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How To Stop Snoring

Getting a good sleep shouldn’t mean sleeping in separate rooms from your lovable nocturnal noise-maker. When you know how to stop snoring, separate rooms are no longer necessary!

Knowing how to stop snoring requires you first to determine what type of snorer you are. Are you a nasal snorer, mouth breathing snorer, tongue snorer, or a multifactorial snorer?

We have the methods of snore testing and recommended solutions for stopping snoring to help put this nighttime disturbance to rest so you can have a peaceful night.

Testing if You Are a Nasal Snorer

The test requires looking in a mirror and pressing the side of one nostril. Then with a closed mouth, breathe in through the opposite nostril to see if the nostril collapses. If you can breathe easily through your nose with your mouth closed –you most likely are not a nasal snorer. Try the test with both nostrils to be sure.

During allergy season or with congestion nasal snoring is more common.

Solutions for nose snoring require devices that widen the nasal passages. These snoring saviors include nasal strips, nasal dilators, and air purifiers.

Testing if You Are a Mouth Snorer

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A relaxed jaw and an open mouth can be mouth snoring. This test consists of opening your mouth and making a snoring sound. If you can make that exact noise with your mouth closed, then you could be a mouth snorer.

There are three solutions to utilize for mouth snoring – chin straps, anti-snoring mouthpieces, and snoring pillows. Sleeping position is important with mouth snoring – sleeping on the back amplifies snoring levels.

Testing if You Are A Tongue Snorer

When the tongue drops to the back of the mouth and causes airway obstruction – the result is tongue snoring. For the tongue test, make a snoring noise then stick your tongue out as far as possible then finally grip their tongue between their teeth. If snoring volume is quieter, then your tongue position might be causing snoring.

To put a stop to your loud late-night noises in bed, use a tongue restraining device (TRD), anti-snore mouthpiece, or snoring pillow.

Consider Your Snoring Volume

If you snoring is moderate to loud, visiting a sleep center for a professional diagnosis is important. If you are currently not diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), a custom fit Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD), such as the SnoreRx, may work for you.

If you prefer a non-intrusive device, the Nitetronic goodnite™ anti-snore pillow may help with your journey towards snoring reduction.

Even mild to moderate snoring will benefit from the SnoreRx mouthpiece or Nitetronic goodnite™ pillow.

Find the Right Anti-Snore Device for You

Finding the product that works for your individual snoring is a testing process.

Luckily the manufacturers of many snoring products recognize this and offer 100% money-back refunds if the devices are not successful for you.

A combination of snoring aids may be your solution. Since snoring is a complex problem, you can use multiple devices together for better results.

Complementary snoring aids include room conditioners, anti-snore wearables, and position trainers.

How To Stop Snoring By SnoringHQ


In addition to the before mentioned remedies, and the uses of an anti-snoring device, there is some other general advice to apply to daily routines to help stop snoring. Changes in behavior may be required! Avoid smoking, drugs, and over-drinking. Smoking obstructs the airways by disturbing the membranes in the throat and nose. Alcohol and sedative drugs relax throat muscles, which can be a cause of blocked air passages.

Lifestyle changes such as losing weight will always help in snoring reduction. Being healthy is an important snore aid. An innutritious diet and being overweight can increase fatty tissue in the throat which leads to snoring.

Keep in mind that snoring problems don’t always stem from just one issue, and cures to stop snoring can often require more than just a snoring aid. But testing out multiple remedies will lead you to the customized solution that is needed to make sleeping in silence a reality.

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