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You have probably read my snoring mouthpiece reviews for ProSnore and ProSnore II already, but if you are anything like me, you like to be able to compare the facts of two products side-by-side.

So, I have touched on all of the important points in this comparison.

See my experiences with both snoring mouthpieces in my ProSnore and ProSnore II review. For a list of tested and rated mouthpiece winners, see my 'best of' list here.

One of the reasons people have felt the need to be a bit skeptical of the ProSnore line is because of the company's claims of being an effective tool for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

This is a huge red flag. Only a doctor can tell you if your condition can be helped using a mandibular advancement device (MAD), or if it is safe to even try.

What is OSA?

OSA is the most common form of sleep apnea. It sounds like snoring, only the blockage in the throat closes the airway to fully interrupt breathing. When this happens oxygen can't reach the brain or the rest of the body.

In some cases, a stop snoring mouthpiece can be very helpful. Since these products are designed to keep the airway clear all night, it can be effective in treating OSA in some people.

However, if the case is more severe an MAD may not be enough. Plus, if you know you are having apneas, but you have not been officially diagnosed there is the chance that you have central sleep apnea (CSA).

With this version there is no blockage in the airway. The brain actually does not send the signal to breathe. So, if you self-diagnose and decide to wear a mouthpiece to treat the condition without getting the real help you need, you could be risking your life, if you have CSA.

ProSnore's Claims

ProSnore has been marketed as a product for snoring and OSA. This is very reckless. By making these claims countless people are putting their life at risk by trying a mouthpiece without having a doctor, dentist, or sleep specialist diagnose their condition.

Responsible snoring mouthpiece manufacturers always either makes it clear that the product is not intended to treat sleep apneas or to check with your physician first before ordering. ProSnore making these claims proves the company was only in it for the money and could not possibly have cared about clients.

Learn more about central sleep apnea in this video

Some snorers swear by adjustable snoring mouthpieces while others prefer to stay away from them. So, is one better than the other? Not really. This is actually just a matter of opinion. I have found both options to be effective. Actually, I should say, I have found both varieties to live up to their claims, but that does not mean every adjustable mouthpiece will be effective.

Adjusting ProSnore IIAdjusting ProSnore II

On paper, ProSnore II looks like it will be a breeze to adjust. I can assure you that it's not. Near the back of the jawline on both sides you find hook-and-loop material. If you know anything about this material then you should know it is not easy to work with.

Lining up both sides is easier said than done. It is very hard to get the positioning right. Mine kept turning out crooked no matter how hard I tried.

When you finally do get everything lined up, you better hope it is on the right setting. Chances are good that it is not though. Most have to go through a trial-and-error phase, which means you will need to deal with the adjusting process several times.

Honestly, I don't know how long this device will last (probably not long compared to something like Zyppah). That hook-and-loop material is by no means heavy duty. I imagine it would break down and need to be replaced rather quickly.


Nearly all adjustable MADs require a break in phase. Do not try this mouthpiece (or any other adjustable one); if you expect to be snore-free the very first night. Don't begin using your mouthpiece on a week when your schedule is overloaded either. You can expect to get less sleep in the beginning while you go through this adjustment phase.

For more information on this anti-snoring mouthpiece check out my ProSnore II review.

With so many fantastic anti snoring mouthpieces - mandibular advancement devices (MADs) and tongue-retaining devices - on the market today it is hard to understand why anyone would spend over $100 on a product that simply does not measure up to its competition?

Many people assume that a mouthpiece is going to be great because it is popular online or it has a higher price tag. What you should know is that these things have nothing to do with how effective a mouthpiece is.

In fact, some of the more affordably priced ones are my favorites for unique reasons. Below are a few reasons I would avoid ProSnore.

  1. Questionable Material - Since words like "BPA-free" and "latex-free" are not included in any descriptions, one can only believe these devices are not made from a safe material.
  2. Slow Fitting Process - ProSnore gets shipped fairly quickly, but don't let this give you false hope. It takes several weeks for the product to be fitted and returned to you.
  3. No Clearance - The United States Food and Drug Administration has never signed off on this product being proven to be safe and effective. If it was really designed by a dentist, would he have pushed for the clearance?
  4. Lack of Breathing Holes - ProSnore II does have holes to let you breathe through your mouth, but the original ProSnore doesn't. So anyone who needs to breathe through their mouth would not be a good candidate for the original.

One of the attractions to the ProSnore mouthpiece is that it was developed with the help of an established dentist, but if you do a little digging, you can't help but question the validity of this statement.

ProSnore Dr. GregersonIt is suggested that ProSnore was developed first and then the dentist was recruited to help with the design of the second generation one. Either way, this mysterious dentist that is responsible for bringing attention to these mouthpieces is Dr. Gregerson.

Gregerson practiced dentistry for 30 years prior to this. He was president of the Utah Dental Association and served on the board of the American Dental Association. With all of these claims about Gregerson it is surprising that finding actual evidence to support them is not very easy.

Also, if these devices were created by a dentist, then why aren't they approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration? You would think that a dentist would go through the proper channels to have a snoring mouthpiece cleared for safety and effectiveness, if they were going to put their reputation on a product.

Interestingly, the Better Business Bureau has no record of this company either. As of August 2019, ProSnore has seemed to disappear. You can sometimes catch the devices on eBay, but the actual company has become nonexistent. There is rumor that ProSnore is working on a new device and will surface again when it is complete.

There are others who believe the makers behind ProSnore will reappear under a different name. Only time will tell what's really in store for this company and its products.  If you're looking for more information on the actual product check out our ProSnore review.

For a better option, read my best anti-snoring mouthpieces list.

Update: August 2019: ProSnore is no longer available. But you'll find much better alternatives in the next paragraph.

When I decided to add ProSnore to my list of the best anti snoring mouthpieces to try, I had only planned on ordering the original one.

However, when I discovered how different the original one was from ProSnore II, I decided to give them both a chance.

ProSnore Mouthpiece Review

Usually, I select only one version because the differences are fairly minimal, but these are two very unique products, so I tried them both.

ProSnore Advantages

ProSnore Disadvantages

Original ProSnore

The fact that ProSnore does not have an upper jaw tray distinguishes it from other stop snoring mouthpieces. When you think of a snoring device, you sort of expect the mouthpiece to touch your upper and lower jaw. ProSnore doesn't. It only fits the lower teeth. To hold it in place there is an extension that rests on the front of the upper teeth and gums, thereby holding your lower jaw in a forward position. This tightens throat muscles to keep your airway clear of obstruction.

Also, unlike most mandibular advancement devices (MADs), the fitting process is done for you. You are sent a clay impression kit as well as a stamped and addressed envelope. Simply follow the instructions to create a mold of your teeth in the clay and then you mail it to the lab, so your device can be made for you.

My Experience with ProSnore

I was actually really eager to try ProSnore. The idea of having only one tray in my mouth was pretty exciting. You can tell by looking at it that it is very streamlined, so it had "comfortable" written all over it. Sadly, this was another one of those lessons about not judging a book by its cover.

First, I have to say the waiting period was quite long. The initial impression kit arrived pretty fast, and I sent it to the lab the next day. Then, it took nearly three weeks to receive. This just seems like a really long time.

Anyway, when it arrived, I washed it to try out right away. I loved that it barely took any room in my mouth. My wife got one, too, and she was just as excited as I was. After a few minutes, I did notice that the extension piece that fits over your front teeth was rubbing on my upper gums. I really did not think it would be a big deal though.

When we went to bed that first night, I instantly noticed the rubbing again. I thought that maybe my mouth just needed to get used to it. My wife's didn't rub her gum at all. Maybe my teeth are just an unusual size. Perhaps, if I stopped focusing on it, I wouldn't feel so bothered.

The dog woke me up shortly before dawn for a bathroom break. My wife was snoring away, and her ProSnore was not in her mouth. As I took mine out, I noticed how sore the front of my gums felt. Determined to squeeze in a couple houses of sleep before work, I actually put in my Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) that I knew I could rely on.

The first thing we did when the alarm went off was search for my wife's device, which we found under the bed. My wife is usually up before me, so the fact that she wasn't up before my alarm went off told me she did not sleep well all night.

Any excitement we had about trying ProSnore had fizzled by the time the second night rolled around. My wife really wanted her mouthpiece to work because she said it was so comfortable, but I did not even want to put mine in because my gums were raw. Plus, my allergies were acting up and ProSnore has no breathing hole, so I really was not sure how long it would last.

The second night was a pretty close repeat. My wife's did fall out, but not until some point after I let the dog out for his late night break. It was actually in, and she wasn't snoring, but this all changed by the time the alarm went off. I should mention it was her turn to let the dog out, but since she was sleeping so soundly, I handled it. I was quite sure that would earn me points for something.

As for me, I was exhausted. There were blisters forming on my gums, and I know it was not preventing my snoring or I would not have been so tired.

We decided the third night would be the final night, unless there was a positive outcome. Let's just say we were both in our favorite devices by midnight.

ProSnore II

ProSnore II has a more traditional look to it, so it has an upper and lower jaw tray. It also features snap settings that allow you to adjust the placement of the lower jaw. This is done using a hook-and-loop material, so you are able to make very small adjustments at a time.

Unlike its predecessor, ProSnore II has airflow holes at the front, so you can breathe through your mouth. This is good news for someone with nasal polyps, sinus issues, allergies, or a deviated septum. Like ProSnore, this version also gets custom made in a laboratory.

My Experience with ProSnore II

After I gave my gums a week to heal from the ProSnore it was time to try ProSnore II. I was really hoping this one would be a huge improvement, and I tried not to form an opinion based on its unfriendly relative, but it was not easy. This one also came with an impression kit to send to the lab.

The device felt okay but it was not the precise fit I was expecting coming from a lab. Truthfully, I have achieved a better fit using the boil-and-bite method in the past. The material was smooth, and fortunately there were no parts rubbing on my gums.

Setting the lower jaw position was harder than I expected. If you pull the upper and lower tray apart it is actually not all that easy to line them back up. Mine clicked together crooked several times. I ended up using a setting in the middle. My wife selected the setting with the least amount of lower jaw advancement.

This MAD was a lot more noticeable in the mouth than the first one. Although the device stayed in for both of us all night, they did not stop our snoring. We both felt tired in the morning as if we hadn't slept at all. Our teenage son confirmed he could hear us snoring all night.

For the second night, we both advanced the lower jaw a little more. Again, it was not easy to get the trays aligned. The next morning we felt the same. We had snored all night. My jaw was also noticeably sore from the advanced position. I was not really sure if I could handle much more, but we decided to go big or go home.

I put mine on the most advanced setting and my wife moved the position on her device a little more. By the fourth morning, we were done with this trial. This mouthpiece was just not working for us. The only thing it did do was leave me with a very sore mouth.

Advantages of ProSnore II

Disadvantages of ProSnore II

Final Thoughts

I did not expect both devices to be perfect, but I really hoped that at least one would work. Both of us had no success with either mouthpiece.

I appreciate that a custom fit can be made in a lab without a subscription, but I did not find either to be all that precise. Plus, they take a long time to arrive. ProSnore hurt my gums and my wife could not manage to keep the appliance in for an entire night.

ProSnore II looked promising, but the fit just was not there and adjusting it was a big chore. Not to mention, my jaw was screaming at me for a week after trying it on more advanced settings.

If you are set on wanting an MAD, checkout ZQuiet on my best snoring mouthpieces page. It is incredibly comfortable and effective. It is actually my wife's favorite mouthpiece. If you want to try something a little different, check out GMSS. It actually suctions to your tongue, so there is not a mouthpiece actually in your mouth.

We will update this ProSnore Coupon page to show the latest codes and promotions from ProSnore.

ProSnore Discount Coupon CodeThough the snoring mouthpiece is not very expensive to begin with, it's always better to get a deal!

Currently there are no ProSnore coupons or promo codes available.  If you come across a ProSnore coupon on another site, please message us so that we can share that information with our readers.

If you're still debating which snoring mouthpiece is best for you, take a look at our snoring mouthpiece reviews for some we recommend.

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