Zyppah vs PureSleep
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Zyppah vs PureSleep

These two MADs (mandibular advancement devices) made by Zyppah and PureSleep both work very well. You can consider the Zyppah two devices in one though: a MAD and a TRD (tongue retaining device).

My wife and I slept comfortably with both devices. The user-friendly features of the Zyppah made it our favorite of the two though.

Both Mouthpieces Compared

Zyppah vs. PureSleep

Device ClassificationMAD Hybrid: includes a TRD (tongue retaining device)MAD
Fitting ProcessBoil and BiteBoil and Bite (upper and lower piece fitted separately)
VersionsFour versions, over-the-counter and prescriptionOne
Price$89.99 version includes free shipping$59.95, plus $9.99 shipping
My ReviewZyppah ReviewPureSleep Review

You have to be careful during the fitting process with one of the devices. There are a few other details that make one easier to use than the other for most people.

Reading my reviews on each will help you decide which will work best.

Zyppah Mouthpiece

Zyppah Rx review

The Zyppah uses two different ways to help stop snoring. As a MAD, it forces the lower jaw forward in order to open the airway. As a TRD, the Zyppah also stabilizes the tongue and keeps it from falling back into the throat and blocking the airway.

Zyppah has won approval from the Food and Drug Administration FDA.

My Zyppah Experience

The Zyppah arrived within a few days after I placed the order. Since there were no moving parts, I did not have to worry about assembly.

I had read, however, that you need to be careful and follow the fitting directions closely. My wife and I made sure that we did not skip any steps.

The first night wearing the Zyppah turned out well. My wife and I both had a great night’s sleep and awoke refreshed. We both, however, had slightly sore mouths. After wearing the device for a couple days, the soreness went away.

The cleaning process required next to no effort. We merely dropped our Zyppahs in cups of warm water and added a dental cleaning tablet. The one-piece design meant no crevices or cracks that needed scrubbing.

At the end of the two week trial, my wife and I both agreed that the Zyppah did want it advertised it could do.

PureSleep Mouthpiece

PureSleep Reviews

PureSleep arrives in two pieces: one piece must be fitted to the upper jaw and the other to the lower. Once you find the most comfortable fit, you use the boil and bite method.

This means, however, that you must take extra care during the fitting process, as you cannot adjust it once you have completed the boil and bite.

This device has a lot of crevices, so you must take extra care when cleaning.

My PureSleep Experience

Ordering and shipping too significantly longer than it did for the other anti-snoring devices I have used. First, I had to fill out a 21-question form.

I did not mind this very much as I felt it refreshing to have a company actually try to determine if I would be a good candidate for the device or not. The two week shipping time, however, made both my wife and I a little annoyed.

I had read about the fitting process so we took our time making sure we had the perfect fit. Other devices are more forgiving. If it does not fit right, you can always adjust it the next day. This is not possible with the PureSleep.

The first night went well for me. I woke up refreshed and my mouth felt fine. My wife, however, had a bit of a sore mouth and, while she never admitted it, I suspect she wished she had taken more time to ensure the perfect fit like I did.

After about four days, she stopped experiencing soreness in the mornings though and for the rest of the week she felt fine.

My son reported that he did not hear any snoring coming from our room when we wore the PureSleeps.

Neither my wife nor I were happy about the cleaning process. It took a lot longer than with most other devices due to the customized design.

My Recommendation

The biggest drawback of the PureSleep concerns the fitting process and the cleaning. My wife would have been a lot happier those first few nights if she had been able to adjust it after the boil and bite like she could the Zyppah.

The complex design of the PureSleep meant that I had to spend more time than expected to clean it.  The TRD feature on the Zyppah made it a tad more comfortable to use also.

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