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Review of Rhinomed MUTE Nasal Dilator Snoring Aid

I’ve been snoring for years and have tried a lot of anti-snoring devices, including nasal dilators. Nasal dilators are small inserts made of a rubber-like material that you insert into your nose before going to sleep. They open up your nasal pathways, which prevent you from snoring.   Nasal dilators are different from snore guards that […]

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How a Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device Can Help You Sleep Better

Salt therapy has been used by humans for all recorded history. Gargling with salt water for a sore throat, taking a salt bath for sore muscles and having a salt scrub as a spa treatment are all well-known and accepted ways that we use salt for health and beauty. Salt is used every day to […]

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Snoring Solutions: Nasal Dilators vs. Nasal Sprays

Many people find it impossible to sleep at night without snoring. A variety of different issues can result in snoring. This includes allergies, colds, obstructive sleep apnea, and even the position you sleep in. Problem snoring can cause serious issues for some people in terms of getting proper sleep. It can also have a negative […]

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Over-the-Counter Sleep Aids and How They Stop Snoring

Are you tired of being told you’re a snorer? Does your partner want to kick you out of bed at night because the can no longer handle the noise? Do your kids and family members regularly make jokes at your expense, about your snoring? If any of these questions are answered with yes, then you […]

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Marz Sleep Spray

Beat Sleeplessness the Natural Way Insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns can be infuriating, and over time can seriously affect our day-to-day lives, work, and relationships. Whether suffering from a sleep-related disorder, physical condition, hectic lifestyle, or a simple inability to ‘switch off,’ 1 in 3 of us have experienced it at one time or another. […]

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SlumberBUMP Announces the New One-Size-Fits-All

Guest Post By SlumberBUMP With the slumberBUMP’s NEW One Size Fits All just released, it might help to know a little bit about it before you decide if this is a “fit” for you. We’ve long anticipated releasing this new version because of the convenience it extends to a new range of customers. As a […]

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Can Earbuds Block Out Bad Snoring? My QuietOn Sleep Review

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to get me unfocused. As I work at home or the office, I find that any auditory disturbance can derail my productivity. Whether it’s children playing outside, the television, or even the sounds of the city, sometimes it seems like everything is trying to disturb or distract me. I tried […]

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