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Is Your Overbite Causing You to Snore?

If you have an overbite, it could be the cause behind your snoring. Many people are surprised to learn that their overbite is the culprit behind their poor sleep quality and that it could cause them to snore. Something as simple as wearing a snoring mouthpiece could stop you from getting elbows to the ribs from your significant other all night.

What is an Overbite?

structure of an overbiteIf your upper jaw protrudes over your lower jaw, you have an overbite. This is one of the most common reasons why people wear braces, especially at an early age. Braces gradually align the teeth.

Having an overbite is not as cut-and-dry as you might think though. There are actually two kinds of overbites:

  • Skeletal – The underlying skeleton and position of the jaw are to blame. The maxilla, or upper jaw, simply extends too far.
  • Dental – With this variety, the jaw is positioned correctly, but the teeth are misaligned.

In some cases, an overbite can have skeletal and dental causes.

What Does an Overbite Have to Do with Snoring?

An excessive overbite, which is technically called a malocclusion, occurs when the upper incisors overlap the lower incisors by half the length of the tooth, or more. This is generally an overlap of about 2.5 millimeters.

Individuals with an excessive overbite are prone to snoring. In some cases the overbite is even the cause of obstructive sleep apnea. A narrow lower jaw is typically associated with overbites, and mouth breathing is quite common with an overbite of this degree.

The jaw can be recessed back quite far with an overbite. This can pinch the airway, which causes an obstruction. As air tries to force its way through the obstructed airway, throat tissues vibrate and create the snoring sound.

Is Surgery Needed?

As mentioned, braces are a popular solution to correct an overbite. Overbite surgery is an option, but it is typically reserved for extreme cases and considered a last resort, as it is very painful. During this surgery the lower jaw is separated and moved forward. During the healing process, the jaw is held together with screws and plates. Recovery is long and involves a lot of swelling and bruising.

Is There a Snoring Solution?

A mandibular advancement device, more commonly known as a mouthpiece, won’t fix your overbite, but it may relieve your snoring. It holds the lower jaw in a forward position, which opens the airway. This results in improved airflow and better sleep quality.

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