A Closer Look at the Features that Make SnoreRX Special

Most highly customizable stop snoring mouthpieces require a prescription from a dentist or sleep specialist. Not only does SnoreRX offer maximum adjustability; it boasts many other unique features, too.

SnoreRX Mouthpiece FeaturesBelow is an overview of all the qualities that makes this such a popular snoring mouthpiece.

  • Flex-Jaw – This feature is what SnoreRX is primarily known for. Flex-Jaw allows for lateral adjustments of the lower jaw in 1 millimeter increments. Settings can be unlocked and changed at any time.
  • Calibrator – You never have to guess at what setting you had your mouthpiece on because the Calibrator provides a clear reading of the jaw advancement position.
  • Posi Lock – The position of the lower jaw try is easily locked in place and stays there until you want to change it. Its advanced design does not require rubber bands, springs, rods, or screws.
  • V-Alignment – This center alignment feature helps the device stay in the proper position.
  • V-Flow – Thanks to these airflow holes, you can breathe through your mouth while wearing it.
  • Thermal Fit – To increase comfort and effectiveness this device gets custom fit to your mouth.
  • Teeth Cushion – Your teeth are cushioned while you sleep by a patented copolymer.

SnoreRX allows you to achieve a professional fit and precise jaw position for your needs without getting a prescription and paying potentially thousands for a custom-made product. It exceeds Medicare’s medical standards, and it is made here in the USA by material that is free of acrylic, BPA, and latex.  Learn more about SnoreRX in my SnoreRX snoring mouthpiece review.

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