The Company Behind SleepPro

If you are like many other consumers these days then the company behind a product is just as important as the product itself. So, if you are going to purchase a mandibular advancement device, you probably would like a good understanding of the company manufacturing it.

meditasSleepPro is a Britain-based company, but has distribution centers throughout Europe, Australia, and the United States. Every distribution center always has at least 1,000 mouthpieces stocked, so orders can be filled and shipped promptly from the closest location.

There is not much information available online about SleepPro as a company. However, there is plenty of information about MEDiTAS Ltd., a company that has been partnered with SleepPro since 1998 from the same location.


SleepPro may not be too well-known as a company, but MEDiTAS is. MEDiTAS is a British company that works with dental clinics, general practices, pharmacy, hospitality, medical centers, and sleep specialists to manufacture products that focus on snoring (including anti snoring devices) and other types of sleep disorders, including bruxism and mild-to-moderate cases of sleep apnea.

MEDiTAS claims SleepPro is 98 percent effective. It also suggests that a significant amount of past and present research has gone into this product. There is even a “Research” page on the website, but no formal data has been provided.

MEDiTAS also mentions that SleepPro has been recommended by Papworth Hospital Medical Research and Development. However, when you visit the site of Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Search for research or clinical studies there are none to be found. When you search for information on snoring in general there are a couple articles that talk about the subject, but there is no mention of either company.

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