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Human beings have been using pillows for the last 9,000 years. The ancient Egyptians used stones to prevent bugs from crawling into their mouths, ears, and nose at night. Japanese geisha placed their heads on stones to keep their hair in place. The Greeks and Romans caught onto the idea of comfort by using cloth stuffed with straw or feathers.

Interestingly, at one point, many men considered it a sign of weakness to use a pillow at all.   Nowadays, people need a lot more than a pillow to sleep,  and many consumers rely on smart pillows, smart mattresses, home security, smart thermometers,  and anti-snoring products such as SnoreRx and ZQuiet.

In our comparison of the MyPillow vs Casper pillows, we assumed you do use a pillow and are looking to make the best choice for a good night's sleep.

According to Rubin Naiman, PhD., a sleep expert from Arizona, the choice of pillow is largely down to personal comfort issues and largely depends on your sleeping position. Those sleeping on their back often opt for thin pillows to ensure their head is not raised too high, while those sleeping on their side chose a thicker pillow to fill the gap between the shoulder and ear. Finally, those who sleep on their stomach may either select a very thin pillow or place a pillow under their stomach to prevent lower back pain.

The Importance of Pillows

In recent times, back experts have been emphasizing the importance of using the right pillow to ensure good spinal health. Many practitioners believe the right pillow can help to prevent or even contribute to the easing of back problems, and issues such as snoring and gastroesophageal reflux are also impacted by your choice of pillow.

Today’s choice of pillows caters to a wide variety of personal preferences as well as to expert advice.

Lately, two pillows have prominently featured in the media, the Casper Pillow and MyPillow.

MyPillow versus the Casper Pillow

Featuring a patented interlocking fill, MyPillow is the only pillow endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation. This interlocking fill adjusts to your changing sleeping position throughout the night, delivering optimum support for your neck and shoulders. Made from synthetic fibers, the outer material is breathable.

The manufacturer claims that you will fall asleep faster and can enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep. The interlocking fill is designed for maximum durability and is said to maintain its volume for many years.

Despite the strong neck and head support, MyPillow is soft to the touch. It's available in five, color-coded sizes. The smallest (yellow) is designed for children or very petite women. The next size up (white) is suitable for most women, as well as men of small built. The medium size suits larger women, as well as most men, and is coded blue. The second largest pillow is suitable for large men (red), while the largest pillow is designed for side-sleeping large men who require a lot of support between the shoulders and the ear.

When selecting a size, you should opt for a larger size if you mostly sleep on your side. This pillow is widely available and retails at around $100 for two pillows, or $50 for one at select retailers.

Casper Pillow

The manufacturer claims to have designed a “pillow in a pillow” concept, geared toward providing comfort as well as lasting neck and head support. The inner pillow is firmer and delivers lasting support, while the outer pillow is soft and comfortable.

casper pillow

Filled with nearly one billion fibers, the inner pillow adjusts to your position and continually supports the neck and head, regardless of your movements. The longer fibers in the outer pillow combine into a soft pillow with a conventional feel but without any clumping. This outer pillow bounces back immediately whenever you move.

A unique gusset holds the two pillows together and strengthens the structure for lasting support, especially for the neck.

Thanks to a breathable 100% cotton cover and the silky internal fibers, this pillow is designed to stay cool throughout the night.

The design of the Casper Pillow stems from in-depth research into sleeping positions and patterns. The softness, as well as the lasting support, are believed to greatly enhance the quality of your sleep.

The Casper pillow is only available from the Casper website and retails at approximately $75.

How They Compare

Both pillows provide enhanced neck and head support by using technology. The Casper pillow’s outer layer is perhaps a little softer, however, MyPillow is available in various sizes to provide extra comfort.

Though many may prefer natural down feather pillows or opt for lower-priced support pillows, both undoubtedly deliver stronger support, bounce, and softness. The breathability of both also helps to keep the pillows cool, and thus improve your sleeping experience.

At $75 and $100, both pillows are considerably more expensive than many other support-providing pillows.

Mixed Reviews

Make sure to check out some of the genuine reviews before you make your purchase.

mypillows laid on a bedWhen you read the various MyPillow reviews you will find anything from high praise right down to the harshest of criticism. The people at MyPillow also paid out more than a million in a lawsuit settlement.

Several consumer groups had sued the company for making false claims about their product. Since then, the company had to significantly tone down its advertising and marketing language and refrain from making misleading product claims.

Casper reviews are harder to find, simply because this pillow is only available for purchase on their website. Reviews are consequently largely controlled by the company even though you can still find plenty of negative reviews.

The 100-day money back guarantee offers customers some comfort. At least you have the option of returning the pillow and getting a full refund if you don’t like it.

The Choice Is Yours

The Casper pillow and MyPillow have sold thousands each, and countless people are exceedingly happy with their purchase. Ultimately, different pillows suit different people, and consequently, both pillows may or may not suit you. There are plenty of other great pillows on the market, some of them at a considerably lower cost than these two.

Pillows Are Important

Pillows contribute to the quality of your sleep and impact on your overall back health. Many people have experienced significant relief from back pain, neck, and shoulder stiffness, snoring, and acid reflux by using a pillow to deal with the particular personal issue.

Read our reviews and do your research before deciding on which pillow to buy that will suit your individual needs.

By now, everyone has probably heard of Casper mattresses and Casper pillows. As someone who obsesses about a good night’s sleep, I was going to have to review the Casper pillow at some point.   I'm always on the lookout for pillows that work well with snore guards such as the zQuiet.

the white casper pillow on matressUndoubtedly, Casper has been making the headlines on the back of ultra-slick marketing drives and celebrity endorsements, so much so I felt compelled to check out their renowned pillow and see what the fuss is all about. I've reviewed many pillows designed for snoring and a few regular pillows that are great quality so I know a good pillow when I see one.

The Company

Casper Sleep was founded in 2014 and was officially launched in April 2015, starting off with the production and distribution of a mattress. The founders' aim was to “invent an industry around sleep.” and they have done so incredibly successfully. Describing the frustration of buying a mattress in a conventional furniture store, Casper Sleep decided to produce just one mattress and distribute it by courier.

Within the first month, Casper Sleep turned over $1 million, and the company has been going from strength to strength. Endorsed by a variety of celebrities, Casper Sleep attracted significant investment from a wide range of sources. Slick marketing, a brilliant website, top-quality customer support, and smart advertising have turned this startup into a multi-million business within a very short period of time. Casper Sleep added the Casper Pillow and bedding in 2015, and further expanded the range with a dog mattress in 2016.

Casper Pillow

Having tested sixty different pillows, the designers of the Casper Pillow came up with the “pillow in a pillow” concept, aiming to produce a pillow that is soft and still offers plenty of support for the neck and head. The soft outer pillow gives a snuggly feel, while the inner, firmer pillow offers lasting support.

Unlike the Casper mattress, the Casper Pillow is not filled with foam. Instead, the manufacturers describe a one-billion fiber filling. These fibers provide comfort and support, without ever clumping or requiring fluffing. The pillow adjusts to changing positions, delivering continuous support and softness. In our video below, we cut open the pillow and let you see what the fibers look like.

A specially designed gusset connects the inner and outer pillows combining into a comfortable pillow that is soft and supporting all at once. As the backbone of the pillow, the gusset strengthens the pillow and keeps it in shape throughout the night.

The pillow is also designed to remain cool throughout the night, featuring a 100% cotton cover with a breathable percale weave. The cover is washable.

The Casper pillow is only available from the Casper website and retails for around $75.

The company offers a 100-night money back guarantee so you can try it and return it if you don’t like it.

A look inside the Casper Pillow

My Experience


The ordering process is easy, I knew I could only order it directly from Casper Sleep. Within a short few days, I received a nice looking large box, in fact it’s large enough to fit the pillow without squashing it. When you open the lid, you are greeted with a starry night designs, and, to be honest, I felt like trying the pillow at once.

After taking the pillow out of its box, I noticed the zipper along the edge and went on to unzip it, soon realizing that I could remove the inner, more supportive pillow. The outer pillow is soft to the touch, while the inner pillow seems exceedingly bouncy. When you squeeze the inner pillow and then let go, it regains its shape almost immediately. I went on to reinsert the inner pillow and close the zipper. Having handled, squeezed and taken the pillow apart, I was impressed with how it seemed to regain its original shape immediately.

That night, I used the Casper for the first time and had a great night’s sleep. Making sure to try out all the different sleeping positions as well as using only the inner pillow for a while, I made sure to test it thoroughly.

What I was most impressed with was the lack of lumpiness, there is absolutely no clumping whatsoever.

After trying it for three more nights, I found the Casper Pillow too firm and would ultimately consider it more of a support pillow than a comfort pillow.


Comfortable: I found the pillow quite comfortable and got a good night’s sleep. Whatever way I moved, the pillow bounced back and retained its perfect shape.

No Clumping: There is absolutely no clumping, and you’ll never have to fluff up this pillow because it just regains its shape by itself.

Quality and Durability: I could see straight away this pillow is made of good quality materials and will last a long time.

Suitable for Everyday Use: I would recommend this pillow for daily use, particularly if you are looking for a pillow that gives plenty of support.

Fair Price: You can get the Casper Pillow for between $50 and $75 depending on what discounts are available. Pillows of similar quality often retail above $100.


Inner Pillow Potentially Too Firm: Though the manufacturers claim the inner pillow has a liquid feel, I felt it was just a bit too firm and wouldn’t agree with that description.

Not as Soft as Down Pillow: Even though the pillow is soft, down pillows are softer and more comfortable.

Too Flat: If you like sleeping slightly more horizontally, you will need to roll the Casper Pillow up, just like I had to. There are no curves or arches to help open your airways either.

The Verdict

I would recommend this pillow to anyone who is looking for a reasonably priced pillow that offers good support for the head and neck. It is comfortable and soft, however, not as soft as a down feather pillow. The pillow is less suitable for those who like to sleep with their head raised a little more, simply because the Casper Pillow is quite flat.

I was impressed with the pillow’s ability to regain its own shape and the complete lack of lumpiness. The materials are obviously designed to last, and it’s great you can simply wash the cover whenever the need arises.

Casper Pillow

Effectiveness 4.2
Comfort 4.8
Ease of Use 5.0
Value 4.2
Overall 4.7

Another pillow that retains it's shape perfectly is the Purple pillow. Weighing in at ten pounds, the Purple stays cold all night long.

A great mattress that goes along with the Casper Pillow is the Level Sleep.

The 100-day money-back guarantee on the Casper allows you to try this pillow, not just for a few nights, but for over 10 weeks. At that point, you will know whether it suits you and helps you to get a better night’s sleep.

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