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Smart Nora Anti-Snoring Pillow System Review

In my quest for a decent night’s sleep, I have tried almost every anti-snoring remedy, mouthpiece, and contraption on the market. I classify the Smart Nora system as a snoring pillow but it really is a standalone system. Most snoring devices, such as the ZQuiet Mouthguard, work by manually adjusting the position of the head […]

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Comparing Anti-Snoring Pillows: Nitetronic goodnite vs. Smart Nora

Your pillow is one of the most important items to help you get a restful and snore-free sleep. There are innumerable types of pillows in the market, but when you start talking about anti-snoring pillows, there are two that stand out in the field: the Nitetronic goodnite™ Anti-Snore Pillow and the Smart Nora pillow. I’ve […]

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Should You Buy the Smart Nora on Amazon or eBay?

The Smart Nora anti-snoring pillow is not for sale on by the manufacturer. Any Smart Nora’s devices that are for sale on Amazon are either used or re-conditioned units, and may no longer be under the manufacturer’s warranty. Products sold as used may be defective or faulty. We recommend that you purchase the Smart […]

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Smart Nora Discount and Coupon Code

The Smart Nora snoring device retails for $300 USD. It is available directly from the manufacturer only and is usually on sale for $279.00. Since the Smart Nora is usually on back order of up to eight weeks, there are no discounts available. There are currently no available coupon codes for the Smart Nora. Be […]

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