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An Overview of Different SomnoGuard Devices

If you have read my review on SomnoGuard, then you already know that the device I put to the test was the AP version. This is their most popular snoring mouthpiece.

However, I thought it would be helpful to include an overview on the other SomnoGuard models, as well. If you are interested in the SomnoGuard AP please check out the review for that particular model.

SomnoGuard AP Pro

Somnoguard AP Pro

SomnoGuard AP Pro is a custom-made version of the AP model. It also allows for 10 millimeters of adjustment to tweak lower jaw placement, and it offers very limited lateral lower jaw movement.

It does appear to be a little less bulky than the AP version in pictures, but it features a stainless steel component, so I am not sure how the increased weight would affect comfort. I can’t imagine it would help.

There are a lot of crevices on this model, so cleaning would be extra effort, as well. Mouth breathing is permitted through the hole right between the upper and lower trays (similar to Zyppah).

SomnoGuard SP

Somnoguard SPI have to admit, looking at SomnoGuard SP makes me cringe a little. It looks even bulkier than the AP option.

It comes as a soft and hard version. The soft one doesn’t look so uncomfortable, but it is said to have good retention characteristics.

That being said, both the soft and hard versions look like they would be a real pain to clean. I imagine you would have to use a denture cleaner every day to get bacteria out of the many small crevices.

The lower jaw can be adjusted from -3 to +10 millimeters. Both versions are fitted using the boil-and-bite method.

No stainless steel is used on these mouthpieces. Although there is an airflow hole it is considerably smaller than what is found in AP and AP Pro.

It is stated that the minimal bite opening is supposed to make it more streamlined to increase comfort, but if you are a mouth breather then this amount of air probably will not be suitable all night.

SomnoGuard 3

Somnoguard 3Unlike the other versions that were two pieces, SomnoGuard 3 has a one-part design. The design, which is also fitted using the boil-and-bite technique, is said to have improved retention.

However, it does not allow for lower jaw adjustments and it does not have any breathing holes, so you have to breathe through your nose. Also, the average lifespan is about 12 months. It looks as though this upgrade lost all of its distinguishing characteristics.

My Somnoguard Coupon will not necessarily apply to all models, so please let me know if it is not working upon purchase.

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