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Snoring Aids That Work

Snoring can be a serious problem, especially for the snorer’s sleeping partner. It can be difficult to know how to find a snoring aid that works. There is a bewildering variety of devices, but there will almost certainly be one that suits you. We have assembled some information to help you make the right choice. […]

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Best New Essential Oils to Treat Snoring

Essential oils are an increasingly popular way to treat many common ailments naturally. From stress to insomnia, essential oils provide relief. And for those who suffer from snoring, there are several essential oils known to help. What are essential oils? Essential oils are extracted from plants, containing the “essence” of the plant’s fragrance. This means […]

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Top 3 Nasal Dilators for Snoring

There is nothing more frustrating than drifting off to sleep only to be woken up 45 minutes later by the rumbling growl of a snoring partner. Not only does the sound of a snoring partner interrupt your sleep, but snoring is also disruptive to the general health of your partner. Snoring may cause ongoing throat […]

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Best Anti-Snoring Sprays to Suppress Snoring

Sleeping peacefully every night is important to your health, and the health of your loved ones. In fact, habitual snorers can be at risk of serious health problems, including sleep apnea. Anti-snoring sprays have been on the market for some time and do work for some people to stop their habitual snoring. Some sprays may […]

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An Overview of Different SomnoGuard Devices

If you have read my review on SomnoGuard, then you already know that the device I put to the test was the AP version. This is their most popular snoring mouthpiece. However, I thought it would be helpful to include an overview on the other SomnoGuard models, as well. If you are interested in the […]

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Stop Snoring Devices – Which One is for You?

So, you snore. You have for a while and you want to do something about it. The problem is several options on the market claim they can resolve your issue. But which should you choose? The SnoreRx has always been our favorite and most popular device, but let's discuss some of the most effective options […]

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The Best Anti-Snoring Pillow

The number of anti-snoring devices on the market has grown in the last several years. Devices include mouthpieces, tongue depressors, nose clips, chin straps, and pillows. There are even surgical procedures to help eliminate snoring. Anti-snore Pillows Anti-snore pillows are not a new product segment. Traditionally, they come in several varieties such as side sleeping, […]

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