intra-Nasal Breathing Aid is recommended to be disposed of after a period. Packs of three can be purchased at a reasonable price on the internet or over-the-counter.

Although there have been limited clinical trials regarding the effectiveness of the SleepRight Breathing Aid initial reviews by users of the product look positive and promising.

SnoreCare Nose Vents

At first glance, the SnoreCare Nose Vents appear similar to most nasal dilators on the market, however, SnoreCare’s ribbed, hollow tunnels are as unique to the dilator market as SleepRight’s Intra-Nasal Breathing Aid. Snore Care’s Nose Vents are made of a medical grade silicon for easy insertion and a comfortable fit while remaining discreetly tucked inside the nostrils.

The claims by SnoreCare that their Nose Vents can reduce snoring by not only opening the nasal passage but also by limiting the vibration of the soft palate are what make these dilators truly interesting. These claims suggest their dilator system takes a two-pronged attack on snoring, indicating a better result of eliminating snoring and fewer interruptions to your all-important sleep stages.

Available in four sizes, the SnoreCare Nose Vents require correct sizing to feel the benefits of the product, however, their set of four Nose Vents dilators and free carry case can be purchased for a very reasonable price online.

It is important  to understand the cause of your (or your partner’s) snoring to determine if it is due mostly to nasal congestion in which case a dilator may work wonders, or whether there is soft palate vibration involved.

Although we would do nearly anything for a peaceful night of quality sleep, do your research before buying any anti-snoring product. A product that is found in many CVS pharmacies across the United States is Theravent. Although not a nasal dilator, it has been shown to reduce snoring for some users that snore through their nose because it encourages mouth breathing instead.

If you have a significant level of nasal congestion, interrupted sleep due to snoring, or any number of other nasal problems, you likely need an advanced nasal dilator to help restore healthy breathing. Snoring and other nasal problems can often be the sign or symptom of any number of physiological problems, such as sleep apnea or high blood pressure.

These are physical problems which, in turn, can be a sign of an unhealthy heart or even a chronic illness such as diabetes. Are you ready to become free from snoring and nasal congestion? In that case, you should look no further than the advanced nasal dilator made by WoodyKnows, a breathing aid that opens your up your nasal passages so you can be relieved from difficult breathing

About the founding of WoodyKnows and their products

woodyknows nasal dilator box

WoodyKnows was founded in 2006 to help customers find an affordable way to reduce their snoring and nasal congestion, whether it is from allergies or a chronic problem such as sleep apnea. The product is not an anti-snoring solution, but it does help to significantly reduce snoring.

The company also creates nasal filters, sleep masks, mouth tape, and a number of other sleep and snoring aids to help result in peaceful sleep. Many of their products are targeted at those who suffer from allergies, which are usually a seasonal affliction.

However, some of their products are also good for those who are looking for a solution at any time of the year. The company WoodyKnows has even specifically created an aesthetically pleasing sleep solution for women called the su-zi pink slim.

WoodyKnows Nasal Dilator For Snoring & Better Breathing Video Review

About the nasal dilator device


woodyknows snore device

Update:  WoodyKnows now has a new dilator that comes in four sizes.  I tested this and found it to be a great alternative to their previous version reviewed below.   The new dilator is soft and provides excellent dilation.   

Read more about the new WoodyKnows dilator here.


Despite its rather large size, it is in fact very flexible, meaning a customer of any nose size or shape can adapt the nasal dilator for their specific needs. Each package arrives with three separate dilators, which is great in case you lose or misplace one or two.

Each package comes with thorough and direct instructions on how to properly use the device. The nasal dilator is BPA free, and its invisible design renders it very easy to wear without ruining your aesthetic or making it blatantly obvious you are wearing an appliance. This means you can wear it during your day to help relieve your breathing instead of simply when you are going to sleep at night.

The natural design helps to ensure the item stays securely in its place and makes sure the appliance fits very easily into your nostril.

My Own Experience with WoodyKnows and their Nasal Dilator

woodyknows nasal dilator package

When I first bought the package and removed the insert slip of paper I realized the product contained instructions that were much more detailed in scope than any other nasal dilators that I had tried in the past. However, the detailed instructions were by no means condescending to the reader. They helped me to quickly and efficiently insert the device into my nostril.

I decided to try the nasal dilator after finishing brushing my teeth, just to see how it felt on a bare, morning face. I could barely fit it into my nostrils because the device was so huge! It really stretches out your nostrils.

My wife and I had a good and hearty laugh at how big my nostrils appeared with the nasal dilator inserted in them. I have never utilized a nasal dilator that comes anywhere close to how big these stretched my nasal airways. However, despite the initial shock at the change in my appearance, I realized I did not care that much, and after a few minutes, I got used to both the look and the feel of the device. After all, the point of the nasal dilator is to, well, DILATE my nostrils, and if it did not feel like it was stretching out my nose, what  is the point?

Overall, in that case, this is an excellent nasal dilator to help maximize airflow through my nose. The only other device that I can think of that can be realistically compared to the size of this one is the MUTE, since you can adjust the size of that nasal dilator, and they also arrive at a relatively large width.

Even though the WoodyKnows nasal dilator was rather large at first insertion, it was quite comfortable, and I barely noticed it for the rest of the morning. I took out the nasal dilator for the remainder of my day, but I did put it in again a little later before falling asleep. My wife and I logged all my snoring for the night on a piece of paper.

The snoring results were a bit mixed, as my usual snoring still took place with the WoodyKnows nasal dilator. Unfortunately, neither my wife nor I noticed a significant reduction in my snoring on the snoring app I have on my smartphone. When I did wake up at night, I experienced some discomfort while wearing the dilator.

When I woke up in the morning, the discomfort was a little noticeable, which I am attributing to the rather large size of the nasal dilator. I would say that, ultimately, the WoodyKnows nasal dilator is probably better off being used for those who suffer from allergies on a seasonal basis rather than those who have chronic sleep apnea or other breathing issues, or even for those who are looking for a cure to their snoring. Or, the user should combine the piece with another anti-snoring solution like a mouthpiece.




If you want to maximize your physical nasal dilation, use these. As with all nasal dilators, the results are mixed on the snoring reduction. There are only three nasal dilators per package, which makes this brand a little expensive. You can even check out reviews on Amazon, which while mostly favorable, are also a little mixed.

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Just about everyone snores occasionally, and snoring can lead to interrupted sleep.

using the Respitec nasal dilator

A few disruptions may not seem that serious, but if you snore regularly and if your snoring turns into sleep apnea, it can have adverse effects for you and your partner.

There are numerous types of anti-snoring devices available on the market and some work better than others. While some methods work well for snoring originating in the throat, others have been proven effective for snoring that is more commonly resulting in the nasal passages.

What is a Nasal Dilator?

Nasal dilators come in a variety of types including in-nostril stents, external strips, and in-nostril cones. They are designed to open users’ nasal passages. By opening the nostril, the dilators reduce symptoms of snoring, colds, allergies, congestion and even a deviated septum.

The best products on the market are made from medical grade materials for comfort, and they are the easiest to keep clean. Each person’s nose is a different size so choose an adjustable product or experiment with several sizes of an appliance to find one that fits your nostrils.

How Do They Work?

Nasal dilators work to open the pathways that are typically blocked by snoring. They keep the nasal passage held outward and expanded allowing more air to pass through. They also widen the nasal passages during sleep to help you breathe more efficiently through the nose.

In some cases where there is collapsing of the nasal passages during sleep, the nasal dilator prevents the nostrils from closing.

If the nasal passages are congested due to allergies or a cold, the nostrils are inclined to close. Nasal dilators stop this from occurring.

The Respitec NasalAid

If you are thinking about trying a nasal dilator, NasalAid, available from Respitec is an affordable solution for your snoring and sleeping problems.

It is a high-quality, reusable, compact, flexible device that is worn inside the nose during sleep to prevent the nasal passages from collapsing. Many people have experienced better sleep because of this product.

The physician-recommended NasalAid costs $19.99 and has a lifespan of around ten years. NasalAid is fully adjustable and easy to insert inside the nose, and it stays in place throughout the night. It is made of medical grade steel and silicone tips. The silicone is so soft you will forget you are wearing the appliance!

Respitec is currently working on making a new appliance so the entire device will be constructed of comfortable medical grade silicone.

When using the NasalAid for the first time, use a mirror to help you position it correctly. You can review a video of how to use and adjust the product here.

Many reviewers have enthusiastically commented on NasalAids effectiveness when compared with nasal strips because there is no adhesive stickiness to deal with.

"Works well-its adjustable-Better than pulling strips off my nose everyday-Ouch!" -lets-do-it-2011 (eBay buyer)

Noses come in different shapes and sizes and play an important role in an individual’s health and wellbeing. Treating nasal issues is pivotal to resolving sleep and respiratory issues. Using a product that is sized for your nose is most effective.

Use the NasalAid every night for at least two weeks so your nose can become accustomed to the shape and feel of the product.

The NasalAid can be used in tandem with other anti-snoring devices such as mouth guards, TRDs, pillows and even a CPAP machine.

"Works with CPAP replaces breathe right strips!" fireman.rick (eBay buyer)

Clean the NasalAid after every use with mild soap and water.

If you or a loved one suffer from snoring, sleep apnea, allergies, sinus infections or nasal congestion consider investing in an affordable device such as NasalAid.

Advantages of the Respitec Nasal Dilator

Nasal dilators are inexpensive and don’t need to be replaced as often as some other anti-snoring products. The low-cost Respitec is the longest lasting nasal dilator we've seen.

It is discreet and tends not to stick out too much when you’re wearing it. You can also wear it during the day to combat seasonal allergies, eliminating the need for nasal sprays or medications that may cause drowsiness.

The Respitec is simple, small, and portable so you can use it anywhere. It is a convenient option if you are a frequent traveler. Most come with a small carrying case making it easy to pack or store when not in use.

Disadvantages of Nasal Dilators

Some people find nasal dilators to be uncomfortable and invasive. Enough so to cause them to have trouble falling asleep. There is an adjustment period just as there is with any anti-snoring device. It is suggested you give it at least a week to become acclimated to the device. The benefits far outweigh the initial discomfort.

Nasal dilators don’t work for everyone. In cases where the snoring originates in the throat, nasal dilators cannot relieve or eliminate the snoring issue. Nasal dilators can only open the passageways in the nose. Snoring mouth guards like SnoreRx, Zyppah or ZQuiet can help eliminate snoring that comes from the throat.

Will a Nasal Dilator Work for You?

If you find yourself snoring, suffering from sleep apnea or are congested and you feel the cause is in the nasal pathways, then a nasal dilator is the perfect product for you.

There are multiple uses associated with nasal dilators. They have been effective in reducing sleep apnea, snoring, and seasonal allergies. You can use them with other anti-snore devices such as CPAP.

Nasal dilators will not work for everyone, but they do help a lot of people who struggle with sleep and snoring disorders.



Snoring can cause huge problems it getting quality sleep. A gentle snoring from time-to-time is fine but if the problem gets out of hand it can affect you and your partner. Fortunately, there are various snoring aids available if your snoring has become a major issue.

Two of the common snoring aids people turn to are nasal strips and nasal dilators. Both are effective options but it is important to choose the right one for your specific needs. By taking a more in-depth look at nasal strips and nasal dilators, you can make a more informed decision regarding the best solution for you.

nasal dilator review

What are Nasal Strips and How Do They Work?

Nasal strips are simple to use, which has helped to increase their popularity. Some people find them more effective than others.

Nasal strips are small, thin strips that are designed to fit just above the flare of the nostrils. They are made from flexible material so they can easily follow the contour of your nose. The strips have an adhesive backing, which enables you to attach them to your nose. The idea is that once you apply the strip it will remain in place all night. However, some people find that perspiration, excess oil, or movement during the night causes the strip to come away.

These strips work by opening the sinus passages and improving breathing. Once the strip has been applied, it will try and straighten back to its original shape. This is what causes the sides of the nose to lift and the nasal passages to open.

The Pros and Cons of Nasal Strips

By looking at the pros and cons of nasal strips, you can better determine whether they will be suited to your needs. Some of the key pros and cons to consider include:



What are Nasal Dilators and How Do They Work?

The second option is a nasal dilator. They are quick and simple to use. They can help to make breathing at night easier, which in turn helps to reduce snoring. Many people who do not find the nasal strips effective turn to dilators instead.

Nasal dilators are small devices that are made from metal, plastic, or rubber. They fit directly into the nostril and remain in place all night to aid your breathing. The dilators are easy to insert and do not cause any undue discomfort when you have them inserted.

Once the nasal dilator is inserted into the nostrils, it keeps them open. This stops the nostrils from becoming constricted during sleep. When your nostrils collapse onto themselves, breathing through your nose becomes difficult. This can cause you to snore. Nasal dilators will help to combat this by making sure the nasal passages stay open at night.

The Pros and Cons of Nasal Dilators

There are various pros and cons you need to consider if you are thinking of using nasal dilators to help combat snoring. Some of the main ones include:



You should make sure you weigh the pros and cons of nasal dilators to decide whether they are suitable for you.

How to Make Your Choice

If you are undecided about whether to use nasal strips or nasal dilators, there are a few considerations that may help you to decide.

Ease of use: Both solutions are quick and easy to use. You may find that nasal strips provide the quickest and simplest option, as they simply need to be placed and pressed down on the nose. Nasal dilators, on the other hand, must be inserted into the nostrils.

The costs involved: The cost of both nasal strips and dilators is inexpensive. However, with nasal strips, you need to purchase them continually as they will need to be replaced each night. With nasal dilators, you can re-use them and they do not require daily replacement. This means that you won’t have to buy them regularly, which helps to reduce costs over the long term.

Comfort levels: Many people feel no discomfort with nasal dilators even though they must be inserted into the nostrils. However, some people may find them very noticeable when they are inserted. Nasal strips, therefore, may be considered the more comfortable option of the two.

Effectiveness when being worn: Both nasal strips and dilators work by allowing more air into the nostrils, which then improves breathing. Nasal dilators fit snugly into the nostrils so they remain stable throughout the night. Nasal strips, on the other hand, may come away from the skin if it is oily or due to perspiration.


Many people find it impossible to sleep at night without snoring. A variety of different issues can result in snoring. This includes allergies, colds, obstructive sleep apnea, and even the position you sleep in. Problem snoring can cause serious issues for some people in terms of getting proper sleep. It can also have a negative effect on anyone else sharing the same room.

If you experience regular problems with snoring, there are various snoring aids you can try. Many of these are inexpensive products that can prove useful in terms of reducing this problem. Two of the commonly-used products on the market are nasal dilators and nasal sprays.

More About Nasal Dilators and How They Help

Nasal dilators provide a popular and straightforward snoring solution. They are designed to help open up the nasal passages to aid your breathing. This helps to reduce problems with snoring caused by blockages and congestion. Your nostrils can collapse onto themselves, which also affects your breathing while you sleep. Again, this is an issue that can be addressed with the use of nasal dilators.

These dilators can be inserted easily into the nostrils. They are usually made out of metal, plastic or rubber. Once the dilator has been inserted, it will keep the nasal passage open through the night. Although you can feel the dilators when you have them in, most people do not experience discomfort from using them.

It is important to bear in mind these dilators come with pros and cons. By weighing these up, you can work out whether this is a suitable snoring solution for you.

What Are the Pros of Nasal Dilators?

What Are the Cons of Nasal Dilators?

By taking these pros and cons into consideration, you can quickly determine whether nasal dilators are the right snoring aid for you.

More About Nasal Sprays and How They Help

If you are looking for an alternative to nasal dilators, you can try a nasal spray. Unlike many other snoring products, using a spray doesn’t involve having to wear anything while you sleep. This is why many people opt for a spray rather than products such as nasal strips or dilators.

Using a nasal spray to deal with your snoring will enable you to benefit from ease and convenience. All you need do is apply the spray to the back of your throat before you go to bed. Once you have applied the spray, you can look forward to a better night’s sleep. However, do remember the effectiveness of these products can vary from one person to another.

Nasal sprays work by clearing the nasal passages, removing blockages, and draining or drying the mucous that can cause congestion. They also help to clear the air passages at the back of the throat. These can become blocked as a result of soft palate tissue collapsing while you are sleeping.

To enable you to make an informed decision, you need to look at the pros and cons associated with nasal sprays.

What Are the Pros of Nasal Sprays?

What Are the Cons of Nasal Sprays?

With regards to side-effects, you should always read the leaflet or the box the spray comes in so you can learn more about any possible adverse effects.

Choosing the Right Snoring Solution

You may find it difficult to work out which of these two snoring solutions is going to best suited to your needs. While both can be very effective for some people, you do need to determine which of them is most likely to suit you. With snoring solutions such as these, it is often a case of trying it out for a week or two to determine its effectiveness. You can also look at some key points to help you reach a decision.

When it comes to cost, both of these solutions are pretty inexpensive. You do need to remember, however, that you will need to buy the nasal spray regularly if you plan to use it continuously. With nasal dilators, you can reuse the same ones, which means no regular purchasing is involved. This can therefore work out cheaper in the long-run.

Another important consideration is potential side-effects. There are no side-effects associated with nasal dilators other than a little discomfort for some people. Some nasal sprays, on the other hand, can result in various side-effects. This is why you need to read the enclosed leaflet before you use the spray.

A plus-point for nasal sprays is that you won’t have to wear anything to help with your snoring. All you have to do is apply the spray to the back of the throat before you go to sleep. With dilators, you have to insert them into your nostrils and wear them through the night. However, some people do not like using products containing chemicals and may therefore prefer the dilators.

In Summary

If you want a snoring solution that is quick and simple to use, both of these options will fit the bill. They are also both available at a reasonable cost, although the spray will involve more regular purchases. You may find you need to try out either the dilators or the spray for a short period to see whether it is effective for you. If it proves ineffective you can look at trying out an alternative solution to help reduce or stop your snoring.

We all know how important it is to get quality sleep on a regular basis. Those of us who struggle to sleep know only too well the variety of issues this can cause.

snorecare nasal dilator packaging

Whether you are struggling to sleep because of your snoring or whether it is due to a partner’s snoring, it is important to take action - by visiting a sleep center.

You will find low-cost snoring aids on the market that may be worth trying.  These provide an easy but effective means of reducing snoring, which in turn equates to quality sleep. One of the products is a nose vent device called SnoreCare.

About the creators of SnoreCare

The product is manufactured by a small company called Trifore Inc., which operates via Amazon. However, there is little additional information about this company online and no way to tell if it is made in the U.S., Europe, China, or some other nation.

There is also no information regarding where the product is manufactured. Based on contact information, it could be in the United States or China. It does appear the manufacturer operates exclusively on Amazon and the product has sold well. There are thousands of customer reviews, many of which are rated at 4-star and 5-stars.

How does SnoreCare work?

SnoreCare nose vents are essentially nasal dilators. These are devices that are inserted into your nostrils before you go to sleep. They help to keep the airways open to prevent obstructed breathing, which in turn reduces snoring.

By opening the airways, nasal dilators such as SnoreCare can improve breathing. The idea behind this device is very simple, as you just insert it before sleeping and in theory, it should stay in all night.

Who can benefit from SnoreCare?

SnoreCare nose vents and other similar products are designed for those who experience regular problems with snoring. By improving breathing and reducing snoring, the product should help you to get a better night’s sleep. In addition, your partner, or anyone sharing the room with you, can benefit from improved sleep.

Snore Care Video Review

My experience with SnoreCare

snore care nose vents front side

The idea and concept behind SnoreCare is simple and should be effective. However, my personal experience with this product was not as good as the top nasal dilators I've tested. I placed my order through Amazon, as it is an Amazon Choice product. The cost of the dilators was $16.95, and I received four nose vents.

UPDATE: This product no longer appears to be sold on Amazon, view our best snoring devices here.

When the product arrived, it came with a handy travel case. I opened the package, and as expected there were four nose vents altogether. Two of them had rings on the outside to enhance comfort while the other two did not have this feature. There were two vent sizes to cater for different requirements. The nose vents were made from the standard silicone material.

The first night

Upon removing the vents from the packing, I noticed they were very soft and flexible. On the first night, I decided to try the large nose vents. One thing I will point out is the large ones do seem to be excessively large so they may not be a good fit for most people.

When I inserted the large nose vents, I noticed a smell like mint. I did find them a little difficult and painful to insert due to the large size – they didn’t seem to fit into my nostrils properly. However, I thought they might be more effective in reducing my snoring so I persevered.

After inserting the vents, I did get used to having them in really quickly. The minty smell was still there but there was no pain or discomfort. There was a wind tunnel noise when I breathed out while wearing the vents – this was far better than the noise from snoring.

In the morning, it was a relief to take the SnoreCare vents out. The fit of the large vents was not very good, and as a result, they had been hanging loose for most of the night. However, they must have provided some benefit because the results on my snoring app were better than average.

The second night

On the second night of using this product, I decided to try out the smaller SnoreCare vents. They had a ribbed design and felt pretty much the same as the larger ones. When I inserted the vents, I experienced a cold sensation. I’ve found this is a common effect with dilators and is the result of increased pressure on the inner nose ducts.

I found the smaller vents far easier and more comfortable than the large ones. I slept much better and didn’t notice I was wearing them after a short while. They were far better suited to my nostrils and they stayed in place during the night.

On the downside, the smaller vents did not appear to have much of an impact on my snoring. In the morning, I checked my snoring app and found there had been no reduction in my snoring levels. In fact, over the course of the night my snoring was 46 percent of the night.

Pros and cons of SnoreCare Nose Vents

As with any other snoring products, it is important to look at the pros and cons of SnoreCare. The key ones based on my experience include:




I found the SnoreCare Nose Vents did not work consistently me. The large ones caused discomfort and were a poor fit. The small ones felt better but did not have any positive effect on my snoring. I also thought they were quite costly.

Although there were plenty of positive Amazon reviews, they cannot be verified. These reviews did not reflect my personal experience with this product. I’m also concerned I couldn’t find out much about the manufacturer.

I personally use a snore guard, such as the zQuiet, for my nightly snoring issues.

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Sleeping is important. As anyone knows who has experienced a sleepless night next to someone who snores, snoring can be disruptive. Luckily for you (and those around you), some products can reduce your odds of snoring, and potentially eliminate your snoring problem altogether.

sleepy eyesWhy Do People Snore?

To determine the best solution for your snoring, the best place to start is to figure out what is causing your snoring in the first place. Nasal and sinus problems are a common cause of snoring. These issues can be anything from a temporary cold to a chronic sinus condition.

Another cause of snoring is aging. As you get older, your throat becomes narrower and you lose muscle tone in your throat, which in turn causes a narrowing of the airways, affecting your breathing patterns in such a way that it can cause you to snore.

A common cause of snoring is the use of alcohol or medications that have a muscle-relaxing effect on your body, which leads to snoring. Being overweight or sleeping on your back are additional factors that can contribute to snoring. While some of these causes are things you have control over,  many of these causes can’t be avoided.  Fortunately, there are some products available that can eliminate, or at the very least, reduce your chances of snoring.

One less common cause of snoring you should be aware of is a condition called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be dangerous, and if you believe this could be the cause of your snoring, it is best to see your doctor first before relying on any over-the-counter products.

Is There a Difference Between a Nasal Strip and a Nasal Dilator?

Nasal strips are a form of nasal dilators. Nasal dilators come in two different forms -- external nasal dilators and internal nasal dilators. What is commonly thought of as a nasal strip is just the external type of nasal dilator.  Both are effective snoring aids.

A Closer Look at External Nasal Dilators

External nasal dilators, or nasal strips, are one commonly used product that can reduce, or even, in some cases, prevent snoring. Nasal strips are small tabs that contain adhesive material that you attach to the outside of your nose. They look and feel a little bit like a Band-Aid. These strips work by widening the airways, which has the effect of reducing nasal airflow resistance. While this can be an effective method, keep in mind it is a temporary one, and its effectiveness depends on the source or cause of the snoring.

The use of nasal strips is quite common, and these items are sold over-the-counter at various locations, including pharmacies. These products are popular due to their effectiveness in reducing snoring but are also common treatment choices for people since they are also non-invasive and inexpensive.

The Use of Internal Nasal Dilators

Internal nasal dilators are another tool you can use to combat your snoring. Internal nasal dilators are small rubber or plastic devices you insert into your nostrils. The device keeps your nostrils open while you are sleeping, which allows your nasal passageways to remain open and clear. By keeping your nasal passageways open, the device directly reduces snoring.

Nasal Products as Complementary Therapy

Many other products on the market can reduce or eliminate snoring, such as mouthpieces and anti-snoring pillows.  In the past, these products were typically used in conjunction with nasal sprays. Nasal sprays work by reducing inflammation.

Due to the immediate effectiveness of external and internal nasal dilators, these devices have now begun to take the place of nasal sprays as recommended complementary treatment. When used with other anti-snoring products, nasal dilators can be even more effective in reducing snoring.

Using external and/or internal nasal dilators can be a relatively inexpensive and effortless way to stop snoring at night.

These products are even more effective when used in conjunction with other anti-snoring products, such as pillows or mouthpieces.  Not only will you feel much better in the morning after having a refreshing night of sleep with the use of these products, but you’ll also be giving the gift of uninterrupted sleep to anyone sharing a room with you!

man sleeping on couchThe Classic Nasal Adhesive Strip

Many people have been using nasal dilator strips for years to help improve snoring issues, and for a good reason: They help.

These nasal dilator strips are generally made from adhesive material that is bonded to a spring-like band. The band is designed to make the strip spring into a flattened position. Once the strip adheres to the nose, outward tension holds the nasal cavity open to increase airflow which makes breathing easier and reduces snoring.  Nasal dilators are one of the top snoring aids that can be complementary therapy with other treatments.

Using Nasal Dilator Strips is Easy

Clean and dry the outside of your nose to assure your nose is free from oil, water, makeup, and/or dirt buildup that could cause the adhesive strips to fall off.

Locate the sinus cavity on your nose which is easily found by running your fingers down the nasal bone between your eyes. Slightly press on the nasal bone as you move your fingers down toward your nostrils. When you feel the soft spot just below the nasal bone, you’ve found the sweet spot for the strip. It’s important to place the strip right below the nasal bone for maximum dilation.

Remove the adhesive protection strip, just like you would for a band-aid, and place the strip right in that sweet spot. Remember, the location of the spot is different for everyone, so finding it is important. Press the strip firmly down in the desired location and gently rub it until it’s firmly stuck. The strip may curl at the edges throughout the night, but don’t worry that’s normal.

To help remove the strip in the morning, simply wash or moisten your face. The moisture will help the strip’s adhesive dissolve. Try to avoid quickly removing the strip. The adhesive on these strips is quite strong, therefore a quick removal could tear or irritate the skin.

Internal Plastic and Silicon Dilators

I've reviewed many over-the-counter nasal dilators.  The dilators get inserted directly into the nasal cavity.  They don’t have any of the problems related to the external adhesive strips, and they are more inconspicuous than external dilators.

nostrils of nose

To use a plastic nasal dilator, rinse it under warm water. This will help soften the dilator, making it more flexible. The flexibility will help it form to the inside of your nostrils and will allow you to bend it easily.

These dilators have two sides, usually shaped like wings of funnels, and the main body area that pinches the device between the nostrils bridge. Insert one of each dilator side into each nostril, and push up until the body if firmly set against the bridge. If needed, remove the dilator and pull the wings apart at the base, using your thumbs and forefingers until it is secure in your nose and allows regular airflow.

Gently tug on the dilator to make sure it’s firmly in place. If it easily falls out, then remove and adjust as necessary with fingers until it stays firmly in place.

Theses dilators are also generally reusable. After use, simply clean with mild soap and warm water.
Modern Stainless-Steel Dilators

There are new options for external nasal dilators on the market. These new dilators work using the same principle as the dilator strips, but they are externally mounted, generally stainless steel devices, that hold the nostrils open. Although they look less attractive than the nasal strips, they have some advantages because they work independently of adhesive.

There are two main types of stainless-steel dilators on the market. Oxy-Aid is one example, and it is shaped like the bridge section of eyes glasses and clips onto the nose. Two small balls wrap around the nose and are inserted into the nostrils to help open them throughout the night.

The other type of stainless-steel dilator uses a head harness and elastic straps. The straps have small stainless hooks that wrap around the head and hook into the inside of each nostril, holding them open for increased airflow. The Rhyno Clip is one example of this harness dilator on the market today.

Using the stainless strip dilator is simple. Just wash your nose, and clip the dilator wherever is most comfortable somewhere between the nasal bone and nostrils. Insert the curved ends into the nostril cavities to test the overall feeling. If the strip needs adjustment, remove and carefully bend the stainless frame with your fingers. Repeat this process until your desired level of comfort is reached.

In the morning, just remove the strip and wash. It is reusable.

A harness dilator utilizes an elastic harness that goes around the back of your scalp. The strap has multiple adjustment points to loosen or tighten it as needed. Just place the strap on the top of your head, then using your fingers and thumbs, pull the straps with the hook ends around your head, just above your ears, and place the hooks inside each nostril. Use the adjustment points to tighten or loosen the straps as needed.


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