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These two MADs (mandibular advancement devices) made by Ripsnore and SnoreMender both work with varying degrees of success.

My wife and I slept wonderfully while using the SnoreMender but the bulky and ill-fitting Ripsnore presented many challenges throughout the night. If it is a choice between the Ripsnore and SnoreMender, seriously consider using SnoreMender.

Snoring Mouthpieces Compared

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You will need to ensure that the fitting process is done correctly with both devices. Understanding several important details about both devices will help you make a decision to suit your needs.


​Using technology similar to many MADs, the Ripsnore pushes the lower jaw forward to open your airway.

Despite company claims, the Ripsnore has not gained approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), only the plastic that it is built from has.

Ripsnore mouthpiece review

My Ripsnore Experience

I was forced to wait much longer than most of the other devices for the Ripsnore to arrive. The minute I opened the box, my wife and I could immediately see that the mouthpieces were way too large.

After three different tries with the boil-and-bite fitting method, I finally managed a comfortable fit. My wife could not wear the device at all because the bulky size kept making her gag each time she attempted to fit it.

The first night did not end up well for me. As a result of the size and awkward structure of the Ripsnore, it kept falling out of my mouth and onto the floor. During the few times that I could briefly get it into place, I drooled all over my pillow. From the time that I started sleeping, it only took two hours for the Ripsnore to move out of place and fall out of my mouth. I woke up in the middle of the night, several times, to rinse it off and put it back in. After the third time, I just left it out.

My wife and I were both very tired the next morning after a very poor night's sleep.

I was happy that the cleaning process is very simple but this benefit is minor given the ineffectiveness of the product overall.


Using MAD technology, the SnoreMender advances your lower jaw and provides a comfortable fit thanks to the soft, flexible construction.

The hinged design means that you can easily open and close your mouth. In addition, the air holes in the mouthpiece allow you to breathe through your mouth.

SnoreMender PS Review

My SnoreMender Experience

The SnoreMender took four days to arrive after I placed the order.

When I first put the SnoreMender into my mouth, I was surprised how comfortable it felt. I realized that this model features Pressure Shift (PS) technology, which redistributes the entire burden of the device to your stronger middle teeth, which makes for a more comfortable experience.

My wife snored softly the first few nights though she said she heard no snoring sounds coming from me. My jaw was a little sore but after the third night, the soreness was gone.

After the two-week trial, we both were very happy with the SnoreMender. The construction even makes it possible for you to talk normally while wearing it. People with a deviated septum or who have illnesses will prefer the SnoreMender as it allows you breathe through your mouth.

Cleaning was a very quick process. The soft, one-piece construction took almost no effort at all. You just need to scrub it with a toothbrush and a little dish soap.

My Recommendation

The biggest disadvantages to the Ripsnore are the size and the fitting process. My wife would have been significantly less irritated those first few nights if it had a more specialized and comfortable design.

Both the SnoreMender and the Ripsnore are equally easy to clean and take very little time.

The Ripsnore is uncomfortable and bulky. I recommend that you choose another model that prioritizes functionality and comfort, such as the SnoreMender with Pressure Shift technology.  If you buy either snoring mouthpiece, make sure to check out my Ripsnore coupon and SnoreMender coupon pages.

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My experience with the SnoreRX and the SnoreMender is similar to that of a majority of consumers: both MAD devices do a good job in stopping a person from snoring.

There are few differences between the two models that are important to note when considering which one to purchase.


Snoring Mouthpieces Compared

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Understanding several important details about both devices will help you make an informed decision to determine the device that best suits your needs.


SnoreMender PS Review

Using MAD technology, the SnoreMender moves your lower jaw forward and allows for a comfortable fit as a result of the soft, flexible construction.

The hinged design allows you to easily open and close your mouth. In addition, the air holes in the mouthpiece means you can breathe through your mouth all night long.

My SnoreMender Experience

After ordering the SnoreMender, it quickly arrived in four days.

When I first put the SnoreMender into my mouth, I was surprised how little soreness I felt. I realized that this model features Pressure Shift (PS) technology, which redistributes the entire burden to the strong middle teeth.

My wife reported that she could not hear any snoring sounds coming from me. My jaw was a little sore but after the third night, the feeling was gone.

After the two-week trial, we both were very happy with the SnoreMender. The construction even makes it possible for you to talk normally while wearing it. People with a deviated septum or who have illnesses will prefer the SnoreMender as it allows you breathe through your mouth and keep your air passage clear.

Cleaning was a very quick process. The soft, one-piece construction took almost no effort at all to scrub with a toothbrush and a little dish soap.  See how Snoremender compares to other mouthpieces.


The SnoreRX looks, due to its advanced technology and manufacturing, visually has a different look that other MADs.

The ability of the user to obtain a custom fit makes the SnoreRX very attractive to many. You use the boil and bite to obtain a reasonably good fit, and then the special calibrator set at very precise intervals allows you to further adjust until it fits your mouth perfectly.

Cleaning SnoreRX Snoring Mouthpiece

Get the Best Deal On SnoreRX

My SnoreRX Experience

If you have a family member or spouse that might need an anti-snore device, you probably want to order two. Instead of paying $99 plus shipping, the price drops over $20 to $77 when ordering more than one at a time.

You need to have some patience with the fitting process. The boil and bite process is fairly easy, but trying to find that perfect fit with the calibrating function can take time.

My wife and I slept very soundly the first night using the device. I had some soreness in my mouth in the morning, but my wife must have done a better job fitting hers correctly the first time as she said she felt fine.

However, after making another adjustment, the next night's use resulted in no pain at all when I woke up.

Cleaning took quite a while. The cracks and crevices due to the modernistic design made the scrubbing process a bit lengthy in comparison to other devices.

Overall, my wife and I found the SnoreRX experience to be a good one. Wearing it was comfortable and it did its job and kept us both from snoring.

My Recommendation

Both devices function as designed. However, the SnoreRX comes out ahead for several reasons. The SnoreRX’s hybrid and sleek design means it is less bulky and more unobtrusive to wear. In addition, you will not have to worry about soreness as much due to the ability to make fine adjustments.

If you are looking for an easier cleaning process, then you may want to choose the SnoreMender over the SnoreRX.  Check out the SnoreRX coupon and SnoreMender coupon if you plan to purchase.

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Since you have to try SnoreMender PS for 90 days before you can request a refund, you might as well make the most of it and put these troubleshooting tips to good use before you send it back.

SnoreMender Cleaning

Rubbing the Gums

You know how painful it is when you get a blister from a new pair of shoes? This is sort of what it will feel like if your mouthpiece rubs against your gums all night. A nail file can be used to smooth any irritating edges that are present. Only do a small amount at a time and test it frequently to make sure you don't overdo it.

Too Strong or Springy

SnoreMender does not recommend altering the fit of this device this soon. It is common for users to heat it to adjust without any guidance. If you do this too soon, then it may feel too weak and loose once your mouth gets used to it.

If you do need to make an adjustment, SnoreMender suggest waiting two weeks to do so. At this time, boil water and pour it in a bowl. Allow it to cool slightly. Place the device in water for 90 seconds. Put it in your mouth and bite to hold it in place. Continue to do this for 2 minutes.

Too Wide

If your device is too wide it will likely pop off your teeth. In this case, pour boiling water in a bowl and allow it to cool. You can also combine 2 cups boiling water with 1 cup of cold water to achieve the right temperature faster. Dip the lower front half of the snoring mouthpiece in the water while holding it by the hinges. Hold this for 90 seconds. Place it in your mouth and bite for 120 seconds to keep it in place.

Not Working

If you are still snoring while wearing your device, you may need to adjust the lower jaw placement a bit. Pour 2 cups of hot water and 1 cup cold water in a bowl. Hold the lower front piece in water for a minute. Be sure to not get the hinges wet, too. Pull the lower tray forward using your thumb to lengthen it.

If the mouthpiece has still been unsuccessful, you can contact the company and request an extra-strength replacement.  Check out more information on the mouthpiece and purchasing on the SnoreMender PS reviews and SnoreMender coupon pages.

If you tried the original SnoreMender years ago then you may be wondering how the newer version compares. The original stop snoring device launched in 2007. In 2013, SnoreMender PS was released with a few upgrades.

Fore more information on the currently sold SnoreMender check out our SnoreMender review.

SnoreMender PS and ZQuiet are often compared because they feature a hinged technology. However, there is not much more these two devices have in common.  These are two of the simplest anti snoring devices you can buy.

For more information on each mouthpiece check out my SnoreMender PS review and ZQuiet reviews.

The SnoreMender anti-snoring mouthpiece comes at a very reasonable price, however why not use a discount coupon code if available?

SnoreMender Promo CodeWe will update this page with the latest promo codes to make sure you get the best price you can for the product.

When using a discount code, you will not invalidate the 90 day trial period offered by SnoreMender.  This is a nice feature in that, no matter the price you pay (with coupon or without) you will not have to pay for the mouthpiece unless it is effective for you.

If you're still on the fence with SnoreMender, check out my full SnoreMender PS review before making a final decision.

The SnoreMender PS design looks very simple until you see that it opens and closes easily (see video below), which is rare for one of these anti-snoring mouthpieces. Being able to move your mouth while wearing a device is a pretty attractive quality, but I'm sorry to tell you that my experience with this device was far from favorable.

SnoreMender PS Review


SnoreMender Complaints

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A Closer Look at SnoreMender PS

SnoreMender PS is classified as a mandibular advancement device (MAD). It helps keep your airway clear to reduce the chance of snoring by holding your lower jaw in a slightly forward position. This mouthpiece is made of a very smooth, opaque white medical-grade dental thermoplastic that contains no BPA, silicone, latex, or phthalates. The material alone made me think this device had potential, but sadly its safe and nonirritating material does not compensate for its flaws.

This MAD does not require a fitting process, so it is ready to go right out of the box. The device has a flexible frame with a patented hinge that allows natural jaw movement. Depending on how long you have been looking at stop snoring mouthpieces, you may be thinking this device is quite similar to ZQuiet. Well, the concept is the same, but the craftsmanship does not compare. That being said, the flexible frame does reduce pressure placed on your jaw.

Since this device is flexible, you are able to keep your mouth open, so if you generally breathe through your mouth, you will have no problem breathing while using this device. Also, since it is simple and smooth there are no crevices to harbor bacteria or special tools to keep in a safe place to make further adjustments.

SnoreMender's standout feature is its Pressure Shift Technology. This design is suggested to redirect pressure to large, strong teeth to relieve pressure that mouthpieces often apply to front teeth.

My Experience with SnoreMender PS

I am a huge fan of ZQuiet. In fact, it is my second favorite stop snoring oral appliance. So, naturally, my curiosity was piqued when I discovered another MAD with some type of hinged technology. My wife was also excited to try SnoreMender PS because she loves ZQuiet, too.

When our devices arrived, I washed them right away. I'm glad I actually looked at the instructions first because they said not to use hot water or toothpaste. I just used lukewarm water and mild dishwashing soap. It does say to run hot water over the hinges to relax them, but make sure it is only the hinges and you don't need to do it all that long either.

SnoreMender is ready-to-use immediately, so it didn't have to deal with the boil-and-bite process (not that the molding process is hard by any means). When we put them in before bed no words needed to be spoken. We were both expecting a comfortable mouthpiece like ZQuiet, but it is far from what we got.

The hinges on this device may move, but it was far from comfortable. First, it really did not fit my mouth right. I felt like I was trying to put a square peg through a round hole. The trays didn't line up with my jaw. If it was a soft, flexible material maybe the fit would have been better. It felt like it was a little too small for me, but it was way too big for my wife. She immediately opted out of this trial knowing there was no way she could wear it an entire week. The instructions did say it could be filed down, but I don't think any amount of filing would have helped.

The device does allow you to breathe through your mouth, and it didn't make me drool as much as other devices, so it had one thing going for it. It really didn't feel bulky either. I fell asleep quite quickly, but when the dog woke me up to go outside in the middle of the night the mouthpiece was nowhere to be found.

In the morning, I felt tired and grouchy, which is exactly what I was expecting. I did not get any quality sleep. Usually, when a device does not work the first night, I try remolding it to see if I need to tweak the fit. Unfortunately, extreme changes can't be made to this mouthpiece. The second night, the same thing happened. I really did not see much hope for this product, but I thought I would give it one more effort anyway. On the third morning, I disregarded the instructions and ran the device under hot water just to soften it to see if I could stretch it a bit to fit my jaw. Initially, I thought it might work, but as it cooled and contracted the fit was returning to its original state. SnoreMender can be altered to an extent, but making it wider just did not work. I could not bring myself to sacrifice one more night of sleep.


One SnoreMender PS is $57. If you order two, they are $49 each, and if you buy three, you pay $43 per unit. All options include free shipping. It is also backed by a 90-day guarantee.

Final Thoughts

SnoreMender PS is a great concept that is poorly executed. The material and price are right, but the design is all wrong. If you are interested in the hinged design I recommend ZQuiet. It also has a hinged design, but it is a soft, flexible, rubber material that is comfortable and fits well. Plus, you only have to pay shipping upfront to try it for 30 days. If you try ZQuiet without success, read my SnoreRx review.

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