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August 2018 Update:   SnoreMate is now an outdated product and does not appear to have an active business.

If you are like most consumers (or at least like me), you like to know a little about a company you are purchasing from. With the majority of anti-snoring devices contact information can be easily found on the website.

SnoreMate FittingOthers snoring mouthpiece are not so generous with the information, but at least you can find it in business directories, if you do a little digging. This is not the case with SnoreMate. You can dig and dig, but you probably will not come up with much more than a few dead-ends.

First, there are two SnoreMate websites. Both are identical, in terms of content, but the pricing is different. Not only is there a price discrepancy with the mouthpieces; one offers free shipping worldwide and the other charges $8.

SnoreMate has supposedly been around since 1999, but there are no business listings to be found in that name. Plus, neither website has an address or phone number. There is simply a contact form to fill out.

Now, if you dig for about a day like I did, you find that a person named Mercia Perioli located in Durban, South Africa, has a LinkedIn profile that states they have been the owner of SnoreMate since January 1999. Prior experience was with Umhlanga Tours from 1987 to 2005.

Why is the company information such a secret? It is safe to probably assume the product is not made in the USA. So, although it does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, there is no information as to where to send it.

You can't even file a complaint because there is not a business listing anywhere, and SnoreMate is definitely not accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

If safety and a money-back guarantee are important to you, you are better to stick with a company that is known for having great customer service. Choose a product that is made by a company that is a little more transparent.

Good Morning Snore Solution, ZQuiet, and Zyppah are a few examples. If you are not concerned about refund policy and if it does not matter where it was manufactured or what practices were used then maybe company information is not a big deal to you.

Everyone has their own criteria they look for, when making a purchase. I simply find this information important enough to share with my fellow snorers, so you can make an educated buying decision.

SnoreMate has been on the market longer than many other anti-snoring devices and it has a budget-friendly price, so you might be feeling a lot like you hit the jackpot, if you just stumbled upon this product. However, even a super low price is not worth paying, if the product does not live up to its claims.

SnoreMate Review

If it is uncomfortable or ineffective it becomes just another "thing" in your junk drawer. So, does SnoreMate live up to its claim of being 85% effective? Well, I put this snoring mouthpiece to the test, so you will want to read this review to learn about the pros and cons before settling on this option.

Positives and Negatives

Like all anti-snoring mouthpieces, SnoreMate has its share of pros and cons. It is important to consider both sides of this list when making your decision.



About SnoreMate

SnoreMate is a one-part mandibular advancement device (MAD) that is designed to hold your jaw forward, thereby keeping the air passage free of obstruction. If you are a snorer, you may be interested to know that the sound created is the result of loose tissues vibrating. As you fall asleep, all the muscles in your body relax.

This includes those in your tongue, jaw, and throat. As they relax, the tongue collapses back into the throat so tissues become closer. As air is passing through it causes the tissues to vibrate. If you can eliminate the vibration, you also stop the snoring sound.

This mouthpiece is made of thermoplastic material. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the device being BPA- or latex-free on the website. So, if you are allergic to latex or concerned about your health and the environment, this would not be the right option for you.

This MAD can be custom-fitted in the privacy of your own home using a boil-and-bite method. This is a simple process that shapes the device to the outline of your mouth. SnoreMate does not allow for adjustments, so you can't change the position of the lower jaw.

SnoreMate does not have a breathing hole. So, if you have sinus issues, nasal polyps, chronic allergies, or a deviated septum, you will need to choose a different product that has an airflow hole to allow for mouth breathing. Like other MADs, this one is not suitable to wear with dentures, crowns, loose teeth, or braces. It can be worn by individuals who grind their teeth, but understand that it will wear out faster. The lifespan is already only three to four months, which is considerably shorter than many anti-snoring devices on the market.

Let's Talk Price

SnoreMate is one of the least expensive MADs on the market. A single device is $32.00, and it comes with a storage case. If you buy the Twin Pack the price is $42.00, thereby reducing the price per unit substantially. Shipping is $8 for either option.

Keep in mind that although the per unit price is low, it needs to be replaced every few months (more frequently for those with bruxism), so the cost of replacements will add up. If price is playing a large role in your decision, it would end up being less expensive to go with a higher priced device with an average lifespan of 12 months, so you really get your money's worth out of it. SnoreMate is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

My Experience with SnoreMate


Boy, my credit card was happy about only paying $42 for two devices. Unfortunately, as I have found in the past, the mouthpieces that I have been this excited about trying disappointed me the most. I wasn't expecting this device to be as streamlined or as comfortable as other products, but I also was not expecting it to feel like I was back in high school again, popping a huge mouth guard in right before a wrestling match. When it arrived, knew I still had to do the boil-and-bite method on it, but how much difference could that possibly make?

When my wife arrived home, I gave her the mouthpiece, and all she said was, "You can't be serious!" Even after we did the custom fitting process, my mouth felt so full. My wife still could not get her device comfortably in her mouth. She made it clear I would be on my own for this trial.

As soon as I put it in my mouth the first night I was drooling excessively. It is common to drool a bit when I try a new mouthpiece, but this was ridiculous. The device was just so large, I could not comfortably swallow. I was about two minutes away from getting up for a towel to put on my pile of drool, but I fell asleep. Halfway through the night, I woke up to get some water, and just left it out. My temporomandibular joint (TMJ) was so sore already. I knew that the bulkiness would make it uncomfortable, but I didn't think it would be unwearable.

The second night, I drooled the same amount and it pained me to open my mouth wide enough to even insert the SnoreMate device. This time around I was smart and put an absorbent towel on my pillow to catch the drool. Night after night, I went through the same routine. Usually, the soreness and drooling decrease by the fourth day for me, but with this one the inconvenience and discomfort was getting worse. I decided to end my trial two days early because I just could not think about using it even one more night. My TMJ was so sore that it hurt to even chew food.

Considering I have tried some devices that barely made me sore for even a day this one was just not worth using to me. The low price was definitely not a good value, in my experience. The worst thing about this trial is that it did not even stop my snoring the entire time. It decreased it, but did not eliminate.


Comfort 1.5
Durability 1.5
Easy to Clean 4.0
Effectiveness 3.5
Overall 2.6

Is This the Right Device for You?

SnoreMate has been on the market since 1999. It is a really established product that many people have reported having great success with. I can't help but wonder if those people praising it have ever tried a more comfortable mouthpiece for comparison. Maybe, since I had previously been spoiled by a few good ones, my expectations were a little higher. Then again, maybe this device is just really poorly designed.

If price is a factor, read either my Zquiet or Zyppah reviews.  You only have to pay shipping upfront and then you are charged for the mouthpiece 35 days later, unless you return it in the meantime. It is more expensive, but it also lasts significantly longer, so it won't need replacing as soon. Most importantly, it's very comfortable.

If you are interested in trying a product that is completely different than SnoreMate, check out our list of the best anti-snoring devices available. You'll find the ones that our doctors have tested and highly recommend.


August 2018 Update:   SnoreMate is now an outdated product and does not appear to have an active business.

Are you wondering if you are a good candidate for SnoreMate (or any other mandibular advancement device)? There is actually an easy little test you can do right now while you are sitting at the computer. Well, if you are sitting at your desk at work, you might want to wait until you get to the privacy of your own home.

SnoreMate snoring testTry to make a snoring sound as loud as you can. It is probably easy, right? Since SnoreMate is designed to hold the lower jaw forward to keep your airway free of obstruction (similar to Zyppah) this is what you need to mimic.

Move your lower jaw forward, so it extends beyond your upper jaw. Now, try snoring again. Were you able to snore? Most people can't. Even if you did, it was probably very light. This means that you are a good candidate for mandibular advancement anti snoring devices.

Learn more about how SnoreMate works in my review of SnoreMate.

August 2018 Update:   SnoreMate is now an outdated product and does not appear to have an active business.

With such a low price (and can be even lower with a SnoreMate discount code), it is easy to understand why so many people don't hesitate to order SnoreMate. I was excited about the price, too, as you read in my full SnoreMate mouthpiece review. However, it is important to make sure you understand exactly what you are ordering. There are a ton of anti snoring devices available that have a lot to offer and only cost a bit more than SnoreMate. You may want to consider them once you know a little more about this device.

  1. SnoreMate needs to be replaced every three to four months, so you could easily spend over $100 a year on a mediocre product when you could have purchased a quality one with a longer lifespan for the same amount.
  2. If you breathe through your mouth while you sleep because of sinuses, nasal polyps, or a deviated septum, or if you just deal with bad allergies don't bother ordering SnoreMate. There is no breathing hole, so you have to be able to breathe through your nose.
  3. SnoreMate has not been cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration, so there has been no trusted testing deeming it safe for use.
  4. This mouthpiece can't be worn, if you have braces, caps, crowns, dentures, or missing or loose teeth.
  5. The material is not BPA - or latex-free. If you are 100 percent certain that you don't have a latex allergy this might not be a big deal, but many people don't know until they have a reaction. As for BPA, this is not something you want in your mouth for several hours per night through a snoring mouthpiece. If BPA can get in your bloodstream simply by holding a shopping receipt covered with it then just imagine the health concerns it could cause being in your mouth every night.
  6. SnoreMate is not adjustable, so you can't change the positioning of the lower jaw.
  7. This device may not look bulky online, but it definitely is. There is only one size available to order, and it is definitely invasive in your mouth.

SnoreMate fun facts

August 2018 Update:   SnoreMate is now an outdated product and does not appear to have an active business.  Disregard the following information.


The biggest attraction to SnoreMate is its price. At $32 for a single snoring mouthpiece, you really can't go wrong, right? Well, if that $32 ends up tossed in your junk drawer then it is not a very good deal. That being said, maybe a $100 mouthpiece is just not in your budget or perhaps you don't want to splurge until you know a mouthpiece will work for you.

Before you shell out even a penny for a low quality product consider one that is just a little bit more expensive, but also more comfortable, durable, and effective. VitalSleep outshines SnoreMate and it is a very modestly priced product.

Learn more about each stop snoring mouthpiece in my VitalSleep reviews and SnoreMate reviews.

August 2018 Update:   SnoreMate is now an outdated product and does not appear to have an active business.

If you are unfamiliar with the boil-and-bite technique that is used to custom fit your SnoreMate it can seem a little intimidating. Some people avoid purchasing a snoring mouthpiece that needs to be fitted before use because they are scared they will ruin it. If this sounds like you, you can take comfort in knowing that these devices can be reheated a few times. So, don't stress, if you don't get the fit correct right away. All you need is a pot, two bowls, and some type of timer.

Check the fit right away. If it is not right begin the process again from the start. If it feels right you may be tempted to cut away that tab. Try to resist the urge to do that quite yet. After you have used it one or two nights, you may find that you need the lower jaw extended more or less. You will be grateful you did not cut the tab away yet. Once you are sure it is a good fit go ahead and cut the tab off.

Always store your SnoreMate in the case it comes with for protection and to keep it clean. Speaking of cleaning, this should be done after every use. SnoreMate is easily cleaned using toothpaste or mouthwash.

Watch this video for instructions on SnoreMate

SnoreMate is one of the more reasonably priced anti snoring devices, but on occasion ,they will offer discount promo codes to bring the price down even further.  We will consistently update this page with the latest coupons to ensure that you get the absolutely lowest price available for SnoreMate, guaranteed.

Discounts come in both dollar amounts as well as percentages.  The promo code will not affect the shipping charges or refund guarantees if utilized.

If you come across a bigger discount, or you find that our code does not work, please contact us so that we can update for other readers. The SnoringHQ team is always looking to provide the best information on snoring devices as well as promotional offers and coupons


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