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Snoring mouthpieces are not much to look at - so I at least give credit to Zyppah for trying.  The Zyppah product is classified as a mandibular advancement device (MAD) and its black and neon green (also available in other colors).


Update: Some readers have left reviews about issues with me about Zyppah's poor customer service.  I didn't have any issues personally but read the comments for other people's experiences.

Many readers rate SnoreRx customer service as top quality. They always stand behind their 30-day guarantee and their latest device is my #1 choice.

Zyppah Review Video: Unboxing, and Features

Zyppah Review: Positives and Negatives

Zyppah Rx Review

The Zyppah mouthpiece is quite colorful

Like all anti snoring devices that I have reviewed, I like to make sure I share both the pros and cons so that everyone can make an educated decision.



Overall I had a great experience with the mouthpiece and think that it will be the perfect fit for a lot of snorers.  Particularly compared to other mouthpieces I found it relatively comfortable and effective, and a few other Zyppah reviews I read said the same.


Comfort 4.0
Durability 4.2
Easy to Clean 4.0
Effectiveness 4.5
Overall 4.2


  • American-made, FDA-cleared
  • Relatively comfortable
  • Custom fitting process


  • Drooling and soreness first couple days
  • Need denture tabs for cleaning
  • Can't be worn with dentures, loose teeth, crowns, or bridge work

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Zyppah Customer Review

What is Zyppah?

The first thing to note is that there are four versions of the Zyppah devices. This review is the one that can be ordered online without a prescription. If you live in California, there are five Snore No More centers that sell three other versions that are significantly more expensive and need to be prescribed and custom-fitted by a doctor.

Like other MADs and anti-snoring devices, Zyppah positions the lower jaw in a forward position to help reduce the risk of the airway experiencing a partial obstruction. However, Zyppah is actually a hybrid snoring device because similar to a tongue retaining device (TRD), it stabilizes your tongue, too. It may not have a suctioned bulb on the end like what you would expect from a TRD, but the concept is there. The tongue gets held in place by a rubber-like strap that is a lot softer than it looks.

Zyppah is made in the USA, FDA-cleared, BBB-accredited, and designed by a dentist. You do have to use a fitting process, and it does have an airflow hole to allow you to breathe through your mouth.

How Zyppah Rx WorksHow it Works

If you snore then you have some soft tissues vibrating in your airway. When you fall asleep, your tongue collapses toward your throat because your muscles relax.

When this happens, the soft palate and uvula can cause a partial obstruction. At the same time, the muscles in your neck have also relaxed, so soft tissues in your throat are closer together.

In many people, the soft throat tissues tough the soft palate and uvula are permitted to touch. When air is pushed through it causes these tissues to vibrate. The vibration causes the snoring sound.

Zyppah holds your lower jaw forward and keeps your tongue stationary, so the soft palate and uvula don't collapse into the throat. When tissues are not permitted to touch, they don't vibrate.

My Zyppah Review

I ordered two Zyppah mouthpieces. Words can't describe how eager my wife was to try this one. She liked the looks of it as much as I did. Of course, we both know that appearances can be deceiving, so we tried not to get overly excited about this one in fear of it being a total let down.

The oral appliances were $99.95 each, including shipping and handling, which was in the mid-priced range of all the devices I had tried to that point. I also noticed that it came with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, but I haven't really dug into what that means.

The package arrived quickly even though I didn't pay for any type of upgraded shipping. My wife was already smitten before we even opened it. As she carried the vibrantly colored and decorated package in the house, you could tell she felt like she was receiving a special gift. I admit it made me smile, too.

Zyppah has a very specific fitting process that must be followed. I'm glad she actually read through the instructions because I was ready to just heat a pot of water and apply the generic boil-and-bite fitting process I had grown so accustomed to. It's certainly not hard to get an accurate fit with Zyppah, but you do need to follow the steps listed.

The first night we agreed the mouthpiece was very comfortable. My allergies were acting up just a bit, so I appreciated the airflow hole.

We both woke up before the alarm the next morning. I felt more energized than I had been in a long time. My wife said she heard no snoring coming from me when she let the dog out for his early morning bathroom break.

While she made breakfast, I cleaned both our devices using a denture tablet. They are really easy to clean because there are not a lot of crevices like you find on some other stop snoring mouthpieces.

My jaw was not as sore as it had been with previous devices. She said her jaw was fairly sore, but by the fourth morning, the soreness was gone.

After the 14-day trial was over, we thought Zyppah was a nice choice, but I still highly recommend SnoreRx or ZQuiet. If you can't stand the thought of a mouthpiece, take a look at my Good Morning Snore Solution review. Hint: It's not a mouthpiece, it's a TRD.

  • How much is a Zyppah?

    As of August 6, 2018, the price of a Zyppah is $99.95, and the average standard shipping rate is $9.95, which brings the total cost to $109.90. Priority Shipping and Overnight Shipping is available for an additional charge. The Zyppah device is sold in packs of two for $169.95.

  • Can Zyppah Be Used For Sleep Apnea?
    The Zyppah is an over-the-counter oral appliance that is not FDA-Approved for sleep apnea and should not be used for sleep apnea. A mouth guard custom-fit by a dentist is the prescription for mild sleep apnea. Moderate to strong sleep apnea sufferers should use PAP (Positive Airway Pressure).
  • Is Zyppah FDA Approved?

    The Zyppah is “FDA Cleared” for snoring and not “FDA Approved.” The oral appliances FDA Approved for sleep apnea are custom-fit and prescribed by dentists.

  • What does a Zyppah look like?
    The Zyppah is a mouthpiece (like a mouth guard) that fits around the gums and teeth. It comes in a variety of colors including green and pink. It is small and is custom-fit by using a boil and bite method. A small bar within the mouthpiece keeps the tongue in place.
  • What does Zyppah stand for?
    Zyppah stands for being happy while sleeping (ZZZ). The word itself is “Happy Z” spelled backward. Since the product decreases snoring it makes both the snorer and snorers partner happy during sleep.
  • How can I stop snoring ASAP?
    Snoring mouthpieces are one way to stop snoring ASAP. They can be worn immediately and stop snoring the first night of use. Other methods of immediate snoring treatment are positional trainers, jaw straps, and CPAP.
  • What is the best thing to stop snoring?
    The best thing to stop snoring is different for every person. Some snorers prefer mouthpieces, some prefer CPAP, and some prefer natural methods such as losing weight.
  • Do dental devices for sleep apnea work?
    Dental devices, also known as oral appliances for sleep apnea, are the first line of treatment for mild sleep apnea. They work and are prescribed by sleep doctors and dentists for sleep apnea. They Zyppah is not an oral appliance for sleep apnea.
  • Do mouthpieces really work to stop snoring?
    Mouthpieces work to stop snoring, but it takes time and effort to adapt to sleeping in a mouthpiece. Medical studies agree with the use of mandibular advancement with mouthpieces to stop snoring.

Other Recommendations and Final Thoughts

Zyppah may end up being a good option for you. Overall, I found the Zyppah mouthpiece to be a comfortable and effective snoring solution I would recommend.

Latest Update:  Priced at $110 (after shipping), there are cheaper mouthpieces now available, that have more features.    Also, they have stopped selling the pink and camo colors and are not offering any coupon codes online.

The Zyppah and VitalSleep are MADs (mandibular advancement devices). The Zyppah has an additional feature that really makes it more of a hybrid device.

I found each device very comfortable to wear. However, the Zyppah has a slight edge over VitalSleep in terms of effectiveness and comfort. VitalSleep costs less, cleans easier and has a unique design that may be more comfortable for some.

Both Mouthpieces compared

Zyppah vs. VitalSleep

MAD Hybrid: includes a TRD (tongue retaining device)MAD (with side-to-side jaw motion design)
Boil and BiteBoil and Bite plus lower jaw adjustments up to 7 mm
Denture tabletsToothbrush and toothpaste
Four versions, over-the-counter and prescriptionTwo sizes: Large for men and small for women
$89.99 version includes free shipping$59.95 (currently on sale)
Zyppah ReviewVitalSleep Review

One of the snoring mouthpieces takes a little more work than the other does; it really depends on the individual. You should read about my experience and commentary on each and then make up your own mind as to whether the Zyppah or VitalSleep will work best for you.


Zyppah Rx reviewI like the fact that the Zyppah incorporates two types of anti-snoring methods. As an MAD, the Zyppah pushes the lower jaw forward to keep your airway open. As a TRD, it stabilizes your tongue and keeps it from flopping back into your throat and does so, unlike most TRDs, without using a suction cup.

The Zyppah is labeled "made in America" and has FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval.

I cannot complain about the shipping process. Within 2-3 days of ordering my two Zyppahs, they arrived. After opening the box, my wife and I ensured that we followed the fitting directions carefully as according to user reviews if you do not do so you may encounter problems.

The first night was great. We both awoke refreshed. My son reported that he could not hear any snoring.

Our mouths were a little sore though but after a few days of wearing the Zyppah to bed, the soreness vanished.

Cleanup took less than a minute. We merely put our devices in a glass of warm water and added a cleaning tablet (you can use denture cleaning tablets stocked at any pharmacy). Since the sleek design meant no crevices or cracks for germs to accumulate in, no scrubbing was necessary.

The two week trial ended satisfactorily. My wife and I felt refreshed each morning and my son was not kept awake by any snoring sounds emanating from our bedroom!


VitalSleep Mouthpiece ReviewDespite its odd appearance, you can easily comfortably fit the VitalSleep to any size and shape of mouth. The VitalSleep has three things that make it easy to fit and use:

- Boil and bite

- Jaw adjustments up to 7 mm

- Design feature that allows side-to-side jaw motion

The first thing I did when my order, one large for me and one small for my wife, arrived was clean them both. We then used the boil and fit to customize the devices. Then the first night we used the included hex tool (something else to worry about losing) to fit the units to our jaws.

After the first night, we both felt great. My teenager advised us that he could not hear any snoring coming from our room. My mouth was a bit sore but after making a slight adjustment the rest of the week I felt fine.

Our biggest complaint was the cleaning. You really cannot get the device properly cleaned without spending a bit of extra time making sure you carefully brushed each cranny and crack.

My wife and I both agreed we were probably spoiled by using the cleaning tablets for other devices we tested. After a week, we got used to the extra brushing.

My Recommendation

The Zyppah and VitalSleep provide very comfortable fits. The TRD on the Zyppah may make some more inclined to purchase this device. However, others who have a tendency to grind his or her teeth may want to try the VitalSleep.

Overall, the Zyppah came out ahead for me.

Both of these snoring mouth guards are classified as MADs (mandibular advancement devices), though the Zyppah is more of a hybrid device.

In my mind, both units are excellent options. However, SnoreRx has the edge over Zyppah due to its calibration functionality, comfort and superior customer service.

Zyppah and SnoreRx Mouthpieces Compared

SnoreRx vs. Zyppah

MADMAD Hybrid: includes a TRD (tongue retaining device)
Boil and Bite plus Flex Jaw, (six, 1 mm settings to provide a more customized fit)Boil and Bite
Denture tablets or ultra-sonic cleaner for a complete cleaningDenture tablets
One version, over-the-counterFour versions, over-the-counter and prescription
$99.00, plus $6.95 shipping$99.95, plus $9.95 shipping
SnoreRX ReviewZyppah Review

Though I did have a better experience with one of the better anti snoring mouthpieces, I think that certain people may prefer one over the other based on their own preferences.  I suggest you read my experience and analysis below before deciding on Zyppah vs SnoreRX.


Zyppah mouthpiece side viewZyppah forces the lower jaw into a forward position to reduce the risk of obstructing the airway. It is considered a hybrid, however, as it also has a TRD, though without the suction bulb on the end that most TRDs have. This stabilizes your tongue to help keep your airway open.

The unit is made exclusively in the United States and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

My Zyppah Experience

I purchased my Zyppahs for my wife and me through the mail. It arrived quickly. There was no assembly required, though you have to pay careful attention to the fitting directions, as they require following each step precisely.

My wife and I got a good night sleep the first night wearing the Zyppah. I awoke refreshed. My wife reported that she heard no snoring coming from me and I heard none from here. We both had slightly sore mouths but after a few days of wear, the soreness disappeared.

Cleaning was easy, as it only required a cup, warm water, and a denture cleaning tablet. The sleek design did not require any additional scrubbing or removal of parts. After the two week trial, we both continued wearing our Zyppahs, as we were very satisfied with the results.


SnoreRx Mouthpiece side viewThe SnoreRx looks a lot different from other MADs. This is because SnoreRx incorporates more sophisticated technology than other MADs.

One of the key features is the ability to fit SnoreRx to your mouth. It uses boil and bite, but also has a calibrator with six different, 1 mm apart, settings. You can use the calibrator even with the boil and bit fitting feature to further customize your fit.

My SnoreRx Experience

The fitting options were a bit overwhelming. My wife and I used the boil and bite fitting method, but then spent some time trying to get the perfect fit by using the calibrator function too.

My mouth was a bit sore after the first night's wear but my wife reported she felt fine. Each of us had a good nights' rest.

The biggest issue I had with the SnoreRx was the cleaning process, which took longer than expected. All the nooks and crannies required more attention than just dropping it in a glass of warm water and adding a cleaning tablet.

The second night I adjusted my SnoreRx slightly using the calibrators. This made a big difference as the next day my mouth was not sore at all. My wife and I both agree that the SnoreRx, despite its rather bulky appearance, is very comfortable to wear.

Note: Ordering two provides a substantial discount. The $99 price drops to $77 each, plus the $10 shipping.

My Recommendation

Both devices are comfortable to wear and function as designed. However, SnoreRx comes out ahead for several reasons.

The newest version of the SnoreRx device is super comfortable for me and definitely puts a stop to my snoring because of the precise calibration ability. Zyppah and SnoreRx both require cleaning and I suggest denture tablets and/or see my review on the iSonic Cleaner.

If you are only buying one for yourself, the Zyppah's price (use a coupon), and free shipping, makes it a better bargain. Update: Zyppah has increased their price to 99.95. Purchasing 2 from SnoreRx is the better deal.

Interested in a different selection? Here's a list of our top-rated mouthpieces, along with ratings and an understanding of how we created our scoring system.

If you have been exploring mouthpiece options then you have probably found that when it comes to mandibular advancement devices (MADs), Zyppah and ZQuiet tend to the most popular picks.

Both devices are on my list of top four favorite anti-snoring solutions, but I like ZQuiet just a bit more. This does not mean you will though. Zyppah could be the perfect one for you.

Understanding the similarities and differences between the two snoring mouthpieces may make it a little easier for you to make your decision.


Zyppah vs. ZQuiet

MAD Hybrid: includes a TRD (tongue retaining device)MAD
Boil and BiteNone
Denture tabletsToothbrush and dish soap
Four versions, over-the-counter and prescriptionTwo sizes
$89.99 version includes free shipping$79.95
Zyppah ReviewZQuiet review

Zyppah and ZQuiet were both effective in stopping my snoring. They are both made of quality materials and designed by respected dentists.

Your decision will likely come down to design. If you prefer the stationary feel of a traditional mouthpiece and feel you need the rubber strap to hold your tongue, Zyppah will be your best option.

If you would like to be able to move your mouth and speak freely then give ZQuiet a try.

These two MADs (mandibular advancement devices) made by Zyppah and PureSleep both work very well. You can consider the Zyppah two devices in one though: a MAD and a TRD (tongue retaining device).

My wife and I slept comfortably with both devices. The user-friendly features of the Zyppah made it our favorite of the two though.

Both Mouthpieces Compared

Zyppah vs. PureSleep

MAD Hybrid: includes a TRD (tongue retaining device)MAD
Boil and BiteBoil and Bite (upper and lower piece fitted separately)
Four versions, over-the-counter and prescriptionOne
$89.99 version includes free shipping$59.95, plus $9.99 shipping
Zyppah ReviewPureSleep Review

You have to be careful during the fitting process with one of the devices. There are a few other details that make one easier to use than the other for most people.

Reading my reviews on each will help you decide which will work best.

Zyppah Rx

Zyppah Rx reviewThe Zyppah uses two different ways to help stop snoring. As a MAD, it forces the lower jaw forward in order to open the airway. As a TRD, the Zyppah also stabilizes the tongue and keeps it from falling back into the throat and blocking the airway.

Zyppah has won approval from the Food and Drug Administration FDA.

My Zyppah Experience

The Zyppah arrived within a few days after I placed the order. Since there were no moving parts, I did not have to worry about assembly.

I had read, however, that you need to be careful and follow the fitting directions closely. My wife and I made sure that we did not skip any steps.

The first night wearing the Zyppah turned out well. My wife and I both had a great night's sleep and awoke refreshed. We both, however, had slightly sore mouths. After wearing the device for a couple days, the soreness went away.

The cleaning process required next to no effort. We merely dropped our Zyppahs in cups of warm water and added a dental cleaning tablet. The one-piece design meant no crevices or cracks that needed scrubbing.

At the end of the two week trial, my wife and I both agreed that the Zyppah did want it advertised it could do.


PureSleep ReviewsPureSleep arrives in two pieces: one piece must be fitted to the upper jaw and the other to the lower. Once you find the most comfortable fit, you use the boil and bite method.

This means, however, that you must take extra care during the fitting process, as you cannot adjust it once you have completed the boil and bite.

This device has a lot of crevices, so you must take extra care when cleaning.

My PureSleep Experience

Ordering and shipping too significantly longer than it did for the other anti-snoring devices I have used. First, I had to fill out a 21-question form.

I did not mind this very much as I felt it refreshing to have a company actually try to determine if I would be a good candidate for the device or not. The two week shipping time, however, made both my wife and I a little annoyed.

I had read about the fitting process so we took our time making sure we had the perfect fit. Other devices are more forgiving. If it does not fit right, you can always adjust it the next day. This is not possible with the PureSleep.

The first night went well for me. I woke up refreshed and my mouth felt fine. My wife, however, had a bit of a sore mouth and, while she never admitted it, I suspect she wished she had taken more time to ensure the perfect fit like I did.

After about four days, she stopped experiencing soreness in the mornings though and for the rest of the week she felt fine.

My son reported that he did not hear any snoring coming from our room when we wore the PureSleeps.

Neither my wife nor I were happy about the cleaning process. It took a lot longer than with most other devices due to the customized design.

My Recommendation

The biggest drawback of the PureSleep concerns the fitting process and the cleaning. My wife would have been a lot happier those first few nights if she had been able to adjust it after the boil and bite like she could the Zyppah.

The complex design of the PureSleep meant that I had to spend more time than expected to clean it.  The TRD feature on the Zyppah made it a tad more comfortable to use also.

The CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and Zyppah work in different ways to prevent you from snoring. A CPAP is a machine with a pump that uses air pressure to keep your throat clear and stop snoring.

Zyppah is a hybrid MAD (mandibular advancement device) that pushes your jaw forward and keeps your tongue from blocking your airway passages.

The CPAP requires power, a nasal or full-face mask and possibly other attachments. These machines cost on average over $800. Most MADs cost around $100 or less.

Both Devices Compared

Zyppah vs. CPAP

MAD Hybrid: includes a TRD (tongue retaining device)Airway pump/continuous positive air pressure machine
Boil and BiteManual adjustment of the mask straps and nose fitting
Denture tabletsDisassembly and washing each part in warm, soapy water
Four versions, over-the-counter and prescriptionVarious
$89.99 version includes free shipping$200-$3000
Zyppah ReviewN/A

The CPAP will stop snoring. The Zyppah and other MAD and TRDs have a good success rate also. The cost and the care required if you use a CPAP drive many to attempt a less costly and easier-to-maintain alternative such as the Zyppah.

Zyppah Rx

Zyppah Rx reviewThe two types of anti-snoring methods used by the Zyppah made it an excellent option for me. The MAD feature keeps the lower jaw pushed forward and the TRD feature stabilizes your tongue, ensuring that your airway remains clear.

You can order the Zyppah online. It is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and the company manufactures them in the United States.

My Zyppah Experience

The ordering and shipping process for the Zyppah took about three days. We ordered two, one for me and one for my wife. The box included detailed fitting instructions.

We followed the directions carefully, adjusting the device and using the boil and bite. Both of us had slightly sore mouths after the first night of wearing the Zyppah. The soreness disappeared though within a few days.

We both awoke refreshed and my son said he heard no snoring coming from our room. Cleaning the one-piece unit was a matter of putting it in a glass of warm water along with a denture cleaning-type tablet.

There was no scrubbing or brushing required, as there were no nooks or crannies requiring special care. After the two week trial, my wife and I agreed that the Zyppah did what it advertised it would do and kept us from snoring.


CPAP DeviceCPAPs consist of several parts including the mask, tubing, filters and the machine or pump. You plug in the machine (some portables offer a battery power option), slip the mask over your head and adjust the straps and nasal plugs and turn it on.

Cleaning requires disassembly and washing of each part with warm, soapy water at least once a week.

The CPAP Experience

You must have a prescription in order to buy a CPAP. You are supposed to have a sleep study done at a doctor's office in order to determine the correct pressure settings.

You can get around this by completing an online questionnaire, then waiting for a contracted MD to review the answers and write the prescription. It takes about a week to receive the prescription by mail.

Once you receive the doctor's approval, you have to provide a copy of the prescription whenever you are ready to purchase your machine.

You do not need a prescription to purchase any components such as additional tubing, filters or masks.

You may need to buy a CPAP humidifier as often users find that the pressurized air is too dry.

Cleaning requires much more work than a MAD or TRD. You will have to take the tubing apart, remove the filter and mask and clean each piece separately using soap and water.

The instructions suggest you clean the parts at least once a week but many find that to ensure a germ-free unit that you must clean it daily. The machine itself does not require any maintenance other than wiping down the outside occasionally.

When fitted and adjusted correctly, using a CPAP virtually ensures that you will not snore.

My Recommendation

The Zyppah and a CPAP fit comfortably and can adapt to any size mouth or face. Some report that the noise, however slight, of the CPAP disturbs either the wearer or the person's sleep partner.

The disassembly of the CPAP for cleaning and the various moving parts makes a CPAP a bit more complicated to use on a daily basis. Many health insurance plans will help defray the high costs of purchasing a CPAP.

If you suffer from severe sleep apnea, then getting assessed by a doctor and using a CPAP makes sense. If you or your spouse snores, but there is no medical condition like sleep apnea associated with your snoring, then the Zyppah is likely a better option.

Dr. Jonathan Greenburg released Zyppah, a mandibular advancement device (MAD) in 2012. Zyppah is a MAD with an additional tongue restraining mechanism that holds the tongue flat. This means that it reduces snoring by keeping your airway clear of both soft tissue and your tongue.


The device we reviewed was the basic model that can be ordered online without the need for a prescription. Zyppah has three other models that need to be custom fitted by a doctor or dentist. Dr. Greenburg has opened five sleep clinics in southern California where it is possible to go to be fitted for these higher-level devices.

Sleep Certified by Zyppah

If you don't live in Southern California, you may be able to access these devices through a certified dentist near you. Dr. Greenburg has launched a new membership and training platform for dentists. Sleep Certified offers to train dentists in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea.

Training for Dentists

For dentists, membership in the program offers them the ability to access a new patient group by providing a new service. Dentists once certified can receive patient referrals through the network, which can be more than worth the membership fee even without the other benefits of joining.

sleep certified logo

Members will receive training and support to provide these new services which can increase the value of their practice. As part of this bundle, they will be able to access the custom fitted Zyppah devices, for their patients at a reduced cost.

For patients sleep certified dentists can provide an alternative to CPAP as a treatment for sleep apnea. With the network of dentists nationwide the chances of finding a provider nearby increases. The levels of certification are also easily visible to patients so they can have confidence that they are going to an experienced practitioner.


Zyppah is a mandibular advancement device (MAD) that has an added tongue restraining mechanism built into it. MADs work by holding the lower jaw in a forward position. This means that as you relax into sleep, the soft tissues at the back of your mouth are prevented from obstructing your airway.

Zyppah device

Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, the inventor of Zyppah, identified that the major limitation of MADs was that they do not address the issue of the tongue, which can also cause an obstruction. The innovative design of Zyppah lies in the strip of elastic which holds your tongue flat as you sleep.

Zyppah (happy Z spelled backward) has been on the market since 2012. Reviews of the device have been very positive and suggest that it is a highly effective solution for the reduction of snoring.

There have been some concerns raised about the customer service of the company. This is not totally surprising given the young age of the company.

zyppah founderZyppah is once again looking for investors though wefunder. This is the third time that they have sought backing on this platform to grow the business. Over their three campaigns, they have raised more than $1.5 million.

The current campaign is being run off the back of the upcoming FDA approval to sell Zyppah as an over-the-counter snoring reduction device. If they receive this approval, it would allow them to sell the device through retailers such as Amazon. Presently they are limited to selling through their own website.

If you are particularly passionate about Zyppah and would like to own a piece of the company, the minimum investment amount is $250. If you invest $500, you can get a free device along with your shares!

Zyppah utilizes a boil-and-bite fitting method that is very similar to other mandibular advancement devices (MADs). However, while other anti snoring devices generally have a recessed tray that guides your teeth in place, Zyppah does not. For this reason, you need to be a little more careful during the fitting process. You will definitely want to have a mirror handy.

Getting Started

Zyppah RX fitIn addition to a mirror, you might as well also grab a small pot, bowl or mug, pair of tongs, and a stopwatch. Before putting the Zyppah in your mouth it is a good idea to clean it with warm water first. Examine the device, and make sure you can identify the top and bottom trays. You will see the word "Zyppah" on the lower tray. You will also notice that the lower tray is already pulled slightly forward. Once you are comfortable with this, you can move onto the fitting. You do not want to wait until the appliance is hot and soft to try to figure out how it goes in your mouth.

Fitting Instructions

Begin by bringing a pot of water to boil. In the meantime put ice water in the small bowl or mug. You can even toss an ice-cube in there just to make sure it does not acclimate to room temperature.

When the water boils, remove it from the heat. Use the tongs to hold the device, and submerge completely for 60 seconds. After removing from the hot water give it just a few seconds to cool off, so you don't burn your mouth. Be very gentle with it because at this time it is now soft, sticky, and pliable. If you are going to use your hands then hold it by the rubber strap or hard tray.

Looking in the mirror, place Zyppah in your mouth, starting with your lower jaw. Your bottom teeth should touch the point where the hard black plastic touches the green thermoplastic. When your teeth are properly positioned extend your lower jaw forward. Gently place your upper teeth at the inside point of the hard plastic. When you are confident that your teeth are in the best position, bite down into the device for a full minute.

Slowly remove the device and submerge it in the ice water to harden. Once your Zyppah has cooled completely try wearing it. If you don't feel that the fit is correct, repeat the process again. You can usually fit an MAD around three times before you start to compromise the material.  Overall I like the mouthpiece, but learn more about my Zyppah complaints and be sure to compare after reading our SnoreRx review.

Dr. Johnathan Greenburg is the designer behind Zyppah. At the time he designed the snoring mouthpiece, he already had more than three decades of experience in the field of dentistry.

When he was an undergraduate, he also studied bioengineering. Dr Johnathan GreenburgDetermined to design a product that would be both comfortable and effective at stopping snoring, he spent 10 years researching snoring, as well as sleep apnea, since the two often go hand-in-hand.

Through his research, Greenburg discovered that snoring could be reduced and even eliminated in some patients if he could keep their airway free from obstruction while they slept. Zyppah was designed to hold both the tongue and jaw forward so soft tissues can't relax into the back of your throat when you fall asleep.

When tissues aren't blocking the airway, they don't vibrate against one another to create a snoring sound. Also, by keeping the airway clear all night, the body does not have to fight for oxygen, thereby allowing it to enjoy deeper sleep stages, so you wake up feeling rested.

Greenburg created a few versions of Zyppah. The most popular one is the mouthpiece that is available to order online without a prescription in the United States. The other versions are available with a prescription at one of the Snore No More facilities.

These versions also need to be fitted by a dentist at the Snore No More facility visited. These five centers focus primarily on snoring, CPAP intolerance, and sleep apnea, and are located in Valencia, Newport Beach, Pasadena, Encino, and Beverly Hills.  My Zyppah review only covers the non-prescription snoring solution.

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