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Comparing Stop Snoring Today to Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) may seem unusual to some. However, I have found that a lot of folks who decide to try a chin strap do so because they already tried a mouthpiece and did not like the feel of something in their mouth. Since GMSS does not take up room in the mouth it is a smart alternative some people may want to try.


Stop Snoring Today is a chin strap that is designed to hold your jaw forward. This keeps the airway clear of obstruction. It wraps around the chin and crown of the head and has holes for the ears.

GMSS is a tongue stabilizing device. It also is designed to keep your airway free of obstruction, but it takes a little different approach. On one end is a bulb that suctions to the tip of your tongue. At the other end is a piece of soft material that rests between your outer teeth and inner lips. Instead of forcing your jaw forward it holds your tongue forward instead. This still prevents relaxed tissues from collapsing into your throat.


Stop Snoring Today costs $99.95 for two devices. As of October 25, 2018 Good Morning Snore Solution is $69.94 for a single and $99.94 for a bundle pack.   Shipping is around $10, and it is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. You actually have 45 days to return it, so you can try it for a full 30 days before making your decision.


Chin straps are generally deemed pretty safe, but it should be noted that Stop Snoring Today has not been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. GMSS has been cleared by the FDA, as well as Canada's Therapeutic Products Doctorate and the Australian Department of Health and Aging.


It is unclear how long Stop Snoring Today will last. However, I will say that it seemed very well made when I put it to the test. I imagine its lifespan would reflect the user and the number of times it gets washed. GMSS has an expected lifespan of at least one year. Many people report wearing their device significantly longer.

Ideal Candidate

Since neither device goes in your mouth, they can be worn by individuals with dentures or dental work. This makes them both attractive options to those who are not a good match for a mandibular advancement device. However, you do need to be able to breathe through your nose to wear them. This makes them not a suitable option for individuals with nasal polyps, sinus issues, or a deviated septum.

Comfort and Effectiveness

I put these products to the test and they both successfully stopped my snoring. That being said, one was comfortable and effortless to wear, but the other was the exact opposite. I found GMSS to be extremely comfortable. It has to be my favorite stop snoring device that I wear nightly now that my trials are done.

Stop Snoring Today was awful to wear. Does that mean it will be awful for you? Absolutely not. If you have an average size head this chin strap may be fine for you. It was far too small for my head, even with the adjustable straps on the largest setting. It gave me a headache for four days straight until I couldn't wear it anymore.

For other options check out my snoring mouthguard reviews page.

CPAPs (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) are devices that push air through your airway to ensure it is open and to prevent snoring. AveoTSD is a tongue retention device or TRD that is a one-size-fits-all anti-snore product. It forces your tongue to maintain an advanced position in your mouth to keep your air passage open.

CPAP machines include several parts such as a hose, mask, and filter, and need battery or AC power to function. If you read our AveoTSD review you'll see that it's composed of one piece of malleable plastic that has an upper and lower jaw in addition to a tongue storage chamber.

Snoring Solutions Compared

AVEOtsd vs. CPAP

TRDAirway pump/continuous positive air pressure machine
NoneManual adjustment of the mask straps and nose fitting
Warm water and dish soapDisassembly and washing each part in warm, soapy water
One Size Fits AllVarious
AVEOtsd ReviewN/A

People suffering from severe sleep apnea frequently choose CPAPs. However, a TRD, like AveoTSD, more often than not, prevents people from snoring as well.


The AveoTSD is very simple to use and comes in one piece. It is constructed with soft malleable plastic. There are upper and lower jaw sections in addition to a tongue holding component. After you have put the device in your mouth, you slightly adjust the tightness of the tongue-holding section so that it stays in place.

AVEOtsd cleaningYou are required to get a doctor’s prescription in order to purchase an AveoTSD. Visit your primary care physician to get an evaluation. Usually, the process takes a little over a week.

After you get a prescription, you can purchase the AveoTSD online and it will ship immediately.

To clean the device, simply wash it with warm water and dish soap.

My AVEOtsd Experience

Initially, the tongue storage chamber caused a bit of soreness and drooling but after minor tongue adjustments, the device fit very comfortably in my mouth. My wife and I struggled a bit to determine what the perfect amount of tongue suction should be but eventually figured it out.

We appreciated how easy it was to clean with soapy warm water.

Thanks to the TRD, the AveoTSD almost always eliminates snoring.


The CPAP is easy to use but arrives in pieces that must be assembled. There is a filter, mask, tubing, and the actual air pump/machine. You must put the mask over your head and insert the nasal plugs into your nostrils. After the device has been set up, you adjust the plugs and straps, and then turn the machine on.

CPAP Device

To clean, you disassemble and wash with soapy, warm water.

It may be necessary to buy an expensive CPAP humidifier, which stops dry air from going down your airway, as many find breathing the dry air all night very uncomfortable.

My CPAP Experience

Similar to the AveoTSD, you are required to have a doctor’s prescription to purchase a CPAP. If you do not go to your own primary care physician for a sleep assessment, many times CPAP companies will provide you a questionnaire to fill out and their doctors will make an evaluation.

Usually, the process to get approved takes about one week to ten days. After you get a prescription, you can buy the device online and they will ship it immediately.

To clean it, first you have to disconnect all of the hoses and the mask, and remove the filter from the machine. Then you clean each segment with soapy warm water. Consider wiping down the machine with a mildly damp cloth. Most users clean their CPAPs every other day.

The CPAP virtually always eliminates snoring. If you wear the mask properly and have it adjusted according to your specific measurements, it works extremely well.

My Recommendation

The AveoTSD costs much less than a CPAP. Unless your insurance pays for a large portion of the cost, the CPAP is a very expensive option. The AveoTSD only needs warm water and hand soap to clean whereas the CPAP requires disassembly and cleaning each part every other day. And we keep a list of our favorite mouthpieces to help you quickly evaluate the choices.

If you have a CPAP, due to the various components that make up the device you run the risk of damaging one and being forced to pay for a replacement.

If your doctor recommends getting a CPAP as a result of a diagnosis of sleep apnea, then get a CPAP. Since it is a medical necessity, you likely will not have to worry about the costs, as most insurance companies will pay for all or part of the total price.

The AirSnore and ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpieces are similar in many ways, and if you're trying to decide between the two, this article may help you choose.

But if you've not read the Airsnore review or the ZQuiet review that we've written, you might want to begin there.

The primary difference between AirSnore and zQuiet is the custom mold of your teeth. By doing a "boil-and-bite" using hot and cold water, the AirSnore is able to be custom fit to your teeth, jaws, and gumline. The zQuiet does not allow this.

Other Mouthpieces for Snoring that we've reviewed include:

Good Morning Snore Solution and SnoreRx use two different methods to stop you from snoring. Good Morning Snore Solution is a TRD (tongue retaining device) and the SnoreRx is a MAD (mandibular advancement device).

Both devices stopped my wife and me from snoring. The ease of fitting and cleaning the Good Morning Snore Solution made it our favorite of the two, though some people may prefer SnoreRx depending on their preferences.

Both Mouthpieces compared

GMSS vs. SnoreRx

Good Morning Snore SolutionSnoreRX
None RequiredBoil & Bite plus Flex Jaw (ten 1 mm settings to provide a more customized fit)
Denture tabletsDenture tablets plus requires disassembly for complete cleaning
One versionOne version, over-the-counter
$69.94, plus $10 shipping$99.00, plus $10 shipping
GMSS ReviewSnoreRX Review

It took a while for our tongues to feel normal wearing the Good Morning Snore Solution. The flex jaw customization feature of the SnoreRX made it easier for us initially to adjust to wearing it.

Good Morning Snore Solution

Good Morning Snore Solution has an odd-looking shape compared to other anti-snoring devices. This is because, as a TRD, it doesn’t need to conform to your mouth.

There is a small suction bulb that you attach to the tip of your tongue. You squeeze the bulb and the suction keeps it in place on your tongue. By keeping your tongue from falling back into your throat when you sleep, it stops you from snoring.

Dropping it into a denture solution easily cleans it.

Good Morning Snore Solution Reviews

My Good Morning Snore Solution Experience

We bought two of the devices. They arrived within a few days. After being used to boil and fit and adjusting MADs, the TRD was simple to use. We simply squeezed the bulb and it attached to the tip of our tongue. Admittedly, my wife and I felt a little strange wearing it and both got a case of the giggles placing it on the tip of our tongues.

I was amazed the next morning to find that it had not fallen off. My wife and I awoke refreshed and our son reported no sounds of snoring coming from the bedroom the previous night. My tongue, however, was pretty sore.

The next night I tried not to squeeze so hard and used less suction. This seemed to help as after the second night my tongue was not quite as sore. By the fourth night, the soreness had gone away.

One thing that could be an issue for some people: you have to breathe through your nose when wearing the Good Morning Snore Solution. Unlike most MADs, there are no air holes that would allow you to breathe through your mouth too.


The look of the SnoreRx differs quite a lot from that of other MADs. It looks a bit complicated due to its sophisticated technology compared to other mandibular advancement devices.

Cleaning SnoreRx Snoring MouthpieceYou can get an excellent, custom fit with the SnoreRx. You can use the boil and bite process and then adjust the calibrator to ensure the perfect fit. The calibrator has ten different settings, 1 mm apart.

My SnoreRX Experience

It took me and my wife a while to get the SnoreRx fitted as the number of options overwhelmed us a bit. We used the boil and bite first and then used the calibrator function to try and customize it to our mouths.

The time it took was worth it as the next morning my wife reported no soreness. I needed to adjust mine slightly but after the second night, the mouthpiece caused me no discomfort whatsoever.

My wife and I slept well and neither of us reported hearing the other snoring.

The cleaning process took more time than expected. You cannot just drop the device in a glass of warm water with a cleaning tablet and forget about it. The design included lots of little hard-to-reach spots that required scrubbing with a tooth brush to remove any possible bacteria.

My wife and I agree that the SnoreRx does as it advertises. We both had a great night sleep and it stopped us from snoring.

My Recommendation

Both of these devices kept us from snoring. The Good Morning Snore Solution, with no boil and fit or adjustments necessary, the simplicity of wearing it and the ease of cleaning, makes it my wife and I's favorite.

Note: Ordering two of either the Good Morning Snore Solution or the SnoreRX cuts the price by more than one-third.

Make sure to use a Good Morning Snore Solution Coupon or SnoreRX Coupon if you decide to order. And for more ideas and ratings, check out our list of the best mouthpieces to stop your snoring.

The Good Morning Snore Solution and the VitalSleep use two different methods to prevent you from snoring. The Good Morning Snore Solution is a TRD (tongue retaining device) and the VitalSleep is an MAD (mandibular advancement device).

Both devices stopped my wife and me from snoring. The ease of fitting and cleaning the Good Morning Snore Solution made it our favorite of the two.

Snoring Mouthpieces Compared

GMSS vs. VitalSleep

Good Morning Snore SolutionVitalSleep
TRDMAD (with side-to-side jaw motion design)
NoneBoil and Bite plus lower jaw adjustments up to 7 mm
Denture tabletsToothbrush and toothpaste
One versionTwo sizes: Large for men and small for women
$99.94 plus $10 shipping$59.95 (currently on sale)
GMSS reviewVitalSleep review

For me, the snoring mouthpiece of the Good Morning Snore solution took a little more work than the other one, but it really depends on the individual. Make sure to read up on my commentary and experience in using each one to figure out whether the Good Morning Snore Solution or the VitalSleep is appropriate for your needs.

Good Morning Snore Solution

The Good Morning Snore Solution has a peculiar-looking shape compared to some of the other anti-snoring devices. This irregularity is due to the fact that it is a TRD, so it does not always need to conform perfectly to your mouth.

good morning snore solution front viewIt comes with a small suction bulb that you attach to the tip of your tongue. After you squeeze the bulb, the suction keeps the device in place on your tongue. By stopping your tongue from falling back into your throat while you sleep, it prevents you from snoring.

All you have to do to clean it is drop it into a denture solution.

The GMSS Experience

My wife and I bought two of the devices. They arrived within three days. Since I was used to the boil and fit and adjusting MADs, the TRD was simple to use. All we had to do was simply squeeze the bulb and attach it to the tip of our tongue.

I was shocked the next morning to find that it had stayed on the whole night. My wife and I awoke refreshed and our son reported no sounds of snoring coming from the bedroom the previous night. However, my tongue was quite sore.

By the fourth night, I had no soreness at all.

One problem that might be an issue for some users: you have to breathe using your nose when using the Good Morning Snore Solution. Unlike many MADs, there are no air holes that would allow you to breathe with your mouth as well.


VitalSleep pushes our lower jaw forward and holds it in place. This keeps your airway clear when you sleep.

VitalSleep Mouthpiece ReviewYou need a toothbrush and toothpaste to properly clean it.

My VitalSleep Experience

The first thing I did when my VitalSleep orders arrived, one large for me and one small for my wife, was clean them both with warm water and dish soap. Then, my wife and I used the boil and fit method to customize the devices.

Before the first night, we used the included hex tool (something else to worry about misplacing) to fit the units to our jaws.

After the first night, we both very refreshed. My teenage son told us that he did not hear any snoring coming from our room. My mouth was a little sore but after making a few small adjustments the rest of the week it felt completely normal.

My biggest complaint was the cleaning process. You really cannot get the device properly cleaned without spending some extra time ensuring that you have carefully brushed every cranny and crack.

My Recommendation

Good Morning Snore Solutions and the VitalSleep provide very comfortable fits, as long as you take the time to adjust them. People who have a tendency to grind his or her teeth might want to consider the VitalSleep.

Especially those who tend to bite his or her tongue in their sleep, may find the Good Morning Snore Solution a more suitable purchase.  Check my GMSS Coupon and VitalSleep discount pages for savings. We also rate the best mouthpieces for problem snoring.

A tongue retaining device (TRD), the Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) keeps your tongue from blocking your airway to prevent snoring. The ZQuiet, a mandibular advancement device (MAD) keeps your jaw thrust slightly forward to keep your airway clear.

For my wife and me, each device functioned as advertised and stopped us from snoring.

We favor the ZQuiet, despite my wife experiencing a slight fitting issue, due to ease of cleaning and price.  However Good Morning Snore Solution is definitely a better option if you have bad allergies.

Snoring Devices Compared

GMSS vs. ZQuiet

Good Morning Snore SolutionZQuiet
Denture tabletsToothbrush and dish soap
One versionTwo sizes
$99.94 plus $10 shipping$79.95 plus shipping
GMSS reviewZQuiet review

Other than sore tongues for a few days, we eventually had no problems with the Good Morning Snore Solution. The ZQuiet felt comfortable and after the first night, neither of us experienced any soreness upon waking.  Both turned out to be effective stop snoring mouthpieces.


The soft and very pliable construction of the ZQuiet provides a very comfortable feel in your mouth. Your mouth opens slightly so if you are a mouth breather only you can use a ZQuiet.

The ZQuiet fits a bit loosely but did not fall out of our mouths.

ZQuiet mouthpieceThe cleaning was the easiest part, just a toothbrush and a bit of soap each morning.

My ZQuiet Experience

We were surprised to find that when you order a ZQuiet you get two, one of each size. Fitting requires you to put each one in your mouth and decide which one feels better! Once I trimmed the plastic around my wife's in order to provide her with a more snug fit, she reported hers felt wonderful.

The ZQuiet, according to my wife and son, stopped all snoring sounds from coming out of my mouth. However, my wife was a bit disappointed that her snoring was not 100% gone. It was significantly reduced and I could barely hear her. My son in the next room reported hearing nothing though.

The toothbrush and soap cleaning process took less than a minute or two. In contrast to some competitor's brands that have lots of nooks and crannies, the ZQuiet's one-piece construction made cleaning easy.

Good Morning Snore Solution

The look of the Good Morning Snore Solution is a bit odd. The suction cup attaches to the tip of your tongue to keep it from flopping back in the throat. There is no mouthpiece to wear like there is with an MAD.

CPAP DeviceCleaning simply requires a glass, warm water and a denture tablet you can purchase at just about any drugstore.

My Experience With GMSS

The GMSS comes in two sizes. I ordered a small for my wife and large for me. Mine fit perfectly right out of the box. However, my wife's device was still too large so, as per the directions, I trimmed it a bit with scissors.

Once I did so, she claimed it fit fine also.It felt strange wearing them at first with the suction cup attached to the tip of our tongues. We both believed they would fall out during the night but were pleasantly surprised when that did not happen.

Since my tongue was a bit sore the first morning, the next night I tried squeezing the bulb less, even though I worried about it coming loose (it didn't).

That took care of the soreness as the next morning I felt great. My son reported no snoring sounds from the bedroom, and when I woke to put the dog out my wife was breathing soundlessly.

One note of caution: my wife and I breathe through our mouths or nose. If you are a mouth breather only, you will not be able to use the GMSS since your mouth is kept shut with your tongue forward.

My Recommendation

The GMSS and the ZQuiet, during our trial of several weeks each, kept us from snoring. True, the effect of the ZQuiet on my wife was not perfect, but for all intents and purposes, she did not make much noise and awoke refreshed.

The price and simplicity of the cleaning regimen made the ZQuiet win out over the GMSS for us.

If you decide to buy either, make sure to check out the Good Morning Snore Solution coupon and the ZQuiet coupon.

If you have dentures, crowns, caps or braces it can prevent you from wearing a mandibular adjustment device (MAD). And for some people, it's just never going to be relaxing to sleep properly with a full MAD inside their mouth.

good morning snore solution factsFor that reason, I wanted to write this comparison of two devices that are also effective without feeling so overwhelming inside your mouth. They belong to a category of anti-snoring mouthpieces that we call tongue stabilization devices (TSDs).

Essentially, a tongue stabilization device rests right around your lips, and is designed to keep your tongue extended toward the front of your mouth. This is important because, as we drift into sleep, a tongue that rests back into the throat area can block airflow for mouth breathers.

To the right is an image of the Good Morning Snore Solution device, which should give you a visual idea of how it anchor between the lips and front teeth, as well as where the tongue goes.

Before we start on the comparison, let me link you to the full reviews that we've done on AVEOtsd and Good Morning Snore Solution (our pick for best TSD). If you like what you read here, you can jump over there for a deeper level of detail.

Actual product comparisons:

We love these two devices - and our review ratings reflect how effective we think they are! If you want more ideas, check out this full list of the best anti-snoring devices.

If you have been exploring mouthpiece options then you have probably found that when it comes to mandibular advancement devices (MADs), Zyppah and ZQuiet tend to the most popular picks.

Both devices are on my list of top four favorite anti-snoring solutions, but I like ZQuiet just a bit more. This does not mean you will though. Zyppah could be the perfect one for you.

Understanding the similarities and differences between the two snoring mouthpieces may make it a little easier for you to make your decision.


Zyppah vs. ZQuiet

MAD Hybrid: includes a TRD (tongue retaining device)MAD
Boil and BiteNone
Denture tabletsToothbrush and dish soap
Four versions, over-the-counter and prescriptionTwo sizes
$89.99 version includes free shipping$79.95
Zyppah ReviewZQuiet review

Zyppah and ZQuiet were both effective in stopping my snoring. They are both made of quality materials and designed by respected dentists.

Your decision will likely come down to design. If you prefer the stationary feel of a traditional mouthpiece and feel you need the rubber strap to hold your tongue, Zyppah will be your best option.

If you would like to be able to move your mouth and speak freely then give ZQuiet a try.

Zyppah and SnoreRX are both classified as MADs (mandibular advancement devices), though the Zyppah is really a hybrid device.

In my mind, both MAD devices are good options. However SnoreRX, has the edge over Zyppah due to its calibration functionality, comfort and superior customer service.

Both Mouthpieces compared

SnoreRx vs. Zyppah

MADMAD Hybrid: includes a TRD (tongue retaining device)
Boil and Bite plus Flex Jaw, (six, 1 mm settings to provide a more customized fit)Boil and Bite
Denture tablets or ultra-sonic cleaner for a complete cleaningDenture tablets
One version, over-the-counterFour versions, over-the-counter and prescription
$99.00, plus $6.95 shipping$99.95, plus $9.95 shipping
SnoreRX ReviewZyppah Review

Though I did have a better experience with one of the anti snoring devices, I think that certain people may prefer one over the other based on their own preferences.  I suggest you read my experience and analysis below before deciding on Zyppah vs SnoreRX.

Zyppah Rx

Zyppah forces the lower jaw into a forward position to reduce the risk of obstructing the airway. It is considered a hybrid, however, as it also has a TRD, though without the suction bulb on the end that most TRDs have. This stabilizes your tongue to help keep your airway open.

Zyppah Rx ReviewThe unit is made exclusively in the United States and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

My Zyppah Experience

I purchased my Zyppahs for my wife and me through the mail. It arrived quickly. There was no assembly required, though you have to pay careful attention to the fitting directions, as they require following each step precisely.

My wife and I got a good night sleep the first night wearing the Zyppah. I awoke refreshed. My wife reported that she heard no snoring coming from me and I heard none from here. We both had slightly sore mouths but after a few days of wear, the soreness disappeared.

Cleaning was easy, as it only required a cup, warm water, and a denture cleaning tablet. The sleek design did not require any additional scrubbing or removal of parts. After the two week trial, we both continued wearing our Zyppahs, as we were very satisfied with the results.


The SnoreRX looks a lot different from other MADs. This is because SnoreRX incorporates more sophisticated technology than other MADs.

Cleaning SnoreRX Snoring MouthpieceOne of the key features is the ability to fit SnoreRX to your mouth. It uses boil and bite, but also has a calibrator with six different, 1 mm apart, settings. You can use the calibrator even with the boil and bit fitting feature to further customize your fit.

My SnoreRX Experience

The fitting options were a bit overwhelming. My wife and I used the boil and bite fitting method, but then spent some time trying to get the perfect fit by using the calibrator function too.

My mouth was a bit sore after the first night's wear but my wife reported she felt fine. Each of us had a good nights' rest.

The biggest issue I had with the SnoreRX was the cleaning process, which took longer than expected. All the nooks and crannies required more attention than just dropping it in a glass of warm water and adding a cleaning tablet.

The second night I adjusted my SnoreRX slightly using the calibrators. This made a big difference as the next day my mouth was not sore at all. My wife and I both agree that the SnoreRX, despite its rather bulky appearance, is very comfortable to wear.

Note: Ordering two provides a substantial discount. The $99 price drops to $77 each, plus the $10 shipping.

My Recommendation

Both devices are comfortable to wear and function as designed. However, SnoreRx comes out ahead for several reasons.

The newest version of the SnoreRx device is super comfortable for me and definitely puts a stop to my snoring because of the precise calibration ability. Zyppah and SnoreRx both require cleaning and I suggest denture tablets and/or see my review on the iSonic Cleaner.

If you are only buying one for yourself, the Zyppah's price (use a coupon), and free shipping, makes it a better bargain. Update: Zyppah has increased their price to 99.95. Purchasing 2 from SnoreRx is the better deal.

Interested in a different selection? Here's a list of our top-rated mouthpieces, along with ratings and an understanding of how we created our scoring system.

These two MADs (mandibular advancement devices) made by Zyppah and PureSleep both work very well. You can consider the Zyppah two devices in one though: a MAD and a TRD (tongue retaining device).

My wife and I slept comfortably with both devices. The user-friendly features of the Zyppah made it our favorite of the two though.

Both Mouthpieces Compared

Zyppah vs. PureSleep

MAD Hybrid: includes a TRD (tongue retaining device)MAD
Boil and BiteBoil and Bite (upper and lower piece fitted separately)
Four versions, over-the-counter and prescriptionOne
$89.99 version includes free shipping$59.95, plus $9.99 shipping
Zyppah ReviewPureSleep Review

You have to be careful during the fitting process with one of the devices. There are a few other details that make one easier to use than the other for most people.

Reading my reviews on each will help you decide which will work best.

Zyppah Rx

Zyppah Rx Review

The Zyppah uses two different ways to help stop snoring. As a MAD, it forces the lower jaw forward in order to open the airway. As a TRD, the Zyppah also stabilizes the tongue and keeps it from falling back into the throat and blocking the airway.

Zyppah has won approval from the Food and Drug Administration FDA.

My Zyppah Experience

The Zyppah arrived within a few days after I placed the order. Since there were no moving parts, I did not have to worry about assembly.

I had read, however, that you need to be careful and follow the fitting directions closely. My wife and I made sure that we did not skip any steps.

The first night wearing the Zyppah turned out well. My wife and I both had a great night's sleep and awoke refreshed. We both, however, had slightly sore mouths. After wearing the device for a couple days, the soreness went away.

The cleaning process required next to no effort. We merely dropped our Zyppahs in cups of warm water and added a dental cleaning tablet. The one-piece design meant no crevices or cracks that needed scrubbing.

At the end of the two week trial, my wife and I both agreed that the Zyppah did want it advertised it could do.


PureSleep Reviews

PureSleep arrives in two pieces: one piece must be fitted to the upper jaw and the other to the lower. Once you find the most comfortable fit, you use the boil and bite method.

This means, however, that you must take extra care during the fitting process, as you cannot adjust it once you have completed the boil and bite.

This device has a lot of crevices, so you must take extra care when cleaning.

My PureSleep Experience

Ordering and shipping too significantly longer than it did for the other anti-snoring devices I have used. First, I had to fill out a 21-question form.

I did not mind this very much as I felt it refreshing to have a company actually try to determine if I would be a good candidate for the device or not. The two week shipping time, however, made both my wife and I a little annoyed.

I had read about the fitting process so we took our time making sure we had the perfect fit. Other devices are more forgiving. If it does not fit right, you can always adjust it the next day. This is not possible with the PureSleep.

The first night went well for me. I woke up refreshed and my mouth felt fine. My wife, however, had a bit of a sore mouth and, while she never admitted it, I suspect she wished she had taken more time to ensure the perfect fit like I did.

After about four days, she stopped experiencing soreness in the mornings though and for the rest of the week she felt fine.

My son reported that he did not hear any snoring coming from our room when we wore the PureSleeps.

Neither my wife nor I were happy about the cleaning process. It took a lot longer than with most other devices due to the customized design.

My Recommendation

The biggest drawback of the PureSleep concerns the fitting process and the cleaning. My wife would have been a lot happier those first few nights if she had been able to adjust it after the boil and bite like she could the Zyppah.

The complex design of the PureSleep meant that I had to spend more time than expected to clean it.  The TRD feature on the Zyppah made it a tad more comfortable to use also.

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