SnoreFreeNow Mouthpiece Return Policy
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SnoreFreeNow Return Policy

If you have read even a few of my reviews or have compared mandibular advancement devices (MADs) on your own then you already know that a vast majority have a 30-day money back guarantee. This gives you the opportunity to try a product to make sure it works for you.

There are even some, such as ZQuiet, that allow you to try the device for 30 days before your card is even charged. So, you may be automatically expecting SnoreFreeNow to come with some type of similar guarantee, but sadly, it doesn’t.

Return Policy Details

As long as a product has not been opened it can be returned. How is that for being helpful? Basically, you have to shell out money for one of these snoring mouthpieces and hope that it works. Otherwise, you just bought a new addition to the junk drawer.

SnoreFreeNow’s website states that opened products can’t be returned because of sanitary reasons. How is it that other manufacturers have no problem accepting returns then?

It also says that most unsatisfied customers have not followed instructions or molded the device properly. How’s that for pointing the blame at the consumer? So, if the product does not work it’s your fault. You did something wrong.

Interestingly, SnoreFreeNow did not work for me or my wife (read my SnoreFreeNow review to learn why), and we have molded countless mouthpieces in the past. The site specifically says that the “only” time the mouthpiece does not work is if it is molded incorrectly.

It is stated that defective products can be returned, but I would hate to have to see what hoops you would have to jump through to actually get an RMA number to send it back. In a market that is so competitive it is quite surprising to see a company be so insulting to the consumer.

Update:   SnoreFreeNow is no longer an active selling product.   To view the top-rated snoring mouth guards currently for sale see our anti-snoring mouthpieces ratings page.

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