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Sleep aids are not just for the people who snore. Sometimes the other person in bed needs something to drown out their partner’s sounds!

SleepPhones are a natural way to help your bedmate fall asleep despite your snores. With SleepPhones, you can listen to ambient sounds, music, podcasts, or audiobooks, without disturbing anyone else. In my case, I wanted to test the SleepPhones Wireless with ambient noise to see if the sounds of loud snoring are blocked while sleeping.

How SleepPhones Work

SleepPhones are a slim, soft, and comfortable headphone set in a headband device that allows you to listen to audio in any position. You can surround yourself with ambient noise without disturbing, or being disturbed by, the person next to you.

sleepphones on a weightlifterSleepPhones are specifically designed for sleeping, airplane travel, and listening to music in bed- all without bulky headphones and wires. You can even sleep with your head on the side of a regular pillow or one of the popular anti snoring pillows and be comfortable! Have you ever tried to do that with a regular pair of headphones?

The wireless model of the SleepPhones uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to a compatible device. No cords, no hassle!

SleepPhones have a wireless range of 15-30 feet. It is available in multiple colors and two different types of fabric, both of which are pre-shrunk and non-pilling. The standard model uses a smooth fleece material that gives a comfortable fit each time. This fabric is comfortable for most sleepers.

The Wireless Breeze model uses a lightweight, cool, and stretchy material that is perfect for people who sleep hot. The material breathes and is recommended for people who live in warmer climates.

The SleepPhones are available in three different sizes: extra small, one size fits most, and extra-large. The speakers inside the headband are removable, allowing you to wash the fabric as needed. They are also replaceable if they become damaged over time.

I chose the SleepPhones Wireless in gray used them to see if they successfully blocked loud snoring while sleeping.

My Experience

My head is larger than most, so I have always had trouble getting headphones to sit right on my ears. I was hoping the SleepPhones would stay on my head through the night.

I connected the SleepPhones to my Android phone but forgot to turn the 'Do Not Disturb' setting on, so I heard all the dings and buzzes of my phone alerts as I was trying to fall asleep. I learned my lesson and turned on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ on subsequent nights.

The sound coming from the speakers is close to your ears, so it was a little hard to get used to the white noise of streams, nature, and ambient noise right in my ears. But once I adjusted the volume level to a reasonable level, the sound quality coming from the SleepPhones was great and the sounds no longer bothered me.

I had hoped the SleepPhones would stay on my head through the night, but unfortunately, they did fall off my ears.

I found the SleepPhones were most useful in helping me to fall asleep. Then the background noise in the room allowed me to stay asleep.

My wife does not snore at night, so I could not test the SleepPhones with a live person snoring. I did, however, test the SleepPhones with loud YouTube snoring videos to see how effective they were in drowning out that noise.

Overall, the SleepPhones were somewhat effective in eliminating the snoring sounds. They were most effective when the white noise sounds coming from the speakers were turned up.

The SleepPhones are advertised as being noise blocking instead of noise canceling, and I would agree with that statement. My recommendation is to have these handy by your bedside so that when your partner starts snoring you can put them on and play some ambient noise to help you fall back asleep.



Final Thoughts

The SleepPhones Wireless are a comfortable and cord-free way to enjoy music in bed without being disturbed or disturbing others. I recommend keeping these handy at night and using them if your partner starts snoring too loudly.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Anti-Snoring Device With the iSonic Ultra-Sonic Snoring Mouthpiece Cleaner

Having tested and loved the Therasnore MAD, I’ve been using it for around a month. The Therasnore mouthpiece (although effective) is a little pricey, so I don’t want to be buying a new one every three months.

An integral part of maintaining any snoring mouthpiece over long periods of time is with thorough, regular cleaning. An issue with the Therasnore is that it stains when exposed to toothpaste, so I needed to find a new way of achieving a professional clean. I decided to try out a mouthpiece cleaning device and took to the internet to see what I could find.

I chose the iSonic Ultra-Sonic Snoring Mouthpiece Cleaner, based on its excellent customer reviews on Amazon, and at $28.50, is it is very reasonably priced. I was pleased with how quickly it arrived, and within a few short days of ordering, I was ready to take my new toy for a spin!

iSonic Cleaner Unboxing & Feature Demonstration

My Experience

The iSonic Mouthpiece Cleaner proved easy to use. This device comes with a cleaning powder that you add to the tank along with regular tap water, before dropping in your mouthpiece and pressing start. I was impressed with how quickly it worked, leaving my mouthpiece clean within a mere 5 minutes! Another bonus is that, with the auto shut off option, you can simply walk away and leave it without worrying about sticking around to shut it off when it’s finished.

This is a clever little device and works by generating ultrasound to produce millions of tiny bubbles in the water. This works like a brush to remove debris from every tiny nook and cranny, but in a way that’s far gentler and more thorough. Using a regular brush to clean your mouthpiece can cause tiny abrasions in the material, which can leave it looking cloudy and compromise its integrity over time. Using a cleaning tank like the iSonic guarantees a professional cleaning in a way that’s gentle on your device, and helps to preserve it in the long-term – which is exactly what I was hoping for!




Overall, the iSonic Ultra-Sonic Snoring Mouthpiece Cleaner is a fantastic little device. It’s inexpensive, effective, and perfectly designed to meet my needs.

It provides deep cleaning in a way that’s gentle and highly efficient, and will undoubtedly be of great use in preserving my mouthpiece for as long as possible.

If you’re the owner of a pricey mouthpiece like the Therasnore, this is a wise investment for ensuring you get the best out of your product! In helping to increase the longevity of your mouthpiece, a cleaning device like this one will certainly save you money in the long run.

Beat Sleeplessness the Natural Way

Insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns can be infuriating, and over time can seriously affect our day-to-day lives, work, and relationships. Whether suffering from a sleep-related disorder, physical condition, hectic lifestyle, or a simple inability to ‘switch off,’ 1 in 3 of us have experienced it at one time or another.

Marz Sleep Spray Bottle

Statistically, 30-40% of all adults suffer with insomnia or disrupted sleeping patterns over the course of any one year, and of these around 60% have a chronic disorder. Lying awake as the rest of the world slumbers on can be incredibly frustrating, and sleepless night after sleepless night can have a significant impact on our physical and mental well being.

Whatever the cause of your restlessness, the negative impact on quality of life can be huge, affecting our relationships, professional life, health, and general happiness. Aside from that general feeling of exhaustion, poor quality sleep (or a complete lack of it) can lead to reduced concentration and motivation, slower reaction times, weight gain, depression, mood swings and even increased risk of long term conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

Although there is a lot of advice out there for dealing with insomnia (sheep, anyone?) it can be tough to get the better of, especially if caused by an underlying condition such as sleep apnoea, snoring, parasomnias, or restless leg syndrome. Sleeping pills may provide a temporary relief for some, but for most individuals the side effects and addictive nature of these medications can make them a non-viable option for long term use.

So, What’s the Answer?

Marz Sleep Spray is an all-natural, convenient, and highly effective solution for those suffering from sleep deprivation. Fast-acting and effective, just a few sprays into the mouth or a drink before bed can produce a restful and complete night’s sleep that leaves you waking fresh, restored, and alert. Users of Marz Sleep Spray have found themselves able to fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep for longer, providing a welcome relief from long and tedious nights of tossing and turning. But why choose Marz Sleep Spray over other remedies?

All Natural, Holistic Ingredients (Approved by Science)
With active components derived from botanicals such as Lemon Balm Leaf, Gaba Root and Valerian Root, Marz Sleep Spray boasts an ingredient list that is both highly effective and all-natural. Assembled by renowned scientists, the full complement of ingredients is potent and fast-acting, with each component contributing to a sound and peaceful rest:

Marz Sleep Spray Ingredients

Although powerful, the natural ingredient list means this formula is automatically kinder to the body than other treatments, and has the added benefit of being non-addictive. Therefore, Marz Sleep Spray is suitable for use over longer periods of time than other sleeping pills, making it a perfect solution for those with long term sleep disorders.

No Side Effects!

The benefits of that all-natural ingredient list become even more apparent the day after use. Traditional sleeping pills can cause a whole host of unpleasant side effects, including stomach pain, memory problems, dizziness, GI problems and heartburn, which is a hefty price to pay for a good night’s sleep!

When used over long periods of time, sleeping pills can have significant negative impacts on health, and can be highly addictive. Marz Sleep Spray is gentle on the body and non-habit forming, meaning it is suitable for use over much longer periods of time. Furthermore, users can expect to awake feeling refreshed, rested and alert, with none of the unpleasant after effects associated with other treatments.

Ease of Use

Compact and portable, the Marz Sleep Spray can be easily stored and transported, and is so simple to use. Up to seven sprays into the mouth (or your bedtime cocoa) and that’s it, which will be welcome news to those who have trouble swallowing pills.

The flexibility in dosing means that you can take as much or as little as you need to doze off, rather than taking a fixed amount. Another benefit of using oral sprays over pills is their increased rate of absorption – whilst pills take time to break down and dissolve, this liquid formula is far more fast acting, meaning you can drop off quickly after using it.

With no need for prescription, Marz Sleep Spray is readily available and easily obtained online.

Does it Work?

shark tank winner sleep sprayAbsolutely! On average, consumers have found that Marz Sleep Spray takes effect around 30 minutes after use, making it a fast-acting remedy for sleeplessness. Consumers report a better quality of sleep, more restful sleep, and increased duration of sleep. Those who have tried Marz Sleep Spray awaken the next morning feeling rested, refreshed, alert, and active, with none of the unpleasant side effects associated with traditional sleeping pills.

Benefits of Use

High quality sleep is crucially important for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing, and the benefits of a more restful night are clear to see. With increased sleep quality, you can expect to enjoy improvements in mood, productivity, alertness, brain functionality and even appearance!

Looking to the long term, improved sleep quality can lower stress levels, improve memory and even increase life span. With Marz Sleep Spray, a good night’s sleep and all the associated health benefits are attainable for everyone, even those with long term sleep disorders.

Top Tips to Boost Results

To get the absolute best out of Marz Sleep Spray, a few simple changes to your evening routine can work wonders:


Any Limitations?

A few – Marz Sleep Spray is not recommended for use by persons under the age of 18, and is only available online. Featured on SharkTank has boosted the popularity of this sleep spray and this formula has been clinically recommended by established Doctors and has been proven to have no habit-forming properties or harmful side effects on the body. If snoring is your problem, take a look at our anti snoring devices. If you or your partner need help with sleep we recommend Marz Sleep Sprays.

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to get me unfocused. As I work at home or the office, I find that any auditory disturbance can derail my productivity. Whether it’s children playing outside, the television, or even the sounds of the city, sometimes it seems like everything is trying to disturb or distract me. I tried using headphones to listen to music, but that proved to be just as distracting.

Using QuietOn Sleep Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs for the first time was like a breath of fresh air in my home and workplace. They removed all the low-frequency noises immediately and allowed me to focus my mind on the task in front of me.

Noise Pollution Affects Your Health

I am always wary of the things around me that have a negative impact on my health. I try to eat healthy, get enough exercise, and even try to limit my screen time. Research shows that the harmful effects of noise pollution may not only affect our cognitive ability but can even lead to a greater risk of a great number of health problems.

Noise is not the first thing that comes to mind when I’m thinking about my health. I usually feel in control of my own well-being, but I now recognize that my surroundings can have a direct negative impact on my health.

I travel a lot for work, and I spend hours-on-end at the airport. While I have no choice about where I have to go for work, and can’t control how noisy things are around me, all I have to do is reach in my pocket and put on my QuietOn Noise Cancelling Earplugs. I have an instant retreat from the craziness around me.

Before I had these earplugs, I was completely unaware that the ambient noise levels were overloading my senses. I got headaches from trying to focus and ignore the noise, making it very difficult to get work done.

Why QuietOn?

Unlike other products, QuietOn earplugs aren’t connected to Bluetooth and have no other function other than providing a bit of quiet tranquility. They are straightforward to use because they don’t have a bunch of buttons.

They are completely wireless and come in a compact carrying case that charges the earplugs. You simply place the earplugs into the charging case and plug in a USB charger and the lights on the outside of the charging case will illuminate. Charging takes an hour and the lights switch off once the earplugs are charged. Every charge gives you 20+ hours of use, which means QuietOn has the longest-lasting battery life of any wireless noise-canceling device.

Do You Have Trouble Sleeping?

Our quality of sleep affects our quality of life. Not only is getting too little sleep bad for our health, but it can greatly affect our mood and temperament. It also hampers our cognitive ability, making it tough to get things done efficiently and to make good decisions.

I know that when I miss out on a good night’s rest, I feel cranky and ornery, I don’t get nearly as much done at work, and my overall sense of well-being is impacted.

QuietOn Sleep Earbuds

QuietOn Sleep Earbuds have also revolutionized the way my wife and I sleep. My wife and I have both had our issues with falling asleep throughout our marriage. My wife requires absolute quiet in order to fall asleep, but my snoring adversely impacts her sleep.

My wife and I bought ourselves an early Christmas present and purchased the QuietOn Sleep Couples (2 Pack). The difference was immediately gratifying. Unlike the uncomfortable, ineffective earplugs that we had tried before, QuietOn Sleep Noise Cancelling Headphones fit comfortably in our ears.

The earplugs come in sizes small, medium and large. The default size is a medium, but you simply twist them off to remove and replace them with a different size. To insert the earplugs simply push them into your ear and rotate them backward for a secure fit. You can purchase replacement foam tips for $19.

Overcoming My Concerns

When QuietOn earplugs were first recommended to me, I had some concerns. I felt a little weird about wearing an electronic device while working and sleeping. I felt like they might hurt my ears, but they were hardly noticeable.

I also had concerns about hearing my children in the night if they called out for me. I can still hear them because these headphones only drown out low-frequency noises like snoring.

One of the best features of these earplugs is the easy switch to hearing mode. When you switch to hearing mode, you can hear as easily as you would normally without having to take out the earplugs. To test for which mode you are in, simply snap your finger near the device.

Other Packages and Warranty

QuietOn offers their Sleep earbuds in a single package, couple’s package, and a family package of four earbuds. They feature a convenient storage case that doubles as a charger.

QuietOn Sleep Earbuds typically cost $219 for a single unit but are on sale for $169 before shipping.

You can return them within 14 days of purchase as long as they are unused and undamaged. This doesn’t give you an opportunity to try them and you must contact customer service before you can return them.

In the United States, QuietOn offers a 1-year warranty on their earbuds. For customers who live in the EU, they get a 2-year warranty.


Both classic QuietOn Noise Cancelling Earplugs and QuietOn Sleep earbuds will revolutionize the way you work and sleep. Drowning out the sounds of the office, airport, or even your own home can help you focus on the tasks you have before you without distraction.

Being productive and stress-free can give you more time to focus on the things you love. We all understand the importance of a good night's sleep. Getting uninterrupted rest may improve your mood, your work, and even your relationships.

QuietOn is portable, easy to charge, comfortable, and effective. If you need to remove some noise from your daily life or get a better night’s sleep, these may be an ideal option for you.

Millions of Americans and other people across the globe struggle with snoring every year.  Even babies snore. Snoring negatively impacts the quality of sleep and life of the person snoring.

dream sipper straw in water

It is for these reasons that people are turning to new developments in scientific snoring research and medical technology to help them stop snoring for good.

Is it possible to find and fix the cause of your snoring?

The Dream Sipper: A Glass of Water can Fix Your Snoring (with a little help from science)

I have been snoring since I was a young adult, and my snoring persisted throughout my adult life.  After reviewing so many products for my blog here on SnoringHQ, I was so excited to hear about an innovative product called the Dream Sipper.

I consider myself a bit of an expert on anti snoring devices. In my more than twenty years of annoying my wife with my snoring, I have tried thirty or more different solutions. While some of these methods have worked well for me and some have not, I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest device that will help me to stop snoring for good.

It turns out that almost all snoring devices that work help bring the tongue out of the throat.  Mandibular devices change the position of the jaw which helps bring the tongue out of the throat.  A tongue restraining device does the same thing. A CPAP also brings the tongue out of the throat.

Several scientific studies have shown that training the tongue to rest completely along the top of your mouth helps reduce snoring.  The patent-pending Dream Sipper makes it easy to do this by having a tongue bulb and special soft palate activating straw to train your tongue to stay up. The creators of Dream Sipper claim this saves many hours of oral therapy and helps you to start reducing snoring within a week.

How the Dream Sipper Works

man using the dream sipper straw

The Dream Sipper can be described most simply as a type of oral therapy device that has a tongue bulb and a sipping straw that you use during the day, not night. The Dream Sipper is made from a medical grade silicone and can be washed in your dishwasher. It is free from BPA and other harmful substances.

The mechanism by which the Dream Sipper works is twofold.

First, you place the bulb in the middle of your tongue and press it up.  The resistance helps train your tongue to want to rest on the top of your mouth.

Secondly, from the bulb’s unique location inside of your mouth, you can suck from your soft palate instead of using your cheeks.  Strengthening the soft palate cuts the snoring noise it makes, and it also helps hold up the base of your tongue to your palate. The base of your tongue is the big noise maker in snoring and is the most important part of your tongue to train to stop snoring.

Quick Test You Can Take Now To See If It Will Help YOUR Snoring

As you are reading this, where is your tongue inside of your mouth?  Most likely your tongue isn’t touching near the back of your tongue where it is most important (say the sound ‘kah’ - that is where the back of your tongue touches your soft palate).  The recent snoring studies prove that what you do during the day with your mouth carries over to your mouth behavior during sleep. So keeping the tongue up during the day translates to sleeping the tongue ‘snore-free’ position.

In short, the Dream Sipper falls into the category of devices that one might call a ‘tongue trainer.’ It strengthens the tongue and throat, and by doing so prevents it from collapsing into the airway during sleep time. According to the manufacturer, the Dream Sipper starts working to prevent snoring in as little as one week using the Dream Sipper and following their tips for improving how your mouth works.

Instructions for Using the Dream Sipper

There is good news for people who intend to use the Dream Sipper to prevent snoring: it is extremely user-friendly and simple to use.

Anyone who can drink water can use the Dream Sipper. To use the device, simply place the Dream Sipper into a full glass of water and sip or drink the entire glass through the upper mouthpiece by alternating tongue bulb presses and soft palate suctions of water.

For best results, the Dream Sipper can be used before a meal so you can improve how you swallow your food. Since we swallow at least once every minute, if you learn to swallow correctly with your tongue fully up, it’s bound to help stop snoring. The more you use the device, the quicker the muscles of your upper airway and tongue will develop and strengthen.

The instructions for the Dream Sipper do not say if it is appropriate for use with liquids other than water.  For this reason, when I tried it, I used it with plain drinking water only.

My Experience with the Dream Sipper

When I ordered the Dream Sipper, it arrived at my doorstep within a week’s time. I was very excited to unbox it and try it out.

I found that with this device it took a decent amount of time to figure out how to swallow correctly.  The makers say this is a good sign that I had bad tongue and swallowing habits that needed to be fixed. The most common swallowing problems are tongue down and sucking from the cheeks instead of the soft palate.  These habits cause snoring because the tongue and soft palate are trained to stay in the wrong place and because they get weaker by not using them fully.  The instructions come with methods to use the device daily for at least a few weeks.

Unfortunately, because the instructions are replacing oral therapy, it does take an investment to learn how to use it and how to swallow properly.  The trick is to learn how to relax the cheeks - which sounds easier than it is and would be very hard to do without having the Dream Sipper to help.

Once I figured out the Dream Sipper exercise method, I understood better the methodology behind this.  After a week of using the device and following the tips, I do find my tongue is wanting to rest more on the top of my mouth and it feels very natural (in fact, all babies are born with the tongue-up habit and trained with it by breastfeeding).

You will get results because your tongue rests along the top of your mouth during the day and that carries over into the night.

It’s a great idea to purchase the Dream Sipper even if you have a night time Oral Device for two reasons.  First, the night Oral Device will give immediate results to stop the noise effect, but it does not improve the causes of your snoring.  Second,  because snorers use their tongues and soft palates incorrectly, the effect of an Oral Device will go down over time and require tighter adjustment unless you reverse the cause of your atrophying anti-snoring muscles.

It is important to remember this is only one of many snoring solutions. There continues to be innovation and inventors creating new snoring products. Try different anti-snoring products to find the one that is best optimized for you, your anatomy, and your sleep patterns.

Snorecoach is a Bluetooth device that works in tandem with a phone app. It was developed through support from a Kickstarter campaign which raised a little over its target of $200,000.

The device allows you to monitor your snoring and prompts you to change sleeping position when needed. The invention became available for purchase in August 2017.

Made by Huneo

huneo snorecoach

Huneo aims to use real-time data collection and analysis to use technology to solve medical problems. The company’s specialty is the use of big-data to allow for the effective application of technology.

Their early work involved a large number of sleep studies. The analysis of this data was used to develop algorithms that can identify snore patterns that are associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It is from this study that Snorecoach was born.

What does it do?

There are two parts to the system the app, Snoretrack, that runs on a phone or tablet and the device that fits on the back of your shirt. The app is free to use and is available for both Apple and Android devices. The Bluetooth device costs $98.

The app uses the speaker on your phone to monitor your sleep. When it detects you snoring it sends a message to the Bluetooth device. The device then vibrates to signal you should change sleeping position.

There is an accelerometer inside the device which allows it to determine if you are laying on your back or side. This means you only receive a 'buzz' when you are both snoring and lying on your back.

The theory behind this is that most people are more likely to snore or to experience an event of sleep apnea while sleeping on their backs. So, for much of the time, a positional change is all that is necessary to stop the snoring. Over time the Snorecoach essentially trains you to turn onto your side, as soon as you start snoring.

The device has been designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. It simply clips onto the back of your shirt, so there is no discomfort associated with its use. The motion of putting the Snorecoach onto your shirt is all that is needed to activate it.

The app allows you to monitor your sleep. Each night you receive a summary of your sleep. This includes audio recordings of your snoring. It also uses data from the device to monitor your movements during the night.

The data can be used to give you an insight into your sleep. The app allows you to collect data over a long period, years if you wish. You can look for trends in your data, to try and ensure you get more and better sleep.

Does it work?

huneo snorecoach app for phone

According to Huneo's data, for positional snorers, this device, on average reduces snoring from 22% of the night to 4%. So, for a subset of snorers, this is a pretty effective system. It had the benefits of being completely non-invasive, after all, it is only a small device clipped to the back of your shirt.

In essence, Snorecoach is replicating the effect of being elbowed in the night by your partner, hopefully just before you disturb their sleep as well. If that is all you need to keep you from snoring, this could be a product worth trying.

The real gem here is the app, Snoretrack because it provides you with a large amount of useful data, and it will allow you to get a real feel for how the quality of your sleep is changing over time. The app works independently of the Bluetooth device; you just have to remember to turn it on when you go to bed.

How does it compare to other snoring aids?

This device is promising, but as it is very new to the market, it is hard to say how effective it will be for most people. In my opinion, it is not as effective as the leading anti-snoring mouthpieces. The SnoreRx, for instance, retails at a similar price, has been tried by a much larger sample of people, and is a more reliable solution for stopping snoring.

Oral Appliance, Osahs, Sleep Snoring

Given that one of the aims of the Snorecoach is to help you to develop good sleep habits, there is no reason you couldn’t use it in combination with a more instantly effective snoring aid.

A few ‘technical’ details

The battery in the Snorecoach should last six months before it needs to be replaced. It is a standard coin-cell battery that is easy to replace.

Using the app overnight should use about 10% of an average phone's battery. The app does, however, advise that you plug your phone in overnight.

You can use the Snorecoach as a silent alarm. You can set it to vibrate to wake you up in the morning without disturbing your partner.

The recently added feature of being able to play back your snores from the previous night is surprisingly addictive. You don’t need to worry about your phone’s memory becoming clogged up with the recording of your snoring as the app automatically records over the previous night audio.

You don’t need to turn the app off in the morning. It will automatically stop recording after a pre-set amount of time has elapsed.

For Apple devices, you need to be using an iPhone 4 or higher, or an iPad 3 or higher.

It works best when the phone is placed within five feet of your head.




It is a fascinating device. It is easy to use and not as intimidating as some other options, but it won’t work for everyone. The data collection aspect of the app is one of its strongest features. It is certainly worth trying, but you may want to try combining it with another stop snoring device, such as a snoring pillow or a mouthpiece. Since there is a money back guarantee you have nothing to lose by giving it a go.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll do whatever it takes to reduce both the severity and the frequency of your snoring.

lady doing tongue exercises for snoring

When I came across the Optimum Sleep Workout, I was initially skeptical. Could exercise be the final cure for snoring? To find out, I put the product to the ultimate test and dived headfirst into the Optimum Sleep Workout’s 8-week program.    The Optimum Sleep system is a method to stop snoring that complements or can be used in place of anti snoring devices.

A comprehensive system

While it doesn’t come cheap at $106, the Optimum Sleep Workout is a physician-backed comprehensive system that is clearly designed to gradually increase in intensity. Don’t let the word workout scare you! The workout aspect of this is minimal in gym terms and while it can be considered yoga for your mouth, it is no way exhausting – which is great because it means anyone can do it regardless of their physical condition.

A gentle first week

The 8-week program is divided up into four cycles, with each cycle consisting of 2 weeks. In the first cycle, weeks 1 and 2, you start off gently exercising 4 days a week. In week 1, you simply complete 5 exercises as directed and then complete the second set to finish it off.

Clearly described workouts…

Week 1 introduces you to simpler exercises, which pop up over the course of the workout plan. The great thing about each exercise is that it tells you how to do it in detail and explains why it is important. Sometimes the descriptions can be a bit technical, for example in the Tongue Jolt exercise which is designed to strengthen the genioglossus and hyoid.

…But sometimes a bit technical

However, sometimes the exercises get a bit technical and hard to understand in practice. This is where the videos help and demonstrate exactly how to do the exercise.

lady doing mouth exercises for snoringStepping it up week by week

In week two, the days of the week change which is great because that ensures you don’t get fixed into a specific routine. The number of exercises also jumps up to 6, but still two reps. Three reps are advised for weeks 3 and 4, where you are allocated 7 and 8 exercises respectively. The first week in cycle 3 takes it up a notch with 8 exercises across four sets, followed by week six where you complete the same. The final cycle, weeks 7 and 8 lead you to your final goal of completing a whopping 10 exercises across five sets.

20 minutes a day

Completing 10 exercises in five sets may sound like a lot, but it is designed to be completed in as little as 20 minutes a day. If you’re busy, you could easily fit it into your work break, as a quick after work cool down, or as part of your morning routine if you feel like waking up earlier. Be warned: initially, these exercises will make you laugh and you can’t help but make noise when saying “ahhh” over and over!

Like yoga, the exercises must be performed in sequence to be effective because they target related areas and strengthen them with a proven step-by-step technique.

Monitor with apps

Although not a product of the Optimum Sleep Workout, the company recommends customers download the SnoreLab app to monitor snoring. As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, I was impressed with SnoreLab’s insight into my snoring habits. The initial app is free, but the Premium app is required to get the full benefit of tracking which allows you to see improvements you have made. Keep this in mind if you intend to purchase the Optimum Sleep Workout, as the extra investment will pay off.

Motivation to improve

Coupled with the Optimum Sleep Workout, the SnoreLab app will give you the motivation to improve your sleep habits. By simply browsing the SnoreLab app, you can come across a wide variety of anti-snoring remedies which you may or may not have tried.

This includes CPAP, a mouthpiece, side sleeping, a tongue retainer, nasal strips, nasal dilators, nasal sprays, throat sprays, wedge pillows, air purifiers, humidifiers, surgery, positional therapy, anti-snore pillows, a neti pots, allergy relief, and chin straps.

Awareness of contributing issues

You can also see which lifestyle choices or compounding issues may contribute to your snoring, such as excess weight, alcohol consumption, a blocked nose, exhaustion, heavy meals, sedatives, dehydration, smoking, or ingesting caffeine.

Plenty of positive reviews

Voted the number one snoring solution of 2018, optimum sleep boasts an incredible number of reviews. With 98% user satisfaction, plenty of customers repeatedly state it exceeded their expectations. For a natural, non-invasive snoring solution this is promising news.

In addition to glowing reviews from existing customers, who enjoy lifetime access to the product with a single payment, the website boasts multiple reviews from medical professionals who agree wholeheartedly that targeted exercise is the best approach to reducing snoring.

an open airway for less snoring

Generous money back guarantee

With a high rate of user satisfaction, this allows the company to offer a very generous 60-day money back guarantee. Unlike other products, you don’t have to take the risk your money will be wasted should it not work out for you.

In 60 days, you can try the majority of the program and then decide if you’d like to proceed through to the full 8 weeks. From the statistics, it looks like most customers were satisfied enough with their reduction in snoring as seen in recorded statistics, which you can view on their website, to continue with the plan.

My experience

I bought the Optimum Sleep Workout and promptly tried week one’s exercise series. Thankfully, I found them to be relatively easy to perform which is great. However, I found the instructions hard to understand in places. In my opinion, this program has the potential to transform snoring, but I think it should be combined with a general exercise program as well as weight loss for maximum, long-lasting effects.

The downside of this is you must be exceptionally motivated to stick to the plan. You must ensure you take the time to do the exercises according to the schedule, in the correct order, with the correct posture and technique. ,

If you don’t want an invasive snoring therapy device such as a mouthpiece or CPAP, this is the perfect solution. The 60-day money guarantee gave me confidence when buying the product, so if you think you’re ready to take on the challenge you have nothing to lose, except perhaps your double-chin, by signing up today.

If you have issues with the temperature at night or have night sweats that significantly affects your core body temperature, then you’ll be interested in learning about a unique sleep gadget called the BedJet.

Customized sleep experience

bedjet-connected to patient bedThe BedJet is a Bluetooth temperature management device designed to provide sleeping partners with optimal conditions.

The device sits under the bed and regulates a special sheet. The temperate can be adjusted from low to high, warm or cold. A remote control allows you to adjust all the settings on the BedJet.

Imagine, never having to get out of bed to adjust the thermostat regardless of the weather!

With the cold setting, you enjoy perfectly cool temperatures all night.

With the warm setting, you instantly warm up cold feet and legs, allowing you to do away with extra thick winter blankets and uncomfortable nights.

With a single BedJet V2 and a Dual Zone comforter, you can cool or warm one side of the bed without disturbing the temperature of the other side. The Dual Zone comforter creates two separate zones within the sheet.

With a full BedJet V2 Dual Zone Climate Comfort System (two BedJets and a Dual Zone comforter) you can cool or heat both sides of the bed simultaneously.

My Experience

I initially came across a review of The BedJet and was pleased to see it so highly rated online. As a result, I eagerly placed an order and awaited its arrival.

To begin, the product is so easy it doesn’t even need to come with a specific set of instructions, which is great! I got a little lost when it came to some of the parts, but that was easy to resolve as BedJet has an instructional video on their website which answered all my questions.

When I figured out the correct way to set up the device, the whole family was eager to play with it to see how it works. I have the Dual Zone sheet, which is designed to attach seamlessly into the BedJet fan. With the attachment in place, the sheet fills up with air and looks like a big puffy air-filled blanket, which is quite a novelty.

My children certainly enjoyed checking out this new product as it was something we have never seen before. In fact, I doubt whether most people have seen something like this before, but with its solid reviews no doubt they will discover it in time.

It was quite amusing to have a blanket full of air because I have a SleepNumber bed, which is too filled with air. It seems like the perfect combination for those who appreciate a bit of air in slumber.

Upon first touch, it felt very cold which is great because I had my doubts. On my first night, I tried out the maximum setting for an hour, and while I was freezing under my blankets, my wife on the other side of the bed didn’t feel much except for a slight breeze. The maximum coldness was far more then I could handle.

Creating comfortable sleep

On subsequent nights I started realizing that the bed feels more comfortable with the BedJet on. It’s a luxury item – beyond the cold or hot functionality, you get a fluffy cloudlike wind floating over your body every night.

It’s also convenient to use. The product is easy to control via remote, which allows you to adjust your temperature right from your sleeping position. There is nothing more frustrating than having to get up at night, and the design of the BedJet control addresses this efficiently.

It’s a great viral product. It seems that everyone wants to know more about this product as soon as hearing about it, because what could be more unique than sleeping under a cool or warm pillow of air? I always find myself telling people about this device in everyday conversation, and people might be curious enough to go and buy one for themselves.

Well-designed sleep solution, minimal drawbacks

The unit hides under the bed, so it is not a trip hazard. You don’t want to fall over it or have your partner fall over it while going to the bathroom at night.  Sometimes the tube gets in the way, and I hit that when I am getting in and out of bed, but it isn’t a major problem.

As with every product, there are a few minor drawbacks. First, the spot where the BedJet blows into the sheet is colder than the rest of the sheet. If you don't like cold feet, this might bother you. It wouldn’t turn me off from buying the product, but it is something to be aware of that you’ll probably have to keep your feet clear of that spot if you’d like to avoid getting too chilly.  You could possibly wear socks to bed?

Second, it's slightly noisy on the higher settings.  Not too noisy - quieter than a Dyson fan. But, if you are a light sleeper, perhaps the BedJet will be good if you only intend to use it on the lower settings. Heavy sleepers shouldn’t have a problem with the high settings, but it might bother your partner if he or she doesn’t have the same sleeping characteristics.

I often toss and turn during the night, which means the sheet can come unattached. I have to re-attach and button up the sheets with the BedJet engine every night.  However, this isn’t such a big issue, but it is good for you to know as a potential customer that it isn’t 100% automated and easy to use.

The ultimate luxury in sleep

Overall, I have to say this is the ultimate luxury in sleep. Some people in developing nations sleep on the ground, with no bed - let alone air conditioning, and I have a luxurious machine that blows cold air into a sheet so I can sleep in the optimal temperature for my needs. Completely frivolous!

It feels wonderful to sleep cold all year round. I normally have a fan running, or the A/C, but this product is a whole new level of experience. With a guaranteed continuously cold sensation, there is no chance of overheating, meaning a better quality sleep.

If you are constantly waking up with temperature issues, why not consider a BedJet today?

Essential oils are an increasingly popular way to treat many common ailments naturally.

From stress to insomnia, essential oils provide relief. And for those who suffer from snoring, there are several essential oils known to help.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are extracted from plants, containing the “essence” of the plant’s fragrance. This means they are devoid of any chemical additives, making them a safer choice for creating fragrances for freshening up an area, clothing, cleaning supplies, or treating physical ailments.

Can essential oils stop snoring?

Research suggests essential oils can help to treat snoring. The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, in Shrewsbury England, conducted a study on the impact of essential oils on snorers. A whopping 82% of patients using essential oils had partners report a reduction in snoring.

essential oils kit

How do I use essential oils?

There are several ways to use an essential oil:

  1. Apply the oil to the base of your foot. The soles of your feet are less likely to experience sensitivity or irritation than other parts of your body. If you do this, you’ll need to mix the essential oil with a carrier oil such as almond, olive or jojoba. Apply it to your neck or chest or dab a little beneath your nose if you want to inhale the fragrance.
  2. Diffuse the oil. There are many options for diffusers, from burning the oil with a candle, to an electronic appliance.
  3. Steam the oil. Quite possibly the most simple way is to boil water, add it to a bowl, and add drops of the oil to the bowl. Put a towel over your head and the bowl, and inhale for approximately five minutes.
  4. Add a few drops to some lava beads. The beads are porous and absorb the oil. Wear the beads in a bracelet or necklace and the contact with your skin will keep the oil fragrant and effective throughout the night.
  5. Gargle using your favorite essential oil before going to sleep. Add a couple of drops to a glass of warm water and gargle. Be careful not to swallow the solution.

Try the following essential oils to find a remedy that will help reduce your snoring.


Congestion is a primary cause of snoring. Eucalyptus is known to clear your air passage and decongest your nasal system, and it can be an excellent choice to help reduce or eliminate your snoring.

Other common uses for eucalyptus include helping clear a cold or providing a boost of energy. The best way to use this oil is to steam and inhale it. You’ll love the fresh, cool scent as well!


Marjoram is another essential oil that helps clear out your airway. A short session with a diffuser on, steaming it, or rubbing a mixture on your feet will help you get a good night’s rest.


thyme essential oil for snoring

Thyme is known to be a great cure for snoring due to its ability to help relieve respiratory issues, promote immunity, and treat muscular and joint pain.

Pair thyme with a carrier oil and apply it to the soles of your feet before you go to sleep. Rubbing it on your big toes will also help as they’re known in reflexology to affect the neck area.


Spearmint helps clear the airway and promotes natural breathing. Either use the essential oil or add spearmint herb to a non-caffeinated tea for a relaxing beverage immediately before getting into bed.


Another herb that can also be added to food or drinks to help with snoring, sage is known to treat indigestion. Either add it to tea or a snack or purchase the essential oil and burn it in your diffuser right before you go to sleep. It’s known to reduce stress as well, so you might find an enhanced benefit while consuming sage.


Like spearmint and eucalyptus, the menthol attribute of peppermint helps to open the airway and promote natural breathing. Use the herb to add to tea or water or burn some essential oil in your diffuser. Peppermint can help an upset stomach too.


Lavender is soothing and helps you sleep. Try steaming and inhaling, burning in a diffuser, or combining it with a carrier oil and putting it on your feet before bed. Spray a lavender solution on your pillow before dozing off for a night of sweet dreams!

Try This Anti-Snoring Essential Oil Recipe:

Mix three drops each of lavender, thyme, and cedar essential oil with seven drops of olive oil. Apply to the bottom of the feet or your chest before going to bed for a restful night’s sleep.

There are dozens if not hundreds of products available on the market that claim they can help you stop snoring.

Finding the right device or product to help you get a good night’s sleep can be a process of trial and error, and it often takes trying several different products to find the one that will work best for you.

Most anti-snoring products work to adjust the position of the jaw and mouth as the user sleeps. For example, the SnoreRx customizable anti-snoring mouthpiece works to advance the jaw in the mouth as you sleep, which keeps the jaw from malposition and stops the user snoring.

Other common anti-snoring products include mouth guards, chin straps, and pillows.

While devices placed in the mouth work well for many people, they are somewhat invasive, require intense cleaning, and may be uncomfortable. Pillows and chin straps work well but cannot be used in all circumstances and are less effective for some snorers.

For those who are looking for a less invasive anti-snoring option, there is a new product available on the market: The Snore Circle Eye Mask.

snore circle featuresHow the Snore Circle Anti-Snoring Eye Mask Works

The Snore Circle Anti-Snoring Eye Mask represents the latest and greatest of anti-snoring technology.

The underlying concept of the eye mask is relatively simple. It uses 36 levels of barely perceptible micro-vibrations to prevent the user from snoring.

This cutting-edge technology can detect when the user begins to snore. It then uses the small vibrations to physically intervene, causing the over-relaxed muscles of the neck, throat, and jaw to tighten.

This means that rather than waking up due to the noise of snoring or not breathing, you can rest peacefully and fall into an even deeper sleep.

When the user is in a period of not snoring, the mask is not active or vibrating and is easy to sleep in comfortably.

Benefits of the Snore Circle Mask

The primary benefit of the Snore Circle eye mask is simple: people who use it say that it works! Relief from snoring allows for improved quality and duration of sleep, which has a legion of positive health benefits physically and mentally, from reduced depression symptoms to better heart health and so much more.

One of the main benefits of the Snore Circle mask is that it is non-invasive. It simply rests over the eyes in a manner similar to wraparound sunglasses. Unlike a mouth guard, there is nothing that needs to stay in the mouth and potentially irritate sensitive tissues. Users report that it is very comfortable around the face and not bothersome.

Unlike many anti-snoring pillows, this mask is easy to bring along for travel purposes. It is small and easily portable. Unlike many of the chinstrap-style anti-snoring products, it is not uncomfortable and embarrassing to use in public. In fact, if you wear it in public. most people would have no idea that it is an anti-snoring device or that you snore at all.

Whether you are napping at work, trying to get a good night’s sleep on a transcontinental flight, or sharing a long car ride with strangers, this mask can help you void unwanted public snoring and sleep comfortably as well.

Another benefit of the Snore Circle mask is that it could be used in combination with other anti-snoring methods. It could easily be used with an anti-snoring pillow or a mandibular adjustment device (MAD) to gain the beneficial effects of both of these technologies.

Finally, the mask uses an app system that allows you to track your sleep and snoring and empower yourself with information about your sleep patterns.

Using Technological Integration to Stop Snoring

The Snore Circle anti-snoring eye mask truly represents the way of the future as far as anti-snoring technology is concerned. The device is fully integrated with a mobile phone app that tracks quality and duration of sleep, snoring volume, quality, and time, and so much more.

It can also tell you when the device was active and for how long. This allows the user to adjust the sensitivity or type of vibrations the device is putting out and optimize them for their own needs and preferences.

Those who suffer from snoring know just how relieving it can be to get a good night’s rest. The Snore Circle mask is an important tool for preventing snoring. With this mask, users are sure to improve their quality of sleep, rest easier, and enjoy the positive health effects that consistently sleeping ten to result in.

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