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14 Questions Answered About VitalSleep

If you are considering VitalSleep, and you have questions, there is a very good chance that countless other people have already asked them. I cover a lot of questions in my VitalSleep snoring mouthpiece

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VitalSleep: Is it Your Ideal Option?

Not every mandibular advancement device (MAD) is a solution for every snorer. They all fit differently and have unique features, so always make your decision based on your needs and not how well it performed

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The Creator and Company Behind VitalSleep

  After spending close to $3,000 on a stop snoring mouthpiece prescribed by a dentist, David Hernandez was inspired to develop an effective solution that wouldn’t break the bank. Hernandez graduated

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A Guide to Fitting Your VitalSleep Mouthpiece

If you are like many others, you hear the term “boil-and-bite” and instantly panic. You may wonder if the process is painful, or you might be concerned that you will mess it up and your snoring

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