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SalinPlus Salt Therapy Review

SalinPlus, a home salt therapy device, is a product licensed by Lion Healthcare, based in Perth, Australia. It both charges the air with tiny salt particles and filters the air of other particulates, including dust and allergens. Lion Healthcare was launched in 2011. SalinPlus went on the market in Western Australia in 2012. Based on […]

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Salin Plus™ for Summer Colds

We’ve all experienced the dreaded summer cold. You’re having a sun-filled summer packed with friends, popsicles, and fun, and you somehow become sick. What can you do, and how can you be sure it doesn’t happen again? What’s the Deal with Summer Colds? Most don’t believe you can get a cold in the summer, after […]

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Using Salin Plus™ as Your Snoring Solution

Salt therapy is a relatively new addition to recommended treatments for asthma, allergies, bronchitis, COPD, and other breathing conditions related to snoring. While to Americans it seems like a relatively new treatment, salt therapy has been used for centuries in countries such as Russia and other parts of Europe, where people sit in natural salt […]

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How a Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device Can Help You Sleep Better

Salt therapy has been used by humans for all recorded history. Gargling with salt water for a sore throat, taking a salt bath for sore muscles and having a salt scrub as a spa treatment are all well-known and accepted ways that we use salt for health and beauty. Salt is used every day to […]

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