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VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

SnoreRx and VitalSleep Snoring Mouthpieces Compared

MADS or mandibular advancement devices hold your jaw slightly forward in order to open up your airway and keep you from making any snoring sounds. The SnoreRx and the VitalSleep devices are MADs. Each of the anti-snoring devices fit inside your mouth. Both are very comfortable to wear. My wife and I found that we […]

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VitalSleep Snore Guard Review

With snoring that has plagued me my entire adult life, I consider myself a connoisseur of anti snoring gadgets. And, I always look forward to trying the latest anti-snoring mouthpieces that come on the market. When I first heard about the VitalSleep snoring mouthpiece, I was intrigued by its innovative design, but uncertain of how […]

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VitalSleep Discount Coupon Code

Get the best VitalSleep discount available on this page, which we will keep up to date (as best we can). Coupon deals will vary according to what VitalSleep offers, and let us know if you find another bigger discount so that we can update our site for all readers.  Right now you can get 15% […]

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VitalSleep vs PureSleep

These two MADs (mandibular advancement devices) made by VitalSleep and PureSleep both work very well. My wife and I slept comfortably with both devices. The convenience factor of the VitalSleep ultimately made it our preference over PureSleep. You have to be careful during the fitting process with PureSleep. Review all the instructions before you try either […]

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The Creator and Company Behind VitalSleep

After spending close to $3,000 on a stop snoring mouthpiece prescribed by a dentist, David Hernandez was inspired to develop an effective solution that wouldn't break the bank. Hernandez graduated from Daemen College back in 1999 with a degree in physical therapy. He registered The Snore Reliever Company LLC in 2010 based out of New […]

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SnoreMate vs. VitalSleep

August 2018 Update:   SnoreMate is now an outdated product and does not appear to have an active business.  Disregard the following information. ------------- The biggest attraction to SnoreMate is its price. At $32 for a single snoring mouthpiece, you really can't go wrong, right? Well, if that $32 ends up tossed in your junk drawer […]

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Zyppah vs VitalSleep

The Zyppah and VitalSleep are MADs (mandibular advancement devices). The Zyppah has an additional feature that really makes it more of a hybrid device. I found each device very comfortable to wear. However, the Zyppah has a slight edge over VitalSleep in terms of effectiveness and comfort. VitalSleep costs less, cleans easier and has a unique […]

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VitalSleep vs. ZQuiet

If you are torn between VitalSleep and ZQuiet, you are not alone. These tend to be two stop snoring devices commonly compared because they do have some similarities, but they are more different than you might think. Comparison Material - Both mandibular advancement devices (MADs) are made of medical-grade material that contains no latex or […]

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14 Questions Answered About VitalSleep

If you are considering VitalSleep, and you have questions, there is a very good chance that countless other people have already asked them. I cover a lot of questions in my VitalSleep snoring mouthpiece review, but some people have followed up with additional questions.  Below are answers to some of the most common questions asked […]

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VitalSleep: Is it Your Ideal Option?

Not every mandibular advancement device (MAD) is a solution for every snorer. They all fit differently and have unique features, so always make your decision based on your needs and not how well it performed for someone else you know. Check out my full VitalSleep mouthpiece review for the unique features of this snoring mouthpiece. […]

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