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Is Your Overbite Causing You to Snore?

If you have an overbite, it could be the cause behind your snoring. Many people are surprised to learn that their overbite is the culprit behind their poor sleep quality and that it could cause them to snore. Something as simple as wearing a snoring mouthpiece could stop you from getting elbows to the ribs […]

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Is Your Sore Throat Trying to Tell You Something About Your Sleep Quality?

Are you forced to start every morning with hot tea and honey because your throat is so dry and scratchy that it hurts to swallow? Naturally, you blame it on the spicy food you ate the night before. Perhaps the air in your home is too dry or your seasonal allergies are getting to you, […]

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How is Your Sleeping Position Affecting Your Snoring?

Does your partner constantly elbow you in the middle of the night to tell you to roll over? There is a very good reason. Your sleeping position really does affect your snoring. Now, this is not to say this is the case for everyone, but if you have been told you snore louder lying on […]

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Snoring and Dairy Products: Is There a Link Between the Two?

For a long time the population was taught that milk was beneficial and essential for optimal health. An increasing number of people are finding that this may not be the case. Now, you might be saying that you are not lactose intolerant and have no problem digesting milk. This may be true, but what you […]

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Snoring and Smoking: Here's One More Reason to Quit

If you are a smoker then you likely already have countless people telling you to quit. You have seen photos of what a smoker's lungs look like. You have read the countless articles linking smoking to cancer, heart disease, sagging skin, wrinkles, premature aging, damaged teeth, cataracts, asthma, bronchitis, heart attack, stroke, and countless other […]

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Snoring and Allergies: Understanding the Connection

Have you recently started snoring, but can't quite figure out why? Maybe you have always been a snorer, but your significant other is telling you that it has reached an unbearable level lately. If you have suddenly developed seasonal allergies, or if there is so much cottonwood floating through the air it looks like it […]

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Surgical Procedures for Snorers

If you are a snorer, you may assume that surgery is your only option to get relief. Fortunately, it's not. Many people are able to reduce or eliminate their symptoms by wearing a snoring mouthpiece. SnoreRx is our top-rated mouthpiece for comfort, effectiveness, and price. Surgery is painful and definitely not without risk. It should […]

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Tour The Museum of Snoring in Alfeld, Germany

When you think of a museum, you often think about walking through aisles with red velvet ropes and walls of lined paintings, historical items under glass, and aged documents. But, did you ever think there would be a museum for snoring? Well, there is. Surprised? In Alfeld, Germany, there is a museum entirely dedicated to […]

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How to Block Snoring Forever

Despite the availability of many devices and procedures that aim to manage the problem, sometimes snoring is incurable. The market for products that prevent snoring and reduce the risk of airway obstructions is large, but results can vary significantly depending on the user. For some, they don’t work at all. This can be frustrating for […]

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Why Do Sleep Psychologists Study Snoring?

For most people, sleep is associated with mental, emotional, and physical relaxation and replenishment. During sleep, the brain and body relax to allow sleep processes to occur. Typically, this physical relaxation includes the muscles of the throat to permit the flow of air into the lungs during sleep. However, some people have a narrower passage, […]

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