SleepTight mouthpiece
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SleepTight Coupon Code

SleepTight will occasionally offer coupon codes, however, currently, there are not any traditional discounts available.  They do however have a promo where you can try the mouthpiece for just $9.95.  You pay the small amount upfront and have the snoring mouthpiece shipped to you for a trial.

If you like it, you keep it and you end up paying the full amount ($59.95), which is a very reasonable price for a snoring mouthpiece in general.  If you don’t like it, you just return it and you are not charged any additional fees.  So worst case scenario, you’re out $10.

Overall I liked the SleepTight mouthpiece, as I mentioned in my SleepTight review.  This promo that they have going in place of a coupon is very interesting as well, and in my opinion shows that they really believe in the product – either that, or they believe in the laziness of people!

Let me know if you come across any other discount coupon codes or special promo offers and I will share with my readers.  Make sure to check out my favorite snoring mouthpieces, as well!

Here is a Testimonial for SleepTight from the Company