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Joe Rogan’s Fave Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece | The Game Changer

What’s up everyone! In this article, we’ll be exploring UFC commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan’s recent disclosure of a journey through sleep apnea and snoring. For years, poor sleep quality has been impacting his energy levels and ability to stay focused.

Joe tried a bunch of different treatments to address his loud snoring and waking up exhausted. But nothing seemed to really do the trick until he started using a mouthpiece device created by Dr. Bryan Keropian.

This thing has been a total game changer according to Joe!

In the following sections, we’ll break down what exactly sleep apnea is and how it was affecting Joe’s life. We’ll discuss how the mouthpiece solution has significantly improved his sleep.

We’ll also touch on some additional strategies Joe uses like sleep tracking apps and supplements.

The goal is to spread awareness on the importance of addressing sleeping disorders, not just for athletes but for anyone wanting to feel their best. Sleep is so crucial to optimize performance and overall health. Let’s dive in!

Short Summary

Alright, before we get into the nitty gritty, let me quickly summarize the key points we’ll be covering.

First off, Joe Rogan has successfully addressed his sleep apnea and loud snoring issues with the help of Dr. Bryan Keropian. This has allowed Joe to finally get some quality Zzz’s!

Sneak peek at Joe’s perfect solution

We all know sleep is essential for athletes, UFC commentators, and really anyone to perform at their best, recover properly, and stay healthy overall.

So utilizing strategies like sleep tracking apps, supplements like CBD, and working with a healthcare professional can go a long way to improve sleep quality and reduce those pesky symptoms of sleeping disorders.

In the following sections, we’ll explore Joe’s battle with sleep apnea in depth, how exactly Dr. Keropian’s mouthpiece works, and some of the additional tactics Joe has added to his regimen.

The goal is to emphasize how important it is to take control of your sleep, whether you’re an athlete or just a regular Joe looking to up your game!

Joe Rogan’s Battle with Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Alright, let’s dig into Joe’s personal experience battling sleep apnea and snoring. For years, it’d been seriously messing with his sleep quality and really impacting daily life.

As many of you know, he’s on the mic a lot commentating UFC fights. He also hosts a wildly popular podcast where he’s talking for hours on end. Being able to stay energized and focused is critical for Rogan.

But constantly waking up throughout the night feeling exhausted, and snoring so loudly that he’d wake up his wife, was not a sustainable situation.

Joe tried all sorts of different CPAP machines and mouth guards and sprays over the years, but nothing seemed to really cure his sleep apnea or loud snoring.

He was determined to get this thing handled once and for all. That’s when he discovered Dr. Keropian’s specially designed mouthpiece for snoring and sleep apnea.

When he started using it, he immediately noticed a huge difference in his sleep quality. For the first time in years, Joe was waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Joe’s snoring was significantly reduced too, according to his wife. Total game changer!

Now let’s get into more of the specifics around sleep apnea so you can really understand why it’s so critical to address.

Understanding Sleep Apnea

So what exactly is sleep apnea and why is it such a big deal? Basically, it’s a disorder where your breathing is disrupted during sleep, either due to airway blockages (obstructive sleep apnea) or your brain not sending proper signals to breathe (central sleep apnea).

During an apnea episode, your oxygen levels drop because you’re not breathing properly. This causes you to partially wake up and snort/gasp for air before falling back asleep. These episodes can happen like hundreds of times a night for some people!

The result is feeling exhausted no matter how long you sleep. Other common symptoms are loud snoring, morning headaches, irritability, difficulty concentrating – basically anything that comes from poor sleep.

There are a few risk factors that make sleep apnea more likely. Being overweight is a big one, as all that extra weight around your neck and throat can cause airway blockages.

Drinking alcohol before bed, taking certain medications, and naturally large tonsils can also contribute to apnea episodes.

Bottom line, sleep apnea messes with some extremely important bodily functions and will deteriorate your health if left untreated. Getting on top of it with effective solutions like mouthpieces can make a world of difference!

Let me tell you more about hispersonal struggle with this beast…

Joe Rogan’s Experience with Sleep Apnea

Like mentioned earlier, dealing with sleep apnea has been an ongoing battle for Joe the past several years. He talked openly about his experience on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast many times.

The fatigue and mental fog that come with poor sleep really impacted his mood, energy levels, and ability to stay focused and sharp. You already know that, if you need to be ON, having sleep apnea makes it incredibly difficult.

Rogan tried just about every snoring mouthguard and CPAP machine on the market. Some of them helped a bit. But nothing fully addressed the loud snoring, breathing interruptions, and feeling wiped out in the morning.

It wasn’t until he started using Dr. Bryan Keropian’s SnoreRX Plus mouthpiece that he noticed a substantial difference.

Within the first few nights, he was waking up feeling way more refreshed and energized. Joe’s snoring was significantly reduced as well.

This mouthpiece has become an indispensable part of his sleep routine. Making sure to stick to using it every single night has done wonders to get his sleep apnea under control. Total game changer!

Now let’s get into exactly how this clever little device actually works…

The Snoring Mouthpiece: Dr. Bryan Keropian’s Solution

SnoreRX Plus with handle
SnoreRX Plus with handle

Alright, so this snoring and sleep apnea mouthpiece I’ve been raving about was created by Dr. Bryan Keropian. He’s a dentist who specializes in dealing with sleep disorders and TMJ issues.

The devices he makes are called mandibular advancement devices, also known as MADs. Basically it’s a custom-fitting mouthguard that gently moves your lower jaw forward to open up your airway while you sleep.

It also keeps your tongue in place so it doesn’t fall back and block your throat. This stops the tissues in your upper airway from vibrating and causing snoring sounds.

Pretty clever solution!

For people with sleep apnea, the improved breathing from the jaw adjustment can prevent oxygen dropping during apnea episodes. And reducing snoring means better sleep quality all around.

Joe can personally attest that this mouthpiece has made a world of difference for his sleep apnea and snoring. Finally being able to breathe easy at night and wake up feeling recharged has been a total game changer!

Now let’s look at exactly how this thing works inside your mouth…

How the Mouthpiece Works

When he first started using this customizeable mouthpiece at night, he was curious exactly how it stops snoring and improves breathing.

Dr. Keropian explained it to Rogan like this… The SnoreRX Plus gently brings your lower jaw forward just a few millimeters. This opens up space in the back of your throat so air can flow freely.

It also keeps your tongue from falling into your airway, which is another major cause of snoring and apnea episodes.

So the adjusted jaw position creates an open and unobstructed breathing passage throughout the night. No blockages means no reduced oxygen. And the tongue stays put so it doesn’t vibrate, eliminating those loud snoring sounds.

Pretty clever right? Something so simple can make such a huge difference for sleep disorders like apnea and snoring.

snorerx plus top down
SnoreRX Plus – Top Down

For Joe, the improved breathing and reduced noise meant finally getting restful, uninterrupted sleep. He felt the difference literally from the first night he used it.

Now let’s talk about how this mouthpiece has specifically impacted Joe’s sleep quality…

Joe Rogan’s Experience with the Mouthpiece

Rogan can’t say enough good things about how this customizeable mouthpiece has improved his sleep quality. As I’ve mentioned, dealing with sleep apnea and loud snoring was really detrimental to his energy, mood, and performance.

Within the first few nights of using Dr. Keropian’s device, he noticed a huge difference in how he felt when waking up. He was more refreshed, clear-headed, and just felt better physically.

Joe’s snoring has been drastically reduced since using the SnoreRX Plus too. His wife is certainly grateful for the quieter nights!

Having unobstructed breathing and a silent bedroom has done wonders for helping him fall into a deep, restorative sleep. He no longer wake up multiple times a night gasping for air.

Using this mouthpiece is now an essential part of his daily sleep routine. I’ll never go to bed without it! Joe sincerely believe it has enhanced his sleep, energy and overall well-being.

For any athletes, performers, or folks with sleep disorders out there – he can’t recommend looking into these types of devices enough. Proper sleep is a game changer!

Now let’s dive into why quality Zzz’s are so critical for athletes and commentators like Rogan.

The Role of Sleep for Athletes and UFC Commentators

As an athlete and UFC commentator, I’ve learned first-hand how crucial quality sleep is for peak performance. Whether you’re a fighter, football player, tennis pro, or talk-for-a-living podcast host like Joe – sleep is hugely important.

During sleep is when your body repairs itself and produces hormones that control energy levels, metabolism, muscle growth, and more. Skimping on sleep means you don’t recover properly and your body can’t perform at 100%.

For athletes, poor sleep means slower reflexes, weaker muscles, bad moods, lack of mental clarity – all things that severely impact training and competing at a high level.

As a UFC commentator, Joe need to be sharp, energetic and quick-witted when I’m on the mic during a fight. Having sleep apnea was really detrimental to bringing his A-game to commentating.

Since dialing in his sleep with the SnoreRX Plus mouthpiece, supplements, and tracking his sleep cycles, he has way more consistent energy and mental sharpness. It’s truly a must for any athlete or high performer.

Sleep Stages and Recovery

When it comes to sleep, there are a few different cycles and stages that your body and brain go through each night. Getting enough quality time in each stage is key for athletes when it comes to repairing muscles, processing memories, and waking up feeling recharged.

There are two main types of sleep – REM and non-REM. Non-REM is broken into three stages. Stage one is light sleep, stage two is deeper sleep, and stage three is the deepest sleep. This is when your body does most of its muscle repairing and regenerating.

REM sleep is when you dream and your brain consolidates memories from the day. This is crucial for cognitive function and emotional health.

Each stage serves an important purpose in recovery. Disruptions during any stage from things like sleep apnea can have negative impacts on physical and mental performance.

As an athlete, it’s critical to optimize and maximize each cycle. Proper nutrition, intense training, and supplements like CBD can help improve sleep quality.

For Joe, getting his sleep apnea under control with the mouthguard has allowed him to take full advantage of each stage and wake up feeling recharged and ready to go. Top notch sleep = top notch performance.

Now let’s discuss why sleep apnea is so common among athletes…

Addressing Sleep Apnea in Athletic Communities

As he learned firsthand, sleep apnea is unfortunately very common among athletes, especially those in strength sports and contact sports like football and MMA.

The reasons for this seem to be the thicker necks and throats that come with increased muscle mass. All that extra tissue can cause airway blockages at night. Also, injuries to the nose, throat or neck can contribute to breathing issues during sleep.

Rogan noticed a lot of his friends in jiu jitsu and powerlifting struggle with snoring and feeling run down. Sleep apnea goes hand in hand with the lifestyle of an athlete.

That’s why it’s so important for the athletic community to be aware of the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea. Being proactive about screening for it and finding effective treatment solutions is key.

Untreated sleep apnea can increase the risk for high blood pressure, stroke and other cardiovascular problems. That significantly shortens an athlete’s career and compromises their quality of life after sports.

If you’re an athlete dealing with poor sleep, definitely get checked out for sleep apnea. Something as simple and non-invasive as a mouthguard can make a huge difference in sleep quality and daily energy levels. Your long term health depends on it!

Now here are some additional strategies Joe uses for better sleep…

Additional Strategies for Improving Sleep Quality

In addition to using his SnoreRX Plus mouthguard, there are a few other things Joe added to his routine that have helped improve his sleep quality.

One is using a WHOOP band and app to track sleep cycles, heart rate variability and recovery. This gives him a ton of biofeedback so he can see how factors like late night training, alcohol, or travel impact sleep cycles.

I’ve also started taking CBD oil before bed, which helps relax his body and mind for restful sleep. A little bit of weed can help too but you gotta be careful with dosage. Too much THC can negatively affect sleep quality.

Rogan also really likes using Onnit’s New Mood supplement. It has calming herbs like lemon balm, valerian root and melatonin. Knocks Joe out and helps him stay asleep.

Experimenting with different supplements, devices like WHOOP, and tracking it all has helped him optimize every aspect of his sleep. If you’re serious about your health, look into biohacking your sleep – it’s a game changer!

Alright, let’s wrap this thing up…


Alright everyone, let’s recap what we covered here. Sleep disorders like sleep apnea and snoring have been an ongoing struggle for Joe Rogan the past several years.

He tried every device and supplement out there but nothing really moved the needle until he started using the SnoreRX Plus mouthpiece created by Dr. Bryan Keropian. This thing really has been a total game changer for his sleep quality.

Treating sleep apnea is so important, whether you’re a professional athlete, UFC commentator like Rogan, or just someone who wants to have more energy. Sleep is everything when it comes to performing at your best mentally and physically.

On top of the mouthguard, he does use other strategies like CBD oil, sleep tracking with WHOOP, and supplements like New Mood. Taking a comprehensive approach is the way to go.

So here’s the upshot – don’t ignore sleep disorders and think you can just power through. Addressing it proactively with an effective solution will improve your sleep, health, and daily performance.

Sweet dreams everyone!

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