Are You a Good Candidate for ZQuiet?

Even though ZQuiet has a risk-free 30-day trial (still pay for shipping), you probably want to know if you are even a good candidate for the snoring mouthpiece before you bother investing your time. Well, everyone is different, and there are no guarantees. On paper you may appear to be a good match for the product, but end up disappointed.

Alternately, you may assume that it will not work for you, and end up being someone raving about it to others.  Most ZQuiet Reviews cover the basics, but I’ll provide more detail on whether this mouthpiece might be a good fit for your needs.

Snoring ZQuiet

Perform a Simple Test

There is a simple test you can do right now while you are reading this that will help you decide if ZQuiet is an anti-snoring device you should try.

Close your mouth and allow your normal bite to naturally come together. Take in a breath and make a snoring sound from your nasal passage and back of throat. When you try it the second time, extend your lower jaw while keeping your mouth shut. Chances are good that even if you can create a snoring sound it won’t be nearly as loud as it was the first time. This is pretty much how ZQuiet works. It holds your jaw slightly forward while you sleep, so there is less chance of tissues vibrating together.

Improved Sleep

Did you know that snorers experience poor sleep quality? When your body has to work extra-hard for the oxygen it needs it is harder for it to relax into the late non-REM and early REM sleep stages. This is where your body has the chance to fully recharge. This is why snorers often “sleep” eight hours or more, yet wake up feeling exhausted. If ZQuiet works for you then you will experience improved sleep quality and increased energy, and you will reduce your risk for many illnesses.

Mark Walton

I used to annoy my wife and two kids with my snoring, but no longer! Now I blog about different devices and techniques for stopping snoring. I used to be the guy everyone knew as the "Loud Snorer" and I wanted that to change. Over the past 5 years, I have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours testing all top 50 snoring aids. After fixing my snoring issues, I decided to use my knowledge to help others. Snoring HQ has successfully helped thousands of people in their journey to stop snoring and sleep well. My Full Story

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