How Does ZQuiet Work?

If you are like most snorers, you know that there is a sound coming out of your mouth every night, but you don’t understand where it comes from. You may not even realize that snoring robs you of quality sleep and wreaks havoc on your long-term health. So, if ZQuiet works for you, it can essentially help improve your present and long-term health (as can other effective snoring mouthpieces).

The Snoring Noise

When you fall asleep the muscles throughout your body become very relaxed. This includes your tongue. As your tongue collapses back towards your throat the soft palate, uvula, and throat tissues are permitted to touch. When air is pushed through during normal breathing the tissues vibrate and cause the noise.

How ZQuiet Works

ZQuiet is designed with the lower jaw extended beyond the upper jaw. So, when it is in your mouth it doesn’t allow the tongue to collapse into the airway. When tissues can’t vibrate, no noise is created.

The makers of ZQuiet understand that some people need their jaw held forward slightly more than others, which is why they send two devices per order. They look identical at first glance, but when you look at the side profiles of both, you see that the lower jaw is just a bit farther on one.

You don’t have to do a boil-and-bite technique to fit ZQuiet either. It is a one-size-fits-most device. If it is a bit large for your mouth it can be trimmed and then filed with an emery board.  This is covered more extensively in my full ZQuiet review.

Also, since ZQuiet has airflow ports, your mouth will always stay open at least a few millimeters to ensure airflow isn’t blocked while you sleep.

How ZQuiet Works

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